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  1. fheller

    Article: The Definitive Dynaudio Music 1, 3, 5, 7 Speaker Review

    Is that device compatible with Roon?
  2. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 for Windows (Official Thread)

    @Damien please fix the streaming problems Audirvana Win encounters with the Oppo 105. Jriver, Audirvana MAC and Bubble UPnP on Android have not such problems. They all work stable. Thank you.
  3. fheller

    S-P-O-T-I-F-Y !!!

    Opening Price was around $ 167 yesterday. Now they trade around $136. Not sure if that counts as success.
  4. fheller

    Article: Schiit Audio Reference System Review Part 1

    Thank you very much for the review. It is really well written and usefull.
  5. fheller

    Roon's first real UI mistep?

    This thread feels like the Marx Brothers at the Opera. Complete Nonsense. And: I want 4 Clicks. This alone provides true audiophile experience.
  6. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    2 Wishes: 1.I would like to be able to change sources within the Ipad app. This works fine with BubbleUPnP ( here with Android) 2. I would like to be able to connect more than one NAS to Audirvana. Right now more than one Qnap NAS have name conflicts. This also works fine with Bubble UPnP.
  7. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    The latest Beta works with: Oppo 105 Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 with HifiBerry Dac Pro Cards and Volumio2 Software on it. Sonore SC 2.3 into Schiit Yggdrasil Gen5. Tested only with Audirvana playing Qobuz HiRes. No local files or Hd or Nas. Very Cool.
  8. fheller

    Getting rid of CD's?

    Everything is illegal. Just build a wall around your Cds. Is the law legal? Made up by the clowns?
  9. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    I tried A+3.99.9. It crashed immediately after starting the program. I dont use Audirvana for any local files, just for Qobuz playback. Bubble Player runs stable with Sonore 2.3 into my Dac. For that solution an Android tablet is enough and it runs stable. I will look from time to time into A+.
  10. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    It does work with Volumio2 on a Pi3 with hifiberry pro dac. No crashes here. As I am not a mac user: where can I find crash logs?
  11. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    Crashes with (the ripp off product) Sonic Orbiter SE. But now it recognizes Volumio on a PI3. Recognizing doesnt mean it works.
  12. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    There is no pain. That's Résistance against a tried ripp off.
  13. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    I have the Sonicorbiter SE. I will not spend another 600 to 1k $ to get that working. Sorry, a no go.
  14. fheller

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    I have found the same behaviour as azupan75. Also with Sonicorbiter 2.3. Instant crash everytime I start the program.
  15. fheller

    Article: The Definitive Guide To Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

    Its´a quite long read. Basically he says Rock is not suited for very large databases ( over 300k, if I remmeber correctly) For the technincal explanations please have a look there. I dont know if direct links to other forums are allowed here. But anybody ineterested can find it quite easy. No need to register in the Roon Forum.