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  1. Unbelievable...where is and what about the largest and most powerful (plug-in) and free musical system : LMS+Squeezelite (or Daphile) !!!
  2. Same for me, then I have investigated a little bit more and deeper as use of combination of JRiver with Daphile as DLNA renderer should be second to none to get the best of GUI and SQ. For sharing, I emailed with Kimmo. First reply was: "I don't personally use much DLNA or UPnP but I just tested my Daphile PC as a UPnP renderer for BubbleUPnP server running on my Android phone. It played FLAC just fine..." I confirmed well also that with JRiver MC17 as DLNA server, FLAC files are properly streamed to Daphile as DLNA renderer with following plugins settings: But no WAV (LPCM) files at all...It is a pity, because with JRiver MC, SQ is far better with WAV files than FLAC files, then my all JRiver library is in WAV format. Then Kimmo replied me: "I tried WAV and AIFF files with BubbleUPnP and they didn't play first via Daphile used as DLNA renderer. After I disabled "Mime-type check" at "UPnP Tweaks" settings they played fine. See if JRiver has similar option. I'm not quite sure where's the problem because I really don't understand DLNA / UPnP protocols. So I'm not perhaps able to solve this problem.." I have tried all settings available into DLNA server settings of JRiver MC17, but unfortunately none give me proper streaming of WAV files. No problem with FLAC files... Maybe JRiver MC 22 allow this type of specific DLNA server settings. But I did not do the upgrade to latest release of MC. If you have JRiver MC22, let us know your test outcomes... Thks
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