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  1. Time to clear guilt boxes! Farad Super3 19v with level 1 cable 30cm. Have original packaging. Voltage output can be changed but will require sending back to Farad. £350 ono + p&p. Only moving this on as I ended up with a 7v Super3 instead. NUC i7 (NUC7I7DNHE) with X7D passive case, 4GB Apacer DDR4 wide temp (latest from Nenon group buy - makes quite a difference), and also includes the Audio-Linux usb stick ready to go. Slight marks on the top lid, though can't be seen from a distance. £450 ono + p&p. Will post to UK and europe only.
  2. Yes 3A, however the watts drawn "from the power socket" was ~47w for DSD 512, 35w~ for DSD 256 so well within the limits of the Farad 3 at 19v. NUC i7 in passive case was stable for hours on end in this configuration. But yes i'm finding the same in this experiment at least - good power on a simple NUC doesnt reap much compared to SMPS driven desktop system, when the system is doing the heavy lifting only (i.e. streamer running NAA on other end).
  3. Tried NUC i7 with Farad as the HQP Server for a day or so, and whilst it runs at DSD 512 rates (albeit getting hot and certainly closer to the PSU limits), there is a small loss in dynamic range in particular bass. My HQP Server is far from ideal either (SMPS power, GPU though CUDA not activated, m.2 SSD) and yet the difference is there.
  4. Criminal given the price, i'm not a Roon fan either.
  5. Sure? Website mentions DLNA via ethernet too as an option. Bugger.
  6. Just received an Allo Shanti with both 5v/1A and 5v/3A so will give both a try in time. I'm running DSD 512 so likely on the higher side I guess (50mbit/s).
  7. Can anyone confirm the current demands for the opticalModule at 5v?
  8. The person who recommended trying a NUC was infact an ex-ultraRendu owner. These designs were previous generation and so yes the NUC is an improvement over those, compared to what's now available in the last 12m.
  9. Turns out this is an opticalModule that's hosted within the server/PC chassis, still has to connect back to ethernet port somehow. Anyone seen an PCI-express SFP card that accepts external power?
  10. I will try soon, only issue is I know my DAC (T+A DAC 8 DSD with a copper mod) certainly has a sweet spot at DSD 512 where I know it best. It is in a proper fanless case though so I suspect it wont last all that long before throttling kicks in. Bridge mode will require an additional USB ethernet adapter though.
  11. Have to admit, I ended up dropping my i7 nuc (the chosen one) with Apacer RAM, BIOS tuned, Farad 19v, Audio-Linux etc ... for an OpticalRendu. Managed to obtain a broken in 7v Farad to do a comparison. HQPlayer + NAA setup @ DSD512. Was quite suprised if I'm honest, wasnt expecting the ARM based system to do so well, but it seems getting clean data to the SoC of choice is vitally important. Chassis could be bigger IMHO, gets a little toasty. Also switched from Startech FMCs to the OpticalModule units from Sonore. Tried OpticalRendu with Startech FMC alone (powered by good DC power) before switching and after, again clear marked improvement. Main difference is a big uptick in dynamics, and transient resolution. Next steps will be to try and obtain a OpticalModule OEM DIY card to feed it directly from the host server, cutting out any Ethernet to Fibre conversion stages + associated clocks, as well as awaiting Ghent GAC4-1 DC cable for the Farad (currently using level 1 30cm).
  12. @Confused can you describe your network setup including which brand of switches etc used? Lately I've discovered switching to Startech FMCs for both ends made quite a noticeable difference, significant infact. I'm also a HQPlayer + NAA user.
  13. Yes is the answer. 1gig infact now steps things up another step. Bare in mind i'm a HQPlayer + NAA type, so there's approx 50mbit/s traversing the network vs the typical 1.5mbit/s without it.
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