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  1. Belated thanks - this would be my guess too but I'm still curious (of course).
  2. OK so it's wise that a manufacturer doesn't talk about the primary, relative performance capabilities of its products. And that's normal? hmmmm Barrows - the other regular contributor from Sonore on this website - normally has plenty to say about sound quality performance. Perhaps he can chime in?
  3. Sounds good - looking forward to hearing how they sound, unless of course you have a policy of not commenting on sound quality 😉
  4. I don't see the link between my comment and your response. It's weird - as if you haven't read or understood my point. Bob's facts have nothing to do with whether or not Sonore should be able to inform its customers (like me) how a replacement product compares to the previous version in the critical dimension of sound quality. "Sonore doesn't comment on changes in sound quality" Let's just allow that statement to marinate. It's priceless. It's rude of you to say that you're not interested in my comments. But I'm more concerned about whether Sonore is interested in the questions and concerns of its customers. You or Bob don't need to feel the urge to intervene.
  5. @bobflood I’m not really interested in waiting to hear your opinion about whether or not the new version of sonicorbiter provides a sound quality improvement. This is a simple question purposely directed to the software designer - who I’m going to assume has a done many hours of testing and comparing It’s entirely reasonable to expect a simple, clear answer without obfuscation.
  6. I’ll take that as a no, just smoke ‘n mirrors. Maybe some necessary bug fixes. Nothing most will notice.
  7. Jesus, can you confirm clearly if there are any sonic improvements with 2.8, or is it only new features and functions?
  8. Great. We've got a new "DAC Flavor of the Month" for all the guys who just have to scratch that itch.
  9. OK I've ordered a new SD card - let's see if that works.
  10. Now that would be wonderful. Is this possible? Frankly the possibilities are all over the place. I'm not even 100% sure my mR is at fault...it appears the drop-outs are worse (more frequent) with Roon. When I use Audirvana they seem much less frequent - yet, they still randomly occur. So yes I could buy a new SD card (does anyone have a clue if Sonore products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty? It seems premature, to put it kindly, that I'm having to replace solid state components less than 2 years old). Until I'm sure that the problem repeats itself with A+ as well as Roon, I'll probably hold off replacing the card. Don't you wish these things just worked?
  11. (I'm trying to be calm....) I apparently celebrated too soon. Two weeks ago I thought I solved my intermittent network disconnection problem by going into my Verizon Fios router and setting the IP address to 'static'. Since then, no more drop-outs every10-15 mins. This evening.... the problem's back worse than before. It seems to be losing connection faster and then inexplicably reconnecting moments later. To make matters worse, I seem to be unable to reset my router back to 'dynamic' mode (i.e. not static). No easy backwards step there. I feel completely out of my depth messing around with advanced router settings, in any case. What to do next? I've tried rebooting the router, powering down my microRendu and restarting it. Resaving all the settings etc. Multiple times. After 2 years owning a mR I've become familiar with the fun and games of saving settings etc. These days my mR often seems unwilling to reboot. Sometimes yes - sometimes no. This is completely ridiculous. My microRendu was only upgraded to 1.4 two years ago. Dead already? Tell me it's not so.
  12. Is it feasible and practical to convert an existing ST into optical out?
  13. I think I've nailed it - problem solved! After reading John Swenson's advice about how to stop Etheregen's dropping off the network, I simply locked my microRendu's IP address in the router. Et voila! Funny how this has never occurred before, and then suddenly this happened. But I'm delighted to get back to listening to music, instead of switching flippin' cables.
  14. I think the testing has reached a conclusion... Subbing in my spare iPower 9v instead of the CI Audio - exact same result. Connection randomly lost after 15-30 mins. So the CI Audio 7v PS is clear. Despite what I said, I went ahead and increased the DHCP lease to the equivalent of 8 days. Whatever.... Have tried a multitude of power outlets - with / without power conditioner. Same result. So that leaves the microRendu....just keeps losing connection. Should I replace the card? Is that likely to fix it? Was there a warranty on the 2.7 card? Not a happy camper. PS I should mention that I often notice the mR cuts out when the heating thermostat kicks in. I don't think it always happens at this time - but often.
  15. I eventually found my way to the router settings you mention....and found that it was set to 1440 minutes. As this seems pretty lengthy I decided not to change it for the 8 day period you suggest. My plan is to simply try plugging in different ways until I identify where the issue lies. I've got an iPower 9v that I'll try instead of the CI Audio.
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