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  1. An additional way to read this (and paywall-blocked articles at many, but not all, other sites): If you're on a Mac, visit the link in Safari and then click on the Reader View - it will bypass the paywall and show you the full article.
  2. After moving this summer, finally got around to reconnecting my Sony BD player that I use for SACD ripping and thought I'd try out the new SACD ripper app. Ran into just this issue, and @MikeyFresh's tip solved it instantly. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Kirk! I think I'm seeing a partial correlation between add-date and embedded/not-embedded simply because I started adding all artwork manually several years ago. But I still am guessing that the missing album artwork in the Music app might be correlated to albums in folks' libraries that do not have embedded artwork.
  4. I have a much smaller library - about 8,000 tracks. It took about 5 minutes for Music to re-populate my album artwork, and about 2 or 3% of the album artwork did not re-populate at all and I had to manually re-add album cover images. I am far from certain, but didn't some (much) older versions of iTunes use to store the album artwork separately from the music files instead of embedded in them? Or at least, didn't older versions of iTunes have both an embedded and non-embedded option for album artwork, depending (if memory serves) on how you added it? If so, I would guess that's the issue that's causing some album artwork to be lost in the iTunes-Music app transition. In my case, the 1-2 dozen albums whose artwork apparently got lost all were albums that I'd added to my iTunes library years ago, like 2011. I could be wrong, but it's the only possible pattern I've been able to discern.
  5. I agree with this and had a very similar experience: I got a 590 (or I think the 510 - the Wal-Mart equivalent) off eBay for about $30. It was a lot more fiddly to set up than my prior solution (my Oppo BDP-105), and I did need some help from folk here. But once I'd ironed out the initial kinks, it was super easy and 100% reliable. I did keep mine plugged in, because I use the "sleep method," and so keeping it plugged in allowed me to skip the step of having to insert the USB stick each time I wanted to rip an SACD: as long as the unit is connected to power, the SACD-ripping executable (app) from the USB stick will stay loaded in the Sony player's memory, so you can pretty much just use it as if it were a mythical computer SACD optical drive: just press the Open/Eject button, put the disc on the tray, then press the Power button to close the tray and put the unit to sleep, making it ready for ripping via one's computer.
  6. Number of USB cables: Cannot recall precisely, but I believe 4 or 5 DAC: Previously the ESS Sabre32 implementation in my Oppo BDP-105, and now the ESS 9038PRO implementation in my Oppo UDP-205 Source of cables: Ones I had laying around the house Galvanic Isolation Devices: None I should note that I haven't tried different USB cables with the intent of testing audio sound quality. Rather, I've changed the cable periodically when I've changed my equipment or rearranged by setup. So I had one when I was using a Squeezebox Touch to feed my Oppo BDP-105. Then when I swapped a Mac mini server setup for the Squeezebox, I put in a different cable since I was changing all my analogue interconnects at the time. Then when I moved the mini to the top of my audio rack for better ventilation, I swapped in a slightly longer USB cable. And then when I moved to a new house this past summer, I believe I ended up using a different cable because when I unpacked I pulled out the first one I found that looked to be in good physical shape. I've never heard a difference in sound quality with different USB cables. I did hear a noticeable improvement in the sound when I went from my Oppo 105 to the 205, but I don't think that had anything to do with a USB cable since I heard no difference in sound quality when I switched USB cables but not the associated equipment before that.
  7. Thanks for posting your comparison results! Have you heard the 2002(?) SACD? I really like that one.
  8. So do, some don't. You don't get the define who is and is not an audiophile or speak for all audiophiles.
  9. Once again, not the point. You are getting paid to post these comments here, and your paid role is supposed to be to relay useful information and help LH's customers. This is not a conversation among unpaid peer-members of a community where people owe you explanations or politeness (beyond baseline civility). If you want people to be nicer to you and to stop constantly trying to hold you accountable for the bad behavior of the person/company that is paying you, then post under your personal @stuck limo (or is it @stuck_limo?) username, not your @LHCommSquad one. All of this has been explained to you many times - and it should not even have to be explained to you once. It's quite mystifying that you are conducting yourself in this way. The only rational explanation at this point is that more time spent here = more billables you can submit to LH. Absent a compelling alternative explanation, I would renew my request for @The Computer Audiophile to ban the @LHCommSquad account from this site.
  10. Is there any reason you continue to post here other than to justify whatever billable hours you submit to LH? I know that sounds snarky, but I'm actually honestly asking: I can't possibly see the benefit to LH or to this forum of you engaging in a petty argument with @Superdad while the elephant still is in the room: he has shipping, functioning products and you/LH do not.
  11. Then you have no purpose having a special LH account here, or having two accounts, which is otherwise against the rules. So I would renew the request for @The Computer Audiophile to delete either your @LHCommSquad or @stuck limo account from this site.
  12. Both of your arguments are flawed. As noted above, when bridges collapse - particularly a large number of them in a relatively short period of time - it does not mean they were built improperly, it means they were not maintained sufficiently. And even if they were built improperly, that would not mean that engineers don't know how to build bridges - instead, it would mean that some bridges wee not built according to the proper engineering principles, which by definition would mean that we do know how to build bridges. As for your second point, "not that hard = not that good/average" is a false equation. For example, sampling a given audio frequency twice will properly encode that frequency. It's not hard to do it - you just have to sample it twice - and sampling it twice will not produce "average" sound compared to sampling it 10 times. The type of signal being sampled doesn't matter - it's very much not like playing a simple guitar part or a complicated one. When you reference "all the unknown complexities" and "SQ aspects we don't measure," you are talking about the limits of your own knowledge, not the limits f the knowledge of the professionals who know how to design this stuff. Just because you (or I, for that matter) might not understand the finest-level technical details of how this stuff works, does not mean that no one understands it or that scientific/engineering knowledge has not already advanced to a point where this stuff is clearly understood.
  13. I have upgraded and notice no audible differences either. Catalina does seem a bit more responsive on my machines that High Sierra and Mojave.
  14. Wow - that's fantastic news! Thanks!
  15. The only issue I have that's preventing me from updating my music streamer (also a Mac mini) - and this might not affect a lot of other folks here - is that I use iTunes with the BitPerfect app, which adds on-the-fly resolution switching and integer mode (making all output... bit-perfect). And I am pretty sure that the move from iTunes to the Music app will break BitPerfect. And since Mojave created a small bug in BitPerfect, which the developer still has not patched, I am pessimistic about BitPerfect ever being compatible with the Catalina Music app. So my music streamer stays at High Sierra unless or until I decide to totally switch my playback software.
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