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  1. I have a Lampizator Golden Atlantic DAC that does either PCM (up to 384) or DSD (up to 512). I use this with a sonicTransporter i7 (with HQPlayer Embedded and Roon) and an ultrarendu. I am waiting for stable Amanero Linux firmware so that I can output DSD512 to my Lampizator DAC. In the meantime, I am outputting PCM. Given my setup, does anyone have advice for the best PCM filters and settings in HQPlayer Embedded? Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks, Micael! He responded right away. Will it matter if I use AWG18 or AWG22 silver cables with PTFE insulation? Thanks again.
  3. Unfortunately this seller is not responding, and it’s been over two weeks. Do you know anyone else who can make this? Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately Ghent doesn't have silver cable. Do you have any recommendations where I can get a silver grounding cable made for use with the AQVOX Ethernet switch to a Desco grounding plug? Thank you!
  5. Thanks. I'll get this plug. Do you know if Digikey makes a silver grounding cable or something else you recommend? Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to make one buy I'm happy to just buy it. Thanks again for these suggestions! Best regards, Kevin
  6. I was going to connect my AQVOX switch to an ESD grounding plug. I need to get this and the grounding wires but haven't don't this sort of thing before. Does anyone have a suggestion of which ones to buy (and where)? Thank you!
  7. I am selling my Auralic Aries (upgraded version with dual Femto clocks and low noise linear power supply). I am the original owner ($1599 retail) but decided to use a different server for Roon. The unit has received light use in a dust-free environment and works great. Asking $899 via PayPal with free shipping in the U.S. Thanks!
  8. Yes this is still available. The power supplies are standardly sold separately as there are several to choose from. Here is the list of recommended power supplies from Sonore: RECOMMENDED POWER SUPPLIES iFi iPower power supply - 9VDC CIAudio linear power supply - 7VDC Teddy Pardo linear power supply - 7VDC HD-Plex Linear power supply - adjust to 7VDC Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS-1 power supply - set to 7VDC Uptone Audio JS-2 linear power supply - set to 7VDC Vinnie Rossi LIO with microRendu output stage Vinnie Rossi LIO MINI PURE-DC-4EVR - set
  9. I am selling my Sonore microRendu with original packaging, hard USB adapter, and the SonicOrbiter version 2.5 SD card installed. The unit was purchased earlier this year from Sonore ($640 retail) and has been used just a few times. I decided to upgrade to the forthcoming ultraRendu which is the only reason why I'm selling. Asking $425 via PayPal with free shipping in the U.S. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I'm a little confused by the different connection methods suggested across what is now a very long thread. Which is currently the best method to make a direct Ethernet connection between a Windows 10 Pro sonicTransporter PC and a microRendu? Thanks again!
  11. Unfortunately, I do not know. I've heard good things but don't know how they compare with the SOtM filter. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
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