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  1. Remote does not work for HRA streaming. HRA is ok when played directly from the Mac. Remote works for Qobuz. I use an IPad Pro to control the Audirvana Studio remote app.
  2. It's no big deal. Just follow the instructions and add a PC restart after you uninstalled Audirvana 1.3. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes.
  3. Happens here too. After about 10 min, hick ups start. I don't use up sampling. I have a powerful win 10 PC, which has no issues with HQPlayer and Roon.
  4. As a former registered user I see a price of $49.99. If you don't see that, you should contact Damien.
  5. Version 1.2 is a good step in the right direction. High Res Audio streaming is more stable (much better than ever before in 3.5) Now I look forward testing the remote, which will be here soon (hopefully). Errors with Dac recognition and stability need still to be addressed. I am more optimistic now.
  6. I don't give up yet. There are problems with Dac recognition (MolaMola Tambaqui), sometimes it works, most of the time not. I have no database issues as I use Audirvana for HighResAuudio streaming only. But then there are lots of bugs in the streaming environment too. Example: You can't favorite an album. Ok, too many bugs to list them here. I wait until the end of the test period. If nothing fundamental changes, I am out. This has the feel and the bugs of an early beta. I don't want to pay a sub fee, only to become a beta tester. I think it was an error going public too ea
  7. I think we don't value audio software appropriately. We spend lots of $ on hardware, but we hesitate to buy software which might cost lets say 100$ a year or a bit more. But we spend whatever k on a Dac or any other equipment without thinking too much. Then I have seen kind of a shit storm during the Audirvana presentation last Sunday. Because they move to a subscription model for $70 a year. I have difficulties understanding that. I think the actual prices for audio software are really cheap, especially compared to hardware. I will go for Audirvana, costing $70 a year
  8. Nobody can convince anybody here to take a different position. Best way is to take the offer Audirvana made: Free trial until end of July 2021. Then we see if Audirvana Studio is worth $70 ($50 first year). This is what I do.
  9. $50 fee for actual Audirvana 3.5 users is only for the first year of your subscription. From year 2 on your costs will be $70.
  10. And this is the MolaMola Tambaqui thread. There are so many HQP threads, that I dont think it is necessary to invade this one here.
  11. I re-verified HQPlayer into MolaMola tambaqui this morning. I sent PCM 384 into the Tamabaqui. There are simply no improvements I could detect with my ears. I use HQP since 2015. I still use it with my headphone station DAC. A Teac UD505. Here HQP, together with an external masterclock, is responsible to keep the 505 on the height of other, more modern DACs. The MolaMola Tambaqui is in my opinion best left alone from upsamplers.
  12. I retired HQPlayer after I received the Tambaqui. I could not find benefits sending higher res PCM or DSD via HQP to the Tambaqui.
  13. "I had the same reaction to adding the eR to my Tambaqui and suggest that any Tambaqui owner who uses the ethernet input give it a try (30 day money-back guarantee, so nothing lost). " I completely agree with that. Give it a try. There is no risk.
  14. For me, the MolaMola Tambaqui is an endgame. It represents exactly what I was looking for.
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