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  1. Maybe you will learn something new. Perhaps you will gain new perspective? Who knows...
  2. If you need to add AES output to a Pi, you should look at these: http://www.pi2design.com/pi2aes.html http://www.pi2design.com/502dac.html
  3. The issue is not with the UPnP / DLNA protocol per se but with the implementation. Most high end audio manufactures do not have software developers in-house to deal with mobile, desktop and web based development. Take for example company X. They make excellent power amps and pre amps but have never developed a streamer or even an app but now, due to market demand, they want to offer a streamer. They can invest money into the project, hire software developers, R&D people, etc... this is very costly and time consuming. Or they can they outsource to a third party that has built a low powered module with code base from 15 years ago. It support DLNA but only some of the features. It may have been developed prior to DLNA spec-ing gapless playback (Just an example) but it is cheap and allows faster time to market for the new product. So company X goes with the second option. The product goes under review and the reviewer, who does not know what gapless playback is or have never read the DLNA specs give it a great feedback. Months down the road, a user will complain on this forum that some features are missing but company X does not have a clue what is he taking about. This scenario is very common. I have seen it with companies that sell streamers for more than $10k only to find out that the network module is a 20 dollars card with crippled functionality. The DLNA “Alliance” dissolved years ago having left the licensing to a 3rd party who use this as a money grab so companies can have the DLNA logo in their products.
  4. I currently use Synology 1513+ with MinimServer / MinimStreamer installed serving 11355 albums in FLAC. I use RaspberryPi with MPD / UpMPDcli as the OpenHome streamer which is connected to a Hegel H590 via coax. BubbleUPnP is used on my phone (Pixel2) and Tablet (Amazon Fire). Qobuz is my streaming service of choice. ELAC FS 409 are the speakers.
  5. Let's look at this from a different perspective and a bit more rational, if you may. The fact that you reboot your NAS daily speak volumes about the efficiency of the software. If you really want to geek out into this, run a performance monitor tool to see what's going on in the background. (Hint... it's not pretty). Lavish GUI aside, you need to look into a software's ability to scale and scale well and Roon's ability at this is lacking.
  6. It does not matter. Roon can mine bitcoins in the background as far as I am concerned. The fact is that Roon is extremely memory / CPU intensive application.
  7. The comparison was (among other things): 1. Initial scan time of the library 2. Memory consumption at the end of the scan 3. CPU utilization during incremental scans 4. CPU utilization during playing a track 5. Service readiness since start up 6. Memory consumption over time The above are identical to many applications that index music libraries.
  8. I don't use JRMC but I have bench-marked Roon Vs. MinimServer on a Syology 1513+ NAS. In every aspect, like CPU, Memory, I/O, etc.. Roon failed miserably.
  9. Rebooting your NAS is not a solution. Roon is a memory / CPU hog regardless of the platform. This needs to be addressed by the Roon developers.
  10. For me, it's not about what you get, it's about what you do not.
  11. Something like this? MinimServer / MInimStreamer Convolution: Yes UPnP: Yes Streaming Services (Tidal or Qobuz): N/A BubbleUPnP Convolution: N/A UPnP: Yes as well as OpenHome Streaming Services (Tidal or Qobuz): Yes
  12. @brother love Can you actually set the sampling rate from the menu when using Chrome like in the following image? Also, do you use ALSA or PulseAudio?
  13. Try these: https://www.sonicvisualiser.org/download.html http://spek.cc/ https://www.audacityteam.org/download/
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