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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, @RikkiPoo I have been charging my LPS-1.2 (which I purchased used last week) with its original SMPS, routing its DC output through an iFi DC iPurifier2 into my ISO REGEN. The 7V LPS I had custom-built to replace this UpTone SMPS should arrive by mid-week. Given my experience, and yours, I expect this step of getting the last remaining SMPS out of my system will improve my listening experience big time.
  2. Thanks for that, @charlesphoto. I have just placed 3 iFi DC iPurifier2 units into my system. One is at the DC input of my Uptone USB ISO REGEN, one at the DC input of my Chord Hugo M-Scaler, and one at the DC input of my Chord Hugo TT2 DAC. All 3 DC iPurifier2 units are still under the 30-day iFi trial period. But I really like what I’m hearing so far. To my ears, I have the blackest background, the most dynamic musical presentation, and seemingly the best signal to noise ratio ever in any of my hifi setups over the last 40 years. Studio recordings sound more like live performance
  3. My experience as well. Adding a PS Audio P10 Power regenerator (10 outlets, everything in plugged into it) has really improved the sound of my system. And my system continues to improve as I reduce one by one the switch mode power supplies that are connected to my hi-fi equipment. I’m down to only 1 now, but that will be replaced with an LPS soon. Also, like the Uptone UltraCap LPS-1.2, my Hugo TT2 DAC (also a brilliant piece of kit!) is transformerless, and uses supercaps charged by a smps that comes included with the unit. And Chord, just like UpTone, says that it doesn’t matter th
  4. I love the ISO REGEN so far. Even though my Chord Hugo M-Scaler has galvanic isolation at the usb input, I’m getting great results from adding the REGEN. Individual instruments and vocalists have a more defined space in the soundstage now, bass quality and pace are improved, and the background is DARK. I am able to hear musicians in jazz sets egging each other on, and interplay between musicians seems to make more sense. I’m a BIG jazz fan, and the REGEN has already greatly improved my enjoyment of the genre. Big-time.
  5. Hello all! I am new to the Uptone Audio world, having just purchased and installed an Uptone ISO REGEN, which I’m currently powering via an iFi iPower SMPS. I’ve been using this SMPS to power an iFi Zen Blue, but, in general, I have a strong aversion to any SMPS spitting noise back into my mains, and attempt to avoid them wherever possible. I just purchased an Uptone UltraCap LPS-1.2 from another member of this forum, it’s on the way to me, and I plan to charge it with a linear power supply made by a third-party. I wonder if any of you have tried charging the LPS-1.2 via an LPS, a
  6. Hey Jens,<br /> <br /> Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. An opamp change can really make a difference in a DAC.<br /> <br /> Best wishes,<br /> <br /> Kurt
  7. Jens,<br /> <br /> Have you heard this DAC? Impressive kit. <br /> <br /> Best regards,<br /> <br /> Kurt
  8. Hello forum,<br /> <br /> Anytime a posters comments are WAY out of the mainstream, I suggest taking them with a grain of salt. Inferior analog section? Remove from market? I think not! Please use your own ears to decide, and rely more on published reviewers opinions than posters. <br /> <br /> My 2 cents......<br /> <br /> Kurt
  9. Hello,<br /> <br /> Re: using the DAC in one's receiver.<br /> <br /> I have the Onkyo Pro PR-SC885 Pre/Pro and it is very highly regarded. Though its overall performance is outstanding, I have found the onboard 2-channel DAC to be just OK. I have connected the Zhaolu 2.0, Zero, and Channel Islands Audio DACs to it and they easily outperformed it.<br /> <br /> I for one would recommend comparing an external DAC with the onboard DAC in a prepro/receiver first before deciding to stay with the onboard.<br /> <br /> Also: be sure to check-o
  10. Hi Chris,<br /> <br /> Glad to be in the forum. Nice review.<br /> <br /> Now that it is available, will you be reviewing the new usb, toslink, and Coax enabled Beresford TC-7520 DAC? I'd love to read your impression of it vs. the DAC Magic.<br /> <br /> Thanks for a great forum!<br /> <br /> Kurt Buechler
  11. Settings I'm talking Vista but maybe this applies to Mac Mini as well. The first time I compared the USB and the Toslink out of my iMac, the difference was obvious. In fact it was far to big to be believable. After checking the settings I found out that the Toslink is a direct digital out without any DSP, the USB was set for laptop speakers. Maybe part of the differences you hear can be explained by some DSP applied to the USB out. __________________ The Well Tempered Computer This is not quite right. Before outputting the digital audio signal via Toslink optical, any compute
  12. Roseval and g8k3pr: On a Mac use the application Audio Midi Setup and make sure the audio output is set to 44.1 KHz and the word-length to 2ch-16 bit if you are using usb to output to an external DAC. If any higher settings are used, Apple's Core Audio will downsample to 16/44.1 before outputting via usb and it will sound very bad indeed. Once I learned this, usb to DAC has sounded great. Try it! Kurt
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