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  1. thats interesting. Sounds like it should turn off. I’ve tried to move the switch but it’s not an easy task, at least on mine.
  2. Not to be confrontational...but the design process, when done properly, involves lots and lots of testing of each component, within the context of the total product. The designing of a power supply does not assume any one dac that it will be used with. The "expert" in terms of which power supply works best with this specific product is most likely it's designer, tester and project lead. But thankfully it's still just about a free world and we are able to experiment and select to our heart's content if we want to ignore this advice. Watt's design made that easy.
  3. Ummm, no but the probability is high if Person A happens to have designed that product. Person B claims are probably BS
  4. Assuming for a moment that Rob Watts knows his product better than anyone, and that a battery pack is "the perfect PS" for this product - does it matter what kind of cord connects it to the day? Or would an $8 Anker USB micro cord be as good as anything?
  5. Alex - do you happen to know if a Chord Qutest needs VBUS?
  6. I also use one of these USPCB connection devices. I've never reached a conclusion as to whether or not it actually improves or degrades the sound on my system vs a stock cord. I just use it for space saving, neatness and low cost (compared with a fancy cable). I've never been able to move the tiny, little switch that apparently turns the VBUS on/off. I can't even tell for sure what position it's in. Does that matter and why would anyone want to turn it on/off?
  7. Like you mentioned, after a period of time it stopped remembering the mR. The network and PS are very good - may be the 2.8 card. Hopefully a one-time blip.
  8. Yet another behavioral quirk to report...my sonicorbiter.com homepage seems to be frozen in thinking that my microrendu is attached - when it is in fact disconnected. If I click on the microrendu in order to manage it , of course nothing happens, whether the mR is connected or not. I’ve tried everything I know. Have rebooted the server, as well as my sonic transporter. Nothing. The mR still shows up as “attached” on my sonicorbiter home page. But I can’t do anything with it. Suggestions?
  9. For a long time, I've been curious about the extent to which DAC's really affect the sound quality of an audio system. I was not expecting much of a difference between my older-tech Hegel HD25 and the relatively new Chord. But the Hegel, in my opinion, pretty much brushed away the new Topping - even though it was less detailed. It was just more enjoyable. However the Qutest is a revelation. After the first 30 seconds I was grinning like a cat - within 2 minutes I knew the Chord was in my system to stay. It has even more information than the Topping BUT it unpacks and organizes the layers beautifully. No digital hash or harsh, irritating high frequencies - at least not in my system. Enough hyperbole. you get the picture. I love what it's doing. My Kudos Super 20's are known to be resolving speakers - they don't mix comfortably with brash sources. With the Qutest they are singing sweetly. Connections....with the Hegel I discovered that coax (via Schiit Eitr) was a nice improvement over its USB. I will explore this combination soon with the Chord but, as mentioned, even the stock USB sounds terrific.
  10. Agree 100%. Their speed of service is remarkable. And of course they sell a variety of brands worth considering.
  11. Thank you johndoe, my Kudos Super 20's have never sounded so good. They are loving the Qutest.
  12. Just to conclude my DAC experimentation process.....I received a new Chord Qutest yesterday. I already love this DAC. I've only used it through the standard USB so far, but it's absolutely outstanding. Incisive filter with 1V output is ideal for me. Take everything that was 'missing' with the Topping - and add it back in, with refinement, weight and musically. Whereas with the D90 I was listening to music in a constant state of agitation, fast-forwarding my way through favorite pieces of music, the opposite is already evident with the Qutest - straight out of the box. It's funny - before this experiment started I imagined that the D90 would have similar sound characteristics to the Qutest, but would magically save me a handy $1000. In reality, their sound qualities are remarkably different. That $1000 is the difference between immensely enjoying my music, and being frustrated by it. Obviously all these comments relate to my DACs' blend with my other equipment, my room and my music selection. Your experience could be different.
  13. Hmm, can't remember as I tend to leave my DAC's on 24/7. It seemed to go into sleep mode when not used, I think.
  14. The reviews will be flying in soon - hope it's good
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