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  1. Sounds good - looking forward to getting it. Do you recommend using a separate power supply or just power from the USB?
  2. I just ordered this converter https://www.doukaudio.com/products/mini-xmos-xu208-usb-to-coaxial-optical-12s-converter-digital-interface-dsd256 Not sure if it can do 192kHz over Toslink but Im interested to find out how it performs with my AQ Cinnamon optical cable. I'll let you all know my findings once everything has settled in.
  3. Have just searched everywhere but sadly the Peachtree X1 converter was discontinued years ago. I'll have to think about other Toslink options....
  4. @ecwl I notice you use the Peachtree X1 USB --> Toslink converter to your Chord DAC and appear to be very happy? Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll think I'll try that before going dual BNC.
  5. @Gavin1977 ....would you say from your experience that the SQ improvement from using the SRC-DX is more significant than upgrading the power supply from stock to LPS? (cost is roughly the same). And does the uplift in quality depend on using HQ Player to upsample? In my case, I use an OpticalRendu that's limited to Roon - so HQP is not an option. Aside from from that....I'm wondering how the SRC-DX would compare with the similar cost Denafrips Iris DDC, converting USB into Toslink?
  6. But then, Watts has clearly stated that benchmark performance for Qutest is obtained with a battery pack - yet a great many owners have found they prefer a good LPS. I must dig out and retry my stock Qutest PS just to see how it sounds to me, these days, compared to my iPower X.
  7. I still use my Qutest pretty much standard, except for the iPower X PS. I haven't compared it recently to the stock PS but when I first bought it I was satisfied it's slightly better. I choose to not send it back, after all. Aside from that, I'm feeding my Qutest through its USB drive via an OpticalRendu. The Qutest in turn feeds my Belles Aria, and then my Kudos Super 20's. It's a decent level of performance, but some recordings can occasionally sound slightly bright. So I'm intrigued by the possibility of taking my Qutest to the next level with (a) an SBooster / Ultra PS and (b) Audiowise
  8. None of this answered the question from @tylerhk
  9. Isn't this thread supposed to be "listening impressions"?
  10. Each to their own. I certainly like the idea of identifying an instant improvement. My problem is that sometimes my assessment changes after prolonged listening 'in a normal way'. Example....the Topping D90...initially I was impressed by its detail, but hated it after a week or two. But that's just me.
  11. For me quick a/b testing is the worst way to assess audio equipment. I can't listen to music properly in that state of mind. and for short a period. When I relax, listen and absorb my favorite pieces of music in a normal way, it becomes clear to me if the equipment or settings are working well, or not.
  12. I'm tempted, but more likely will wait until the next 'best thing since sliced bread' DAC emerges. I'm not sure the delta is really worth it, from my perspective. Of course, we are all calibrated differently on that spectrum. My Qutest already sounds pretty dang nice, and that's with a humble IFI iPower X power supply. I prefer this PS to the original one that came with the product, and also prefer it to a battery charger that I tried for a few days. I suspect I could improve the Qutest further by purchasing a better LPS. If I ever went down the Denafrips path, I'd probably look for a big
  13. It's true that the Qutest has an analytical presentation. I suspect it really depends on the synergy with the rest of your system, as well as your preferred music genres. It probably works best with a warmish amp and/or speakers. I'm curious to hear a Pontus but unfortunately the only way to do that is to take a big leap and buy the product (or one of the other Denafrips models). I can't bring myself to splash out and go through the buy/test/sell process based purely on forum reports. But many are doing what you did and are delighted with Denafrips.
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