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  1. I've had no problem running a bootcamped Win10 install on my late 2012 mini with Roon and ASIO drivers for my T+A DAC8DSD at DSD512.
  2. A quote from this article: "Under California Business & Professions Code §17208, “Any action to enforce any cause of action pursuant to this chapter shall be commenced within four years after the cause of action accrued.” What this means is that the Plaintiff cannot sit on their hands and expect to assert an Unfair Business Practices claim if the Plaintiff has known about the violation for more than four years." Does this mean that we're all likely too late?
  3. That's the nice thing about Paypal.....you can download your entire payment history (going back to 2012 I think) as a CSV file and open it up in a spreadsheet and search/sort on Payee and get your totals quite easily.
  4. This has a LAN ethernet digital input? So no need for an ethernet to USB bridge streamer? That's pretty appealing.
  5. The thing that seems all "flat earth" to me is that some people believe that "noise" gets stored with a digital stream when it's buffered and is transmitted along the chain to other digital devices to eventually manifest itself when it undergoes analog conversion.
  6. Yup....there always seems to be a week or two in late January/early February where the temps plummet like this.
  7. I could be wrong but I believe the timing information is encoded within the AES stream, so you don't have to reclock the data to transmit it via USB.
  8. Being a communications guy, I'm sure you could present him with sound arguments as to why it might be a good idea, given the current state of affairs.
  9. Humor aside, I'd be interested in hearing a response about some sort of Q&A from Larry. I think that if he declined it would speak volumes.
  10. Jarek, why don't you ask Larry if he'd be willing to participate in a Skype interview with a neutral party, someone who hasn't contributed to any of the LHL campaigns and would be courteous and respectful (I nominate Chris C. if he'd be willing to do it) and it could be published here. We could submit a list of potential questions to be asked, and I'd trust Chris (or whomever) being able to pick and choose the questions that he felt got to the heart of our concerns, and also give Larry a chance to put forward any information or news that would give the backers some hope that things might eventually make a turn for the better. Do you think he'd go for that?
  11. Then by that you also mean to say that LH Labs approves and endorses the title of the spreadsheet?
  12. Hmmm...I responded to that email address...didn't you get anything?
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