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  1. So could I use a TASCAM DA 3000 as the recorder through the SDIF-3 input using an external word clock?
  2. First of all I must say I love DSD. I have over 200 albums in DSD on my computer, so I am committed (in more ways the one) to the format. Currently I use a Korg MR-2000 to record DSD from my LPs. It is good, but I think the Ayre recording DAC would be an improvement. My question is how do you get the BNC s/pdif connectors from the Ayre QA-9 pro recording DSD into the computer to record it. It seems all the computer interfaces max out at 192 and don't support DSD. I also know the interface would need to support an external word clock. I am using a new Mac Mini to capture the music. Thanks.