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  1. Thanks for this advice, the sound of my system is indeed more natural with this tip. I definitely like this enhancement.
  2. You probably have to re-link the app and Audirvana. When you find the computer on your app, then look at Audirvana on your mac it will have a 4 numbers code to type in the remote app.
  3. Curiosity driven music lover

  4. Yes it does, you can specify multiple path in the library section of the preferences
  5. Yes, and it is much more easier with MacOS : http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:burn_sdcard_image#macos
  6. I have th same issue, I've noticed it happens when I simply rotate my iPad from portrait to landscape or the other way...
  7. I didn't have any problem after updating from mavericks to el capitan. My mac mini is a mid 2010 w/ 16gb RAM it works perfectly on el capitan. My music is stored on an external 2x3Tb disks firewire enclosure running on RAID1.
  8. Did you have a look at the logs in the console to see exactly what happens ? You should open it right after the crash and according to the time it happened you can trace back the exact error message. Then try to google this message or post it here or on the A+ forums to the attention of Damien Plisson
  9. Thousands thanks for this release Damien : it is simple, it works perfectly, and SQ is updated... again ! This is worth my 9,90€
  10. dgilz

    Audirvana + 2.0

    Just go there and you'll get your graal (you're on the wrong topic)
  11. dgilz

    Audirvana + 2.0

    The workaround is to have the two versions of A+ installed in separate folders : a 1.5 for importing files, and 2.0 to read the file So far I haven't had to complain about A+ 2.0 it works fine for me, and sound quality is better. Perhaps happy users like me aren't making enough noise to voice their satisfaction.
  12. dgilz

    Audirvana + 2.0

    +1500 I do notice a real improvement, more details, more presence, the music does not sound more natural but much more realistic, on live recordings it is really impressive. Yesterday night I was listening to Babylon by Bus and it felt like being inside the concert.
  13. I'm completely foolish I'd do it that way because I've had the same problem and this worked. Removing completely the application, with all its files and settings, and reinstalling it. Then if it doesn't work, create a new user profile and log in under this profile. Give a try to audirvana with the same settings you're used to. You'll then know if your problems are system related or only due to Audirvana and perhaps of some of your settings. Try to tweak Audirvana, there are special settings for interfaces like you Weiss INT203 And then, if your problem is still there, and you really want to, you may try what Miguelito offers : do a complete reinstall of your system. This is a last resort solution IMHO
  14. you grab the bazooka to kill a fly
  15. I would try the same trick : a clean install deleting first with AppCleaner or AppDelete
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