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  1. Akin,

    Your experience are the most scary. I am also coming from mac mini world where I spent days on organizing meta. Currently using Audirvana with separate app and I can start all over again.

    The last thing would be struggling with Aurender meta data problems[emoji16]

    On part time audio I read a grate review over x100 where internal hdd storage was described as grate and definitely superior to possibility given by NAS...

    Here the link:






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  2. Cycleman, your answer was the bullseye of course!

    The linear power supply of n100 seams to be a logic improvement over x100, however I find it some how strange that Aurender puts on the market almost the same product which is cheaper than its preceder and better.

    Is it a ours incorrect product market positioning or there is something else behind?




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  3. Hi Guys,

    Could you explain what is the difference between Aurender x100L vs N100H except the HDD capacity?

    Aurender's network player N100 that was dedicated only to play whether from NAS or TIDAL comes now with HHD of 2TB and is called N100H. That makes it a media server and player.

    Anyway, Aurender's X100S (HDD 1TB) en X100L (HDD 6TB or 12TB) are both media server and players too.

    They are differently build. They cost (except the 12TB) almost the same. They are in different housing.

    What is than the difference?, and obviously, which one is better?

    Looking forward to clarify the case.



  4. I have an ATV1 as well and I know that the hardware limitation is 24/96 via Toslink. The ATV software it comes with limits the output to 16/44.1 but I installed OSX which allowed 24/96. I am now experimenting with Openelec 3 which I think is what you are using to get 24/96. I think previous versions of Openelec included an XBMC version that downsampled material so your discovery probably coincides with recently upgrading to OE 3?


    I think that you could run ATV1 with Openelec and a USB Dac that supports 24/192 although I have not tried that myself and it might be difficult to install drivers for that dac if needed.


    From reading I think ATV2 is hardware limited to 16/48.


    ATV1 is not limited to 16/44.1 but 48. However, what's important is the fact of not upsampelling to 16/48 as ATV2 does. Therfore, we can count on bit perfect 16/44.1 if such streamed!

    I am very interested in how have you updated ATV1 OSX?

    I wish to pudate original OSX to 10.6 in order to install audirvana on ATV1. It could be a sollution for your question as well since audirvana is capable of streaming HD.

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