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  1. That's reserved for the upcoming line of braided bucky-balls
  2. I agree. I always thought that some sort of crowd-sourcing model based on the Wikipedia model would be the only way to solve this. People would submit their tagged albums and the "crowd" would maintain and ensure integrity. It would be slow-going at first, but eventually it would build up to something useful that automated tagging engines could source to help us maintain our collections.
  3. I don't see how that would help much. The idea isn't to completely shut down discussion, and locking it would only encourage the spawning of multiple threads on the same topic if interest should start up again (e.g., a new version of HQP in the HQP thread). Multiple threads wouldn't help the searching issue.
  4. Are you suggesting that threads on popular topics be closed out after a certain time period has elapsed or page size reached and new threads started if there is continuing interest? How would this help with the search? .
  5. You can also use an early Sony Playstation 3 to rip SACD's.....this is how many of us started with that process and you can still find the appropriate PS3's up for sale from people who no longer have a need for them. You can learn about this method HERE
  6. There are literally dozens of these kinds of email promises in my gmail history from LHL. Please everyone don't post them again here....it's too depressing.
  7. This one really made me well up with tears 😭 https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4
  8. I'm confused about these posts that mention a jump in SQ with the new release. Is the SQ improvement the result of new filters that people are using that weren't available in V3.x? If so, I look forward to seeing for myself. But if people are using the same filters as they used in V3.x and are still reporting an increase in SQ, does this mean that the bitstream being delivered to the DAC somehow changed between versions? If not, how might one explain the difference in SQ that they are hearing?
  9. Yeah, I've got one, but haven't plugged it in in like, 2 years. After ripping all my SACD's I've mainly just purchased music online and stopped buying physical media.
  10. I've had no problem running a bootcamped Win10 install on my late 2012 mini with Roon and ASIO drivers for my T+A DAC8DSD at DSD512.
  11. A quote from this article: "Under California Business & Professions Code §17208, “Any action to enforce any cause of action pursuant to this chapter shall be commenced within four years after the cause of action accrued.” What this means is that the Plaintiff cannot sit on their hands and expect to assert an Unfair Business Practices claim if the Plaintiff has known about the violation for more than four years." Does this mean that we're all likely too late?
  12. That's the nice thing about Paypal.....you can download your entire payment history (going back to 2012 I think) as a CSV file and open it up in a spreadsheet and search/sort on Payee and get your totals quite easily.
  13. This has a LAN ethernet digital input? So no need for an ethernet to USB bridge streamer? That's pretty appealing.
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