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  1. Well, tried roon and it did deliver almost the same sound quality for a higher price! There wasn't any possible choice.
  2. I’ve been using Audirvana since its beginnings. At first I needed some simple player able to play both flac and alac files. It was almost 10 years ago. I went on with audirvana because it sounds good and still has this versatile use with everything fitting in : streaming, local files of whatever type, etc. I tried roon, didn’t see any improvement over audirvana worth the price. Now, the choice with going on with audirvana is about sound quality with the new version. Will SQ get better with the new version ? Will I need to keep on susbcribing to use it ? Is it useless
  3. AS for Audirvana Studio or Audiophile Style ? 😁 or both ? 🤣 Perhaps a specific thread would be better ? I don't know th policy on that matter, I'm more of a reader here.
  4. I've been using a mid-2011 mac mini server for many years now (https://everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_mini/specs/mac-mini-core-i7-2.0-mid-2011-server-specs.html). I use it both from streaming from Qobuz/Tidal or with local files on the mini SSDs. Great improvements came from power supply update, BT and wifi disconnect, and software tuning (system optimization and using Audirvana+) But, there is a but. You should improve everything around the mac mini. I use my mini somehow as a server : Audirvana does the encoding (oversampling to 2x/32bits) and streaming to a SOtM SMS-200
  5. You may have not found the official Qobuz issues thread here :
  6. You can grab some here in Paris : there is an IKEA shop in the city center (direct subway line from my home !!!! ) I use this one upside down with rubber feet under it : https://www.ikea.com/fr/fr/p/laemplig-planche-a-decouper-00394380/
  7. I was a bit more extreme : on my Mac Mini I disconnected the wifi and bluetooth antennas and stopped all sharing services either file or screen sharing
  8. I'm using the SPS-500 it works perfectly well for both my sms-200 and my tX-USBhub with a Y DC cable from ghent audio I'm also using a Furutech AC cable to power the SPS-500
  9. Audiophile, Guitarophile, newest noob guitar player, Concertophile, 24/7 listener and music lover (my neighbors are probably the coolest in town...)

  10. Many thanks for asking and giving this feedback on May's answer. At least, we can count on one of the few audiophile certainty : it actually does not matter ! 😎
  11. Before ? Is it better ? As far as I picture linux modules work the system might be less stable if you do it before ? Perhaps I don't really get how it works...
  12. I had the same issue, a bit less annoying because it occurred more rarely. After the OS upgrade, try a kernel upgrade. The last kernel version seems to be 4.18.19-215.fc27.armv7hl
  13. It sounds good, a very nice present from SOtM to make time fly faster during pandemics...
  14. I use LPS on my mikrotik switches, ZeroZone or Teradak, or other simple LPS from chineuse merchants are doing the trick really well. The SQ is always improved : more details, less noise, more refined,... I tested the LPS use on a friend's internet provider fiber modem, it made a lot of difference, clearly audible (Orange LiveBox). Since then, this friend made his own LPS, from parts from French shop https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/ you could do the same and order your own transformer and linear components circuit there. The case can be made of some wood without any major difficu
  15. I've been using a very similar setup to your last model : Mac Mini => Mikrotik RB260GSP => Mikrotik fiber => Mikrotik RB260GSP => Cat6A copper => SOtM SMS-200 => SOtM tX-USBHub => DAC Each of these devices are plugged to LPS. The Cat6A copper is a deliberate choice : the one sounding best. On the 2nd Mikrotik switch the Sotm is the only device plugged in ethernet. I wouldn't comment on the sound because the DAC and amp and speakers are doing a lot after this chain of devices. All I can say is this is the best SQ I've managed to get, and I like
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