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  1. Really? (hint ~ think 'irony') Sorry if my my message was unclear.
  2. Stick with what you know, Seraph. There's no need to try new things, just because many other people enjoy them. They are probably stupid, anyway, right? Carry on the way you are. Save all that money. And have fun in your fact-based, bullshit free world - if that's what you want.
  3. Go for it. If it sounds better, enjoy Fisher Price. You'll save some money. And what's your point?
  4. Scared to touch my microRendu. It's been working fine without a hiccup for a few weeks. Let sleeping dogs lie.
  5. That's my kind of review! Bollocks to measurements. Thank you.
  6. I think it's brilliant that you've provided a play-pen for the scientists, geeks and other various shades of wannabes. They won't be happy of course. Look out for plenty of toys being tossed. They have little to zero interest in music per se. It's not even the science...which at its root should be a voyage of curiosity, learning and discovery, not a book of rules. These are people who just need to prove something but the only folks they impress are themselves. It drives them nuts that nobody seems to listen to them. It's a kind of tragedy if you care to think about it. Great that they've now got a place to talk to each other.
  7. Possibly....no more issues yesterday. Fingers crossed.
  8. I hope it's not that complicated...
  9. I didn't notice if I was using Tidal when it froze (3 times). Could have been - I use Tidal and Qobuz for most of my listening, although I do have a lot of FLAC's on my server too. I'll see if it happens again and will check what kind of file triggers the freeze. Right now, it's playing away happily - but I feel like something could go wrong at any moment. I'll report back when it happens.
  10. Latest issue with my microRendu 1.4 has just announced itself. This has happened 3 times now. Background is that my mR has the 2.8 card and generally works fine, sounds very good. Starting yesterday...for no apparent reason....after several hours normal playing...simply switching from one album to another on Roon....the mR stops working. Everything on Roon looks normal. Everything on Sonicorbiter looks normal. The mR is still visible and the DAC is identified as usual in App/Diagnostics. Repeat, everything looks normal. Except the start/stop button on Roon has no affect. Opening and closing Roon...no affect. The only way to 'fix' the problem seems to be to unplug the mR - and then restart it. But the length of time between these fixes is getting shorter. Here we go again....anyone got a suggestion?
  11. Where's @plissken? We need a a proper scientific evaluation. LOL
  12. Indeed And yes, I'll continue to enjoy my music , although I'll also continue to consider ways to enhance my room acoustics. Good advice 👍
  13. Thanks for providing these details - much appreciated. I generally use Roon to play the test files except that for some reason I can't open/play these files while REW is in use (and yes, 'Use Acoustic timing Reference' is checked). I don't have time to do more testing until the weekend but I'll give it another shot then.
  14. I quit. No can do. An entire weekend of mind-numbing exploration, trying to make sense of this HAF product / service. Hats off to those of you that managed to figure it out. I suspect HAF is intended for geeks and engineers and works brilliantly for you guys out there. For music buffs and other hifi enthusiasts, simply trying to improve our room acoustics - HAF is not ready for prime time. This stuff's gotta work, and Thierry's approach to sorting out customer installations by means of endless cryptic emails is touchingly personal, but inadequate and hugely frustrating for both him and his customers. Here's an example of his email instructions: press "Start measuring" : REW will wait for a sync signal that is embedded in the attached sweep signal. As REW will play as well its own test signal when you press "Start measuring" (it doesn't do this), you must find a way to make sure this test signal will not be audible : the easiest way is to choose the internal card of your computer as output device (Preferences menu) and put your computer volume at zero - play the left channel sweep signal (_L_refL) from your player and check that the level measured by REW is in the acceptable range (make sure the player stop after the file reading to not disturb the measurement) (when you play the sweep file from your player, REW doesn't record it) It all sounds easy, except it doesn't actually work like he seems to be describing. I got everything set up with the UMIK-1 and pressed "start measuring" as instructed. REW simply plays it's own test file. I've no clue how you're supposed to play the special Left and Right test files that Thierry sends out. Since this email, I've received 5 emails from Thierry and the poor chap's received about 10 from me. He seems to ignore the question every time Apologies to all of you for letting off steam via this post. My head's about to explode. UMIK-1 goes back to Amazon next weekend and we move on. Thierry - just make a how-to video. You'll thank me one day.
  15. I hate doing this - moaning and complaining about an apparently wonderful product. I honestly believe and accept Thierry is a terrific guy, doing his best to provide a great service. We've been going back and forth on email for the past two days and he's a very patient man. I've read many great things here and elsewhere about these filters - I really need something like this. But I must be a complete idiot, as I've spent the best part of 48 hours simply trying to follow the instructions and take the necessary measurements. I've failed at almost every step. From setting up the UMIK-1 to saving the sweep files in the right location. Absolute nightmare. So much ambiguity and jargon. So many missed details. If you don't really know what you're doing, you will run into wall after wall. I'm almost done. Can't go on much longer. Very frustrating indeed. Thierry - if you're reading this - STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW. Make a darned YouTube video and show customers EXACTLY how to use your product. Pretend, for a minute, that you're talking to your mother. Or your grandmother. Take nothing for granted. Make it really, really clear and simple. And stick it on YouTube. Just like every other manufacturer does these days. The upside is that you won't have idiots like me emailing you and criticizing your product online.
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