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  1. You have the explanation in your first post. But in general, MPD will read the data from a buffer. The buffer provides a predictable data set to work with. This happens when you stream via ethernet or access the audio via the file system, like USB. The buffer will always be faster than the audio sources as it is local to MPD (running in memory). Things to consider: 1. Is your external drive SSD or magnetic? 2. Do you get this issues when streaming form the net or a NAS? 3. Is your external drive powered by the SMS-200 or by an external power supply? If you know the answer to these three points you should experiment around them to see if the problem goes away.
  2. OK, If you do not know what SSH means, trying to parse MPD logs will be way to much to handle. Try contacting May Park for help. You can also try using Roon / HQ Player instead of MPD to see if the problem disappears. These options are avaialble from the web based menu of the SMS-200. http://docs.sotm-audio.com/doku.php?id=en:eunhasu:start#services
  3. You will need to get the user / pass from SoTM. Then, ssh into the SMS-200. You can get all the details from SoTM.
  4. The buffers in MPD have got nothing to do with bit depth and sampling rate. Log into your SoTM device and view the log when the issue happens.
  5. Roon has a lot in common with MQA. I am not surprised that the guy feels like MQA should be supported (mobile or otherwise).
  6. Closed, proprietary, end to end, ecosystem, control, restrictions, etc.. I guess MQA model works for Roon as well.
  7. No. There is nothing wrong with Pro Tools. It's how you use it.
  8. There are so may applications out there with various features that preceded Roon by years. For example, Tidal & Qobuz integration was available to BubbleUPnP, Kazoo and MConnect users years ago. Roon's Wiki Interface - Was part of GMPC years ago MPD - This piece of software alone deserves some press as it is found in many commercial products MinimServer / Streamer - OpenHome with various DSP and transcoding options This is just a partial list that came into mind. My point is there are interesting options out there, some are free, some are open source and some are commercials. These solutions are available and should be covered as well. Fair space for all.
  9. Any reason why Roon gets so much attention on this site while other apps / technologies get none?
  10. You can also use the BubbleUPnP app to stream Qobuz directly. No computer needed.
  11. You can use ffmpeg in Linux to manipulate the signal in any way you like. Oh, and it's free. You can also use MinimStreamer as well. Free.
  12. How many people use Roon that is it that "important"? The UPnP implementation within the Qobuz app is much more interesting as it opens up the possibilities of streamers that can be used. I like to think there are more UPnP users out there than Roon users.
  13. If you are open to other options, BubbleUPnP has native support for Google Drive. No need to mount your data locally.
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