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  1. Thanks Chris...this was a very fun and enjoyable article to read for me. What a beautiful system and room.....I doubt that I'll ever get a chance to personally own such an amazing system as yours, but I'm thrilled to live vicariously through you and your audio journey! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Agreed. I made the mistake of listening to this once and then had to replace my DAC.
  3. I would definitely add Holly Cole to this list.
  4. And to be fair, I think I publicly thanked you in the forum also, not just in a PM.
  5. Jarek, it wasn't my intent to come across snarky or aggressive....I was simply baffled by your request for details from someone who is a Vi DAC contributor and is expecting one to be delivered. It was my understanding that LHLabs should have the order details for every Vi DAC contributor already. Is this understanding incorrect? He wasn't asking for a status update on his particular order (or where he might be in the queue), he was simply asking for it to be delivered. I similarly made such a request.
  6. Don't you already have our "deets"? I'd like my Vi DAC tube as well.
  7. I've tried an LHLabs Lightspeed V2 USB cable and a generic $5 USB cable, coming out of a SOtM USB port or built-in motherboard USB port on my CAPS Pipeline music server, to my DAC8 DSD and I can't hear any differences between USB ports or cables.
  8. I think this is the statement I'm in disagreement with. I simply don't buy it if the DAC manufacturer has done a proper job of implementation. And why do you keep bringing up timing errors when we're talking about asynchronous USB? Timing errors from the transmission side completely disappear. Sorry. (....can you tell I'm Canadian? )
  9. Arguing with people who say they hear a difference is like arguing religion. The claims are unfalsifiable, and I've learned you'll never get anywhere. I'm with you @DonaldT2109 , I can't understand the claims about USB cables either. Especially the jitter claims. How do you get jitter with asynchronous USB where the data is buffered in the DAC prior to D/A conversion? EM noise passed along the USB cable I *could* possibly understand, but then I'm assuming that every decent DAC manufacture worth its salt that wants its DACs to sound good would deal with that internally in the DAC's design. Doubtless now though, the subjectivist hordes will descend upon this post and point out how this dirty rotten objectivist has gotten it all wrong
  10. I'm driving down to Calgary today as a matter of fact to visit my parents, but sadly, no time to pop in for a visit. Maybe next time I'm down I might stop by!
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