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  1. "Why I stopped reading audio magazines" should have its own topic 🙂
  2. For me, software of the decade is MPD. Hardware of the decade falls on any gear with Ethernet input for streaming.
  3. Not sure to all the functions as I use BubbleUPnP on Android. But at least this tells you the issue is within the way Kazoo interacts with the microRendu. Worth asking Jusus what OpenHome application they use inside their hardware.
  4. Try a different app like MConnect to see if this is an isolated issue.
  5. Lumin has been an ardent supporter of the OpenHome protocol. They should be exalted for that.
  6. You can always hook your phone to the car via Bluetooth, Wire, etc...
  7. Synology NAS with enough storage. MinimServer (free) for smart indexing all you music and BubbleUPnP server (free) to allow access from the outside world. You can choose if you want to stream lossless or lossy (when you are on the go..). This setup is extremely effective when you go to your friends and stream music from your NAS.
  8. Because they can. Roon is the current darling of the Audiophile press. That is until a new player comes along.
  9. Can you please elaborate on this? Are you referring to ReplayGain? Is this data available when using Qobuz via the web / API or this is something that is sent to Roon as an out side process? Thanks!
  10. 1. Not at the moment. Probably by the end of the year. 2. No My suggestion to you is to keep the Vega as it outperforms the Hegel as a streamer. The H590 will outperform the Bel Canto / Parasound combo in my opinion. I switched from Pass Mono blocks / Boulder Preamp to the H590 and love the result.
  11. See here: http://moodeaudio.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=1772
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