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  1. Jason, Thanks for sharing this on here. Did not see this interview earlier for some reason. I've been using Belden cables for a few years now in my setup and have been very happy with them. If Galen is on here I'd like to ask a couple of questions on the materials used in cables. Copper and Silver are very popular among many of us. Copper still is for me absolutely fantastic. I really would like to know about Tinned Copper - their use in "vintage" cables like WE etc. Regards.
  2. Tea Service at the The Lobby Lounge, Ritz Carlton Bangalore This is English Breakfast Tea ordered a la carte but they have an excellent Afternoon Tea which is legendary. .
  3. Presenting the biryani chai - served after a hearty meal in the city of Calicut (Khozikode) here in India. This is a hearty cup that is served hot to cleanse the palate after a spicy biryani meal which is a meat and rice dish that came over to India from ancient middle east. The city of Calicut was a primary destination for Arab merchants in the spice trade. The Arabs traded horses, dates etc for spices that made their way to Europe via Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey). .
  4. Just sharing some teas I have with me right now. The Kannavarai tea was a gift and is from a small tea estate. The Kashmiri Kahwa and the Himalayan Black Orthodox from Dharmsala Tea Company was something I picked up online on a whim. My usual cup is a more mainstream rose tea from a local brand ... perhaps will share that one later.
  5. Allen Toussaint - The Bright Mississippi .
  6. Could you please share the model numbers of the cables you used? There is a fair amount of variation in the cables within brands as well. Thanks for sharing your impressions. Regards .
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