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  1. Or, alternatively to Miska's response, you can use Roon's DSP upsampling instead of HQP to stream to your Roon Bridge NUC and then to your T+A. Note, I'm not trying to discourage you from Miska's HQPlayer NAA solution, as it's excellent, but rather just trying to provide you with another option you may not be aware of.
  2. Back in the day when I was a software developer and we worked on a project that never seemed to end and everyone knew it was a write-off we simply referred to it as a "death march"
  3. Awm c'mon Jared....what about the Wave? (all in jest....not trying to start a flame war 😃)
  4. I can relate....I grew up in Winnipeg and suffered through their move to Phoenix. I moved to Edmonton in the early 80's during the Gretzky years and became a fan, but when Winnipeg got a team back from Atlanta I switched back to following the Jets and am a huge fan. Music enjoyment-wise, I've taken the opportunity to install Roon Bridge into a spare Mac Mini and connected it to an exaSound e20 DAC that I haven't been using for several years and put it into my home theatre system. I've been (up to now) a headphone listening guy, so I'm actually enjoying being able to listen to my music library on that system sans headphones. Don't know why I didn't think of doing that earlier. My problem now is that it isn't all that great a system for 2-channel listening as it isn't really set up for that (old Canton CD 300 speakers and a Pioneer AVR for the amp) so now I'm fighting the urge to upgrade the equipment! LOL....it never ends with this hobby.
  5. My money is on the SMC reset to have solved your problem
  6. Thanks Chris...this was a very fun and enjoyable article to read for me. What a beautiful system and room.....I doubt that I'll ever get a chance to personally own such an amazing system as yours, but I'm thrilled to live vicariously through you and your audio journey! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Agreed. I made the mistake of listening to this once and then had to replace my DAC.
  8. I would definitely add Holly Cole to this list.
  9. And to be fair, I think I publicly thanked you in the forum also, not just in a PM.
  10. Jarek, it wasn't my intent to come across snarky or aggressive....I was simply baffled by your request for details from someone who is a Vi DAC contributor and is expecting one to be delivered. It was my understanding that LHLabs should have the order details for every Vi DAC contributor already. Is this understanding incorrect? He wasn't asking for a status update on his particular order (or where he might be in the queue), he was simply asking for it to be delivered. I similarly made such a request.
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