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  1. I am not a fan of MAQ. That's why i use Qobuz for a streaming service but, I do have friends who like MQA or specifically mqa using Tidal so they wouldn't consider a dac without MQA. I was only thinking of the OP possible needs or wants since the Lumin is MQA capable.
  2. You also need to consider if mqa is important to you. If you are using Tidal and not Qobuz, you will want a mqa dac.
  3. I understand and what you are saying makes sense. When i chatted with Chris from LKS * went direct instead of a distributer) he stated the usb a a few things in the board were upgraded but, i never went into too much detail in what else was changed from the original design. I can say i like it better then the PS audio direct stream jr and grant fidelity tube dac11 i was running.
  4. Lks is chi fi. They have improved quite a bit on this model in the past year.
  5. Went I went with the L.K.S audio MH Da004 with Dual ES9038 and upgraded USB. Fantastic Dac I might add. If we ever get the Vi Tube dac is it will be outdated and almost no resale value due to everything that has went on from bad support on down.
  6. Thanks. I knew it was a long shot but I figured I would ask anyway. LKS mh-da004 it is!
  7. @stuck limo Its been a bit since we have heard about the working units. Were do we stand on this? Before I buy an LKS dac, I figured I would give this a final shot to see if anymore progress has been made.
  8. If the lumin app would work or see non lumin hardware, this would solve my issues I am having on my 2nd system that I am using Mcontroll on. Mcontrol when playing tidal masters, only plays 30 seconds of a song but ,the lumin app playing on the same network going to my D1 using the same ipad plays fine with 0 issues. If the lumin app could control other non lumin devices like my PS audio Direct stream JR, that would solve my issues and 1 app instead of 2 to control everything in my house.
  9. Are you sure about this app? It only gets 1.6 out of 5 stars. I am actually looking for a replacement for mconnect.
  10. I still feel like they took our money years ago, never delivered on what we paid for, had enough time or create a completely different product from concept to fully developed and shipped... this really bothers me. They had enough cash to make something completely different then our dac's and put us on the back burner for how many years while blaming the case was the issue??? For me, i feel even more angry.
  11. https://support.lhlabs.com/support/solutions/articles/13000071394 I if anyone wants the link. I take it as they developed headphones costing 1k with our money instead of delivering the DAC;s we supposedly help design and ordered. Kind of a slap in the face in my opinion.
  12. erniejade

    AXPONA 2020

    I have gone for the past few years. I plan on going again this year.
  13. Just submitted mine along with a copy of the extra shipping bill even though I paid shipping in the campaign. Thanks everyone for helping with this.
  14. jsiegel funny you mention massdrop. I picked up their Rdac and it only took a few months. Granted it shouldn't be on the same level as the VI tube but, how would i know since i haven't heard the Vi tube.
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