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  1. I am a huge Manley fan. I am the original owner of a Steelhead (coming up on seven years). Regarding the comment above about the "best headphone amp", I hope the poster was referring to the 300B preamp which does also serve as an amazing headphone amp. I confess to have not heard the dedicated headphone amp but by most accounts its performance is not quite up with the best, though it is versatile and space-efficient.
  2. I could use some help please. My Aurender N100H was working fine just a few days ago. Now, my Conductor App shows nothing and won't connect to my Aurender. I powered down and up my N100H and my iPad multiple times. No change. Here is the weird part-even after powering down my Aurender, when it powers back up it displays that it is playing music stored on it by artist and song name but it just stays frozen. Things get weirder-when I try to update my Conductor App, no matter what I do, it just shows "loading" and does not change, even after 12 hours. I just us
  3. Thanks. So I DID look in my Aurender App on my iPad under settings and I don't find any reference to my password anywhere. Is there some trick to finding my old username and password when looking under settings in the Aurender app on the iPad? I also DID ask for Aurender to go into my new MBP by remote and look around. They sent me the website info to use, my MBP shot out a password and ID for them to use and that was five hours ago with no response. What time is it in Korea? Really a shame Aurender does not a US based help-center or at least one that caters to US time. My suspicion at t
  4. Well it turns out I was wrong. My 24 yr old "I know it all and you know nothing" son advised me that my problem was the lack of a LAN connection but I knew the ATT tech had not gone into my dedicated listening room and assumed the tech had simply unhooked the LAN from the old router in the basement and left it dangling so to speak. But once I went down to the basement-after my rant above-I found that the tech had in fact connected the other end of the LAN to an extender of some sort. I therefore no longer think the LAN is the problem. My problem is that my new MBP will not connect to my Aurend
  5. I have tried to search this thread for the answer to this question without success. I have an N100H. Can someone please tell me why Aurender can not come up with a wireless protocol to connect the Aurender to the iPad without LAN? Why do I ask? Because using a frigging LAN wire from the Aurender to a router is not always practical. I have a large but not immense home. I HAD the Aurender hooked up to a router in my basement via LAN but then our router was not covering all of our rooms. So what does an ATT tech do when he's called out? He moves the router into our upstairs family room. So where
  6. Despite your somewhat aggressive tone, I am relieved to hear your answer and a sincere thank you. I will ask Aurender why they don't design their software to address editing. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you. We were able to clean things up using "Clean Scan". I remain puzzed though by the lack of an editing function with Conductor. Am I missing something? Why not allow easy manipulation of files and folders within Conductor so that duplicate files can be deleted or so that errant files and folders can be re-arranged? Why not allow easy re-naming of files and folders?
  8. I need some help. My directory in Aurender App is FUBAR. If I go to "Folder" and "Root" my directory accurately shows that I am not using USB or NAS and only "Music1". Under Music1 I somehow have not only "Classic, Etc. Jazz, Local, and Pop" but also "MyCloud". I have no idea how I got "MyCloud" as a sub-folder in "Music1" but I suspect it has something to do with my 23 year old son trying to assist when I was having problems getting my burned files to appear in my directory. If I touch "MyCloud, all my music is there but zero metadata. For the most part under "MyCloud" my albums are intact bu
  9. Take a look under the hood of this skinny-boxed enclosure (the single pic above gives a hint) and you will find very little in the way of electronics taking up real estate inside. Does that matter? All depends. Some minimalists will defend the approach on the basis of minimal signal paths. Others will decry the lack of beefy transformers and robust power supplies. I tend toward the latter camp. Particularly knowing the minimalist parts list is due to intensive use of IC's and PCB circuit boards. The proof is in the listening. IC's and PCB's measure just fine and tend to sound dry and uninvolvi
  10. Positive Feedback review is hard to swallow. How much does a guy who says this really know about digital; He falsely states that digital playback is limited to two options; a computer or a CDP. He fails to acknowledge the superiority of a well-designed music server like Aurender/Antipodes et al. He fails to understand that CDP's don't have the ability to cache the data on a CD the way a CD burned to a music server's HD or NAS can. I've noticed that until very recently, S'Phile's John Atkinson was making the same mistake. But I digress. Notwithstanding the flawed review from this guy,
  11. Thanks to the kind folks at The Cable Co. I believe I have auditioned just about every high end USB extant. I am not a WireWorld groupie; this USB cable is the only WireWorld cable in my system. I am saying that when it comes to USB, WireWord has figured something out. And for the first guy who responded-I did not end up with a Violectric DAC-I settled with an AMR DP777. They are not in the same league. If someone in this forum has a top tier digital front end and top tier DAC and has auditioned the WW Platinum Starlight 7 and decided on something else, THAT is who I would like to hear from. T
  12. Hit reverse-four years ago or so. I was buying a Violectric headphone amp and the dealer offered to loan me the Violectric DAC too. At the time I was auditioning quite a few DACs. The Violectric dealer almost insisted that no audition of the Violectric DAC would be complete without also borrowing/auditioning a WireWorld Starlight 6 USB. I asked how much the USB cable cost and when he told me, I politely declined. No sense auditioning a cable I would never in a million years buy, I told him. It frankly shocked me that anyone with a scintilla of common sense and decency would spend so much on a
  13. I have an N100H into a Black Cat USB into an AMR DP777. I have been using both the AQJB and Uptone Regen in tandem. Got the AQJB first, noticed an improvement, and when the Regen arrived I put it in the signal chain without thinking twice (or once) about removing the AQJB. Having seen r_w's post, I removed my AQJB and fed signal only to the Regen. No doubt about it IN MY SYSTEM, the sound is much better with both. The sound was brighter, coarser, and with less spatial cues once I removed the AQJB. Bass was less taught. With both, my SQ is very much akin to my vinyl rigs which are top notch (VP
  14. I think I have a fairly high end set-up. With my Aurender N100H and Abbingdon DP-777 the sound I'm getting is so of-a-whole-piece and yet so dynamic with startling fast transcients that I cant fathom that the PSU is going to make much of a difference. I've tried a battery based PS already and heard no meaningful difference. FWIW, I am using an AQJB into a Black Cat USB into the Regen with the stock wall wart. What works best for me won't be best for someone else, but I am left suspecting some/many over-obsess with PSU's when far bigger compromises have been made elsewhere in the audio chain. I
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