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  1. I concur with many. Certainly lots of Nina Simone and Cassandra Wilson in there but nonetheless a gorgeous listen. Just enjoying it over a late breakfast and coffee on my kitchen system but looking forward to hearing on the main rig tonight. Sounds like a high quality recording with beautiful song writing, for sure.
  2. I bought the Douk Audio U2 Pro...typically around $56. Too cheap to work, right? Apparently not, if my ears don't deceive me. And the kicker is that it works better USB powered than when I tried an iPower X 5V PS. Not saying you couldn't try a Farad etc if you wish. And of course I haven't compared the Douk to a higher class DDC such as one of the Denafrip models, or the Audiowise product that feeds dual BNC into the Qutest. For all I know, these are even better. But I can confirm that I wouldn't go back to USB after using the simple, inexpensive Douk converter. They do not sound alike.
  3. Before replying I actually did a quick back-and-forth between USB and Optical just to make sure I wasn't suffering from some kind of delusion...these things can easily happen with hifi :) But no, I'm not losing my marbles (thankfully). My setup sounds almost like two different systems, the difference is so obvious and substantial. In short, the optical input provides a bigger, richer, more textured and (yes) more analog sound than USB. Substitute your favorite adjective for 'more musically engaging'. My USB cable is a Curious Evolved link from my EtherRegen. But when connected to my cheap c
  4. @Calvin & Hobbesdid you ever try your Qutest with a good optical feed? I switched over from USB a few weeks ago, with a cheap Chinese converter no less, and the improvement in SQ has been game-changing in my system. I hate to say it, but from my experience in my system all tests/comparisons of Qutest are off unless we're talking about using it this way.
  5. "Here's one I made earlier....." (UK participants will know what I mean)
  6. Yup this is the same item I'm using. Set up through my OticalRendu was perfect and instantaneous. No issues whosoever. It plays up to 192 files faultlessly. It's a no-brainer if you've been thinking about trying optical or SPDIF with your Qutest, but find the Denefrips no-return situation a little bit of a barrier.
  7. Had the cheapie Douk Audio in my system for about 5 days, converting USB to optical, and I'm completely blown away by the improvement provided by this simple 50 buck device. What's more, I'm finding it works much better in my system using the USB power, rather than a 5v wall-wart (the only option I have in the house). I've never had a more sophisticated DDC in my chain so I can't provide a comparison, but I can clearly confirm that optical connection via the Douk Audio box is miles better than the USB directly into my Qutest.
  8. Sounds good - looking forward to getting it. Do you recommend using a separate power supply or just power from the USB?
  9. I just ordered this converter https://www.doukaudio.com/products/mini-xmos-xu208-usb-to-coaxial-optical-12s-converter-digital-interface-dsd256 Not sure if it can do 192kHz over Toslink but Im interested to find out how it performs with my AQ Cinnamon optical cable. I'll let you all know my findings once everything has settled in.
  10. Have just searched everywhere but sadly the Peachtree X1 converter was discontinued years ago. I'll have to think about other Toslink options....
  11. @ecwl I notice you use the Peachtree X1 USB --> Toslink converter to your Chord DAC and appear to be very happy? Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll think I'll try that before going dual BNC.
  12. @Gavin1977 ....would you say from your experience that the SQ improvement from using the SRC-DX is more significant than upgrading the power supply from stock to LPS? (cost is roughly the same). And does the uplift in quality depend on using HQ Player to upsample? In my case, I use an OpticalRendu that's limited to Roon - so HQP is not an option. Aside from from that....I'm wondering how the SRC-DX would compare with the similar cost Denafrips Iris DDC, converting USB into Toslink?
  13. But then, Watts has clearly stated that benchmark performance for Qutest is obtained with a battery pack - yet a great many owners have found they prefer a good LPS. I must dig out and retry my stock Qutest PS just to see how it sounds to me, these days, compared to my iPower X.
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