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  1. C'mon... what is the MAC address? Did you scan for open ports?
  2. @The Computer Audiophile Can you see check what type of streaming board is used with the product?
  3. The service is not available in Canada (yet...)
  4. Hopefully they will allow 3rd party apps to connect to their new music service.
  5. Most consumers have no clue what they want. They are fed fantasy stories by the magazines. MQA is a great example of that.
  6. You can use BubbleUPnP on Android to play music (lossy...) from Bandcamp.
  7. @John_Atkinson You are (were) the editor of an influential magazine. Some audiophile will swear by the words which you print. Because of such, you have a responsibility toward your readers to uphold the highest standards when it comes to the content published. You went overboard with MQA, created a buzz within the community which led to demand for MQA by audiophiles. Not once, there was any serious technical insight into MQA and the various claims made by the company. When various people found many holes in MQA and came forward with a serious technical explanation (basically doing your work) you chose to bury your head in the sand. That is the major reason why members here hold you to a different standard. I hope you realize it.
  8. You must have "smear" so you can later "de-blur" it 😉
  9. BubbleUPnP server acts as a front end for any UPnP / DLNA library. It works well with AIFF as well.
  10. @Jud BubbleUPnP server allows you to access your music from outside your network.: https://www.bubblesoftapps.com/bubbleupnpserver2/
  11. @Lightstream I found that once you try to connect to the MiND with a second device, the app will crash while the app on the first device will lose connectivity. There is / was something funky in the communication protocol between the MiND device and the app. I ended up selling the equipment. Support from Simaudio was useless. Not sure if they have fixed anything in the current version.
  12. The original MiND module is just terrible. It is a low end component sourced by a 3rd party. Half of the things that should work on it do not. It has a partial support for DLNA and most of the features work only via the MiND app which crashes most of the time. There not much you can do except ensuring you run the latest firmware. Other than that, it is just a poor product.
  13. @Danny Kaey Thanks for the review. While my impression of streaming audio may be different than yours, streaming technologies will gain popularity as time goes by. Like the DACs of yesteryear, where reviewers mention that type of chip used (Sabre, AKM, TI, Burr-Brown, etc..) I find it appropriate to include information about the streaming module itself. It is obviously not a big issue but for some readers, this information is valuable.
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