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  1. Thanks everyone. once I figured out how to properly turn on the clock on the terminator the problem was solved .
  2. Hi all I’m wondering if I could get some advice . I’m having difficulty synching the word clock in the Denafrips Terminator II with their Hermes DDC, I was able to synching it once and as soon as I changed the album I was playing it went off , cables are 0.7 meter long Bluejean made with Canare LV-77S and canare bnc plugs supposedly true 75 ohms . if I turn off the clock on both the Hermes and the terminator I get sound out of it , if I just turn the clock out on the terminator the same thing , I get sound but as soon I turn the clock on the Hermes the sound stops
  3. It doesn’t come with a power cord and now I need to purchase a new one because nothing I already have will work . How critical is the quality of a power cord on this?.
  4. I just received my Hermes but I believe it has a 250v power plug but I am in California ...
  5. thanks for the advice! where did you purchase this cable ?
  6. Hello I just order a new Denafrips Hermes to go with my new Terminator II and I’m wondering if the word clock cables need to be a really good quality or if any would do? What are you all using? thanks
  7. The Optical rendu that I use doesn’t seem to support the higher sample rates either
  8. I received my Terminator II a couple of days ago , plugged in and started playing , I’m pretty happy with it however ROON doesn’t seem to identify the DAC so it’s limiting the resolution setting , is there a work around or way to get ROON to identify the DAC? Any advice will be greatly appreciated I found the fix with a Mac but I’m using a SonicTransporter i9-optical rendu-terminator . Alvin ? Jesus? Any advice?
  9. Well I just order my Terminator II , looking forward to hearing what the fuzz is all about Leonel
  10. I have two cables ,a Ghent and a Sonore , just tried both , nothing 0.00 also tried moving them
  11. Wow , I tested the end of the plug again and now it reads 0.05
  12. Ok, I tested a ovolt battery and it red 9.04 then I plugged the power supply plugged in the output cable and that read 6.94
  13. Yes, I’ll like to check those things ,AC voltage and trouble shoot the power supply, If you have the time could you please guide me through the process
  14. I do have a voltmeter but I don’t know how to use it 😩
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