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  1. awesome.. it was my first time on a audio show...loved it!!! Some Buena Vista Social Club music!!! B267B3DA-964C-41DA-A382-6BB947CB078B.mp4 B3E2535D-9D6E-4738-BF60-2EDAE69C7BF3.mp4
  2. awesome.. it was my first time on a audio show...love B267B3DA-964C-41DA-A382-6BB947CB078B.mp4
  3. For sure. I've had it almost 2 weeks now.... My references are Schiit Gungnir and NAD M51 dacs. The difference is huge, more detail, more space, tighter bass, soundstage is much wider now. But they way I see yggy is that you no longer listen to music, you become part of the music, remember in the movie Matrix, when Neo is on the street and everything is stopped except him and the other guy? Or in Swordfish movie when there is an explosion and little balls are flying in slow motion. That's kinda how I listen to music with the Yggy.. There is so much realism, all instruments playing at the same time and each having its own life and you can walk through it. Uhh the feeling is spectacular; but you better play good recorded music or good files, because those crappy recording you'll want to not hear it again. It brings out the life of those good recording and same with bad recordings. That's how I see it.. I don't know how a six figure dac sound but with Yggy i am more than happy.
  4. David!!! I feel a relieve, uhhh ... I've seen what you've said in HF forums ( which by the way i unsubscribed already, it became a joke) and you have big money equipment. When you compare Yggdrasil with top notch dac like msb and it get close to it. I think for the price it gets too close... So i made a good purchase and i am loving it every single moment i play music...
  5. Nice, i had the gungnir sold it next day yggy comes out, meanwhile a friend borrows his nad m51, yggy comes: gets into the system: is incredible, much better than gungnir and way better than m51! I have bluesound node, rogue audio perseus pre amp, and m180's monos... I was using the pre amp but i figure why not directly from the node... So now the node constrols the volume and is a step above everything... I've had my yggy since it came from the fedex truck 10 min laters and everyday gets better! Zero complaints..i'm not an expert and don't have fancy words in my vocabulary to describe the sound, but when i tell you is good, believe me...
  6. I don't think they have been introduced widely in the US yet... For us here in America the only way is through Sonos and Bose i believe.
  7. I can tell you from the SONOS point. When you buy you are given a special code to create a Deezer account, when I returned Sonos the account was already opened...then I added to the streaming on my Node...you can also buy BOSE qualified ( DEEZER ) equipment...The rest is history...
  8. I am thinking of bying the auralic streamer, but can you help me decide? I am currently using Blouesound node connect to Schiit Gungnir and Rogue Audio Persesus and monos m180's I know it will be a step up, but i don't know if the LE version or the Deluxe? Is it sonically one better than the other? You experts will tel me. I am a neophyte in this. Thank you for your time and knowledge.
  9. Part of my cd collections is from Cuban music, everything they do is an earcandy!! Kuddos to cuban music... Ruben Gonzalez, Frank Emilio Flyn, Cachao, Lucrecia, Chaonda, Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa, Celia Cruz, La Sonora Matancera, Perez Prado King of Mambo, and many others. It's does not matter where you from or what kind of music or taste you have but everytime you hear this music you'll jump out the couch. Trust me.
  10. So far it has been a pleasure reading all the comments left here, so far What I have gather is that we want a 1 TYPE off ALL-PLAYABLE-HI-RES-F file with the best sound, Streaming is on the talk and at the same time old stuff like tubes and vinyl still be present either in another 50 years.
  11. I was thinking the same, I think we are headed to the All-in one super high quality, And as I write this post, I just switched from Digital to analog with the same song. Dreams from Fleetwood Mac, and Man I have nothing against digital, all my cd's are in a NAS now but the difference is there! I don't know how to describe it.
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