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  1. Minor tweak to my setup this evening....previously, my connection was straight from the nearest ethernet wall outlet via 1.5m Supra CAT8 to the ER A side. As I have a spare Netgear ProSafe GS105, I ran the Supra to the Netgear switch instead of the ER, and then connected it with generic CAT6 to the ER. The ProSafe has an iPower 12V PS. I swear it's better. More relaxed, stronger bottom end. Definitely keeping the ProSafe in the chain.
  2. I think he kept one for his left brain and the other for his right? :)
  3. Doesn't that make the ER run even hotter than the standard 7v PS? It already gets quite hot....
  4. Mike, when I had a D90 I remember finding and popping out the fuse. Sorry I can’t remember exactly where and how but you know I’m not very technical, so it couldn’t be too hard. But when I removed the fuse it was difficult to identify exactly what the spec is. There was a thread on the topic, as I think there’s some different views. I didn’t get much advice from Apos and didn’t push the subject as I was within the 30 day period. Did you confirm the right fuse? I put Sig Orange in my Hegel and suspect this could help the D90.
  5. LOL My wife would insist we sell my system and get these, if she knew they existed.
  6. It's hard to know what more to add to the plaudits already posted here, but I thought I'd add my brief comments after a couple of months living with this amazing little device. My main point is to speak for the guys with more humble systems. It's often been stated on here that ER works fantastically with "...even top-end equipment...". Which is all very well if you have such a system. You can check out my system in my signature. It has been carefully built and within my small listening space, performs exceedingly well. This year has seen an astonishingly satisfying upswing in per
  7. Super quick question to the more educated EE's out there...from a no-nothing on these matters... I'm using a Netgear GS105 switch upstream of my Etherregen - which has been a fantastic addition to my system. The GS105 is rated at 12v. I have a spare IFI iPower 9v switch knocking around. Would it damage anything to replace the standard 12v switcher that came with the GS, and replace it with the 9V iPower? Thanks for your advice.
  8. I have a spare IFI iPower 9v sitting in a drawer. Any chance it could harm my ER? Do you think it could improve SQ vs the supplied Uptone unit? I'm loving my standard power ER but interested to read these reports.
  9. I’ve heard good things about Ben and his new Soncoz DACs. Let us know how it sounds.
  10. I have an Eitr in perfect condition with box, like new, if anyone's interested? pm me.
  11. Surely this is only an issue if both devices are running simultaneously - i.e. in this case, my hifi and TV? This is something I don't expect to happen.....
  12. Yep good point about avoiding wireless TV near my hi-fi. I can also just add a second switch before the ER. That's probably the best solution if ER can't do 4k TV.
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking forward to receiving my ER. Order placed. While I'm waiting...I'm pondering various setup configurations. The question I have is whether my 4K smart tv should be connected to the ER (A side)? Or should I keep my TV away from the the ER? I stream tv with Verizon Fios Gigabit service. The option would be to go wireless for my TV. Thanks for recommendations.
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