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  1. How it works is the point of this thread, isn't it? And I still think people are getting confused about playback of the audio file, and the file optimizer which is the point of this thread. Let's be clear...it's as if you email me an audio file, I fiddle with it and email a bit-perfect copy back to you and you play back that bit perfect copy, and you claim to hear an improvement in SQ. Wouldn't you want to know what I did to the file to make that improvement? That's the point of this discussion, not how the player during playback improves SQ. If it was just about that, we wouldn't
  2. Here’s a follow-up video just recently posted:
  3. Apologies to all if this has been posted somewhere else.
  4. I'm sorry, but please explain how this is even possible. How does a software player manipulate the "physical (electromagnetic) structure of the stored data"? This is an extraordinary claim.
  5. Ahhh, maybe. To be honest, I bought the server second hand off of someone here on Audiophilestyle, and I can't quite remember the full specs, other than it's for sure a Streacom case, and I believe the server was originally built by Small Green Computer.
  6. I guess I must have misinterpreted "it would be my advice to investigate a product instead of calling someone a con" wrong then.
  7. Just to be clear, nobody was calling the poster a con. We were referring to the software in question and specifically to the claims of it's function. If you are asking us to read carefully and choose our words carefully (which is a fair criticism, my apologies) then please endeavor to do the same.
  8. Sure, it's a con. Funny how the fellow who recommended it could hear a difference though 😊
  9. Um, OK. So what exactly is it optimizing if it's output is bit identical to it's input?
  10. The only thing it could possibly be doing, if it remains bit identical, is rearranging the files sectors on the physical disk into something it must consider "optimal" for playback (e.g. making them all contiguous on the disk platters?!?!?), which would be pretty useless if the file was stored on a solid state drive. My bullshit sense is tingling with this one.
  11. I 100% agree with your statement, however, I'm afraid the horde of subjectivists will descend upon you shortly. I'll get the popcorn 😄
  12. Imagine being the sucker who paid them up front shipping costs for the Vi DAC! (*cough, looking in the mirror). Ugh.
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