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  1. Using the built-in Digital Color Meter app on my Mac laptop, I pulled up a Google cached copy of a forum posting before the site change and compared it with the current site design. Both show a background RGB color of hex(255,255,255), which is pure white in both instances.
  2. I'm glad this is fixed now....it was really annoying. Thanks Chris.
  3. Cats! There must be internet cats! 😁
  4. Out of curiosity, and not having seen any statement to confirm it, I gather this project is officially dead at this point, having been replaced by other older players (other than the PS3) capable of ripping SACD's? I notice that the original sign-up spreadsheet is still around.
  5. It's true that you can achieve a fairly quiet air cooled setup with proper selection of fans, etc, but generally speaking, liquid cooling is generally regarded as quieter. Under high loads, you typically need to be moving a lot of air with lots of fans, and water is much more efficient at transferring heat than air. YMMV.
  6. Why would you care to split up Roon and HQPlayer in a server machine that's sending a digital output stream to a renderer? As long as the machine is powerful enough to handle the load, splitting them across different servers would be complete overkill. The same goes for a fancy linear power supply....why? The point of the server is to produce a digital stream that can be sent to the renderer. Put a good power supply on the renderer where the DAC is attached if you're worried about electrical noise. As for liquid cooling, that would be to keep the server as silent as pos
  7. Or, alternatively to Miska's response, you can use Roon's DSP upsampling instead of HQP to stream to your Roon Bridge NUC and then to your T+A. Note, I'm not trying to discourage you from Miska's HQPlayer NAA solution, as it's excellent, but rather just trying to provide you with another option you may not be aware of.
  8. Back in the day when I was a software developer and we worked on a project that never seemed to end and everyone knew it was a write-off we simply referred to it as a "death march"
  9. Awm c'mon Jared....what about the Wave? (all in jest....not trying to start a flame war 😃)
  10. I can relate....I grew up in Winnipeg and suffered through their move to Phoenix. I moved to Edmonton in the early 80's during the Gretzky years and became a fan, but when Winnipeg got a team back from Atlanta I switched back to following the Jets and am a huge fan. Music enjoyment-wise, I've taken the opportunity to install Roon Bridge into a spare Mac Mini and connected it to an exaSound e20 DAC that I haven't been using for several years and put it into my home theatre system. I've been (up to now) a headphone listening guy, so I'm actually enjoying being able to listen to my mu
  11. My money is on the SMC reset to have solved your problem
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