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  1. @Miska are there any standalone DACs the EVGA card reminds you of? Also have you thought about feeding its SATA power port with better power than say a standard ATX PSU?
  2. @motberg iirc there's been mixed opinions about the GUSTARD DACs including the very latest ESS "thd+n buster"; worth a read up on their side. FWIW I did try the LKS 004 DAC for a while, another dual ESS design. Bettered the T+A in PCM (which ill admit isnt all that difficult), but clearly behind in DSD mode.
  3. Goes to show how little "thd+n" can tell you about a DAC in reality. D70 measures up well too. I don't believe its a feature of the AKM DACs themselves either (lack of dynamics) as I've heard superb AK4490 implementations that don't lack there.
  4. Not in the D1's case at least (dynamics). Almost as explosive as the T+A, with the T+A bordering into unnaturally explosive (though YMMV). Wonder if the D70 got time to break in?
  5. I don't see a number mentioned - just "high value" mentioned. OP asked for actual ears to ground. T+A DAC is well known around here for very good reasons. $850 is the realistic price these days.
  6. As posted a while back, replaced my beloved T+A DAC 8 DSD with an SMSL D1. Brought the SMSL out of curisoity and as a "temp" unit to fill in whilst the T+A went back for repair. Even after repair (quartz in 44.1x had issues), the SMSL is clearly ahead. Infact, the T+A especially with "wide mode" activated can sound a little too hyper bordering unnatural at times in comparison. Both using HQPlayer at DSD 512 rates.
  7. On a 6800k mildly OC'd to 4ghz, with a 1080 GTX I can run ASDM7EC @ DSD256 rates with poly-sinc-short-mp.
  8. Apologies - many of us struggle to get DSD 512 via the Ultra Neo as an NAA. Also SoTM have added the T+A USB identifiers a long time ago. I do agree though feeding the T+A with DSD512 will be a shift alone, followed by feeding it a quality reliable USB source. T+A's USB markers are part of upstream Linux Kernel for a long time now - in short recent Ubuntu or Audio-Linux distros have support baked in. Once you apply the latest Amanero firmware then you're good to go which ofcourse opens your options up considerably.
  9. Not many of us - and I do own the same T+A DAC - have reliability issues streaming DSD 512 over the Ultra Neo, even with the latest firmwares. This is using HQP NAA on the SoTM.
  10. Does anyone know much about https://exasound.com/Products/GammaServer.aspx ? Looks much like the NUCs from the outside (not that i'd have anything against that). Wonder if they've done any HW changes?
  11. FWIW the Farad Super3 took a matter of weeks to materialise, and payment was not taken till a few days prior to dispatch. It is performing very well so far but i'll give it some more time to break in (given the amount of caps in the box) before doing any comparisons. No, I don't have any of the "chosen" PSUs.
  12. TBH I'm not going to even try. PC "server" is not fully optimised, will require moving into a different room (and dirtying up the rest of the power feed on Hifi). From past experience of temporarily powering up a JCAT on ATX internal power, it was ... ugly. External was night and day. If anyone can confirm the Element H can be powered externally only i will happily try it... but I don't think you can.
  13. Apologies I have the Element H myself (ready to go back to the seller) due to it requiring PCIE bus voltage (as noted above). In bobfa's case may not be a big deal to be honest given system is already powered by LPSUs, though I'd prefer to isolate power from system with the JCAT card as mentioned. I confirmed this by setting external power and connecting a 12v DC feed, but disconnecting the PCIE 12v feed on the adapter for the NUC; would not power up at all. Shame.
  14. Do you mean Element M card? I got one of these to try in my Intel NUC, but it requires 12v and 3.3v from the PCIE bus. The adapter I tried provided 12v. Will try the JCAT in time (no power from PCIE bus required).
  15. These posts genuinely beg for a "reference LPSU that can be delivered within a reasonable timeframe" thread. Lets face it, most if not all gains come simply from high quality power. I have an Farad Super3 on the way to me, so can report on that though haven't a foggiest how it compares to the "chosen ones" SR4 / SR7s.
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