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  1. I've processed five hundred albums so far, applying an eq curve to optimise for my Raal SR1a's. Very happy with the results in everything I've had a chance to listen to so far.
  2. Chris Thanks for that - excellent. As someone who does not frequent Canjams and such, I don't get to meet the personalities behind these brands. It's great to get some insight into the people behind the product - especially in this case as I share your enthusiasm for the SR1a. One of my very finest buying decisions in hifi. They seem like genuine, enthusastic music lovers putting their passion and skill to work for our benefit. So I appreciate the effort that went into producing this excellent podcast - great stuff.
  3. That's interesting - On my i7 9700k which has eight physical cores and no hyperthreading, PGGB defaults to 4 Workers (Auto).
  4. LowOrbit


    I still use WTFPlay, especially now with PGGB @16fs into Chord Dave. No issues playing 705/768k files, but the loading of the big files between each track limits use somewhat. Playing long tracks which PGGB splits into multiple files means interruption and general lack of gapless is much more noticeable. Sounds terrific though.
  5. To briefly add my experience with PGGB< ZB and EQ following from ASRMichael above: I bought a PGGB license last week, stuck some additional RAM into the PC I built last year for running HQPlayer (and VR). I garbleblasted some files and, having added an SRC-DX (thanks to Fourlegs for making that an easy thing to do here in the UK), I finally heard what others were reporting. So I whipped up an EQ file (I have been using HQP convolution to tweak my Raal SR1a 'phones for a year or so, homebrewed using rePhase to perform the necessary bass lift and smooth out the treble
  6. Chord MScaler - Black - UK View Classified I got my Chord Dave, Black, in April and added a matching MScaler a couple of weeks later. Mscaler now for sale - as new, all accessories & original packaging £2750 (plus paypal fees if incurred) UK only (Brexit makes international sales a nightmare) Seller LowOrbit Date 06/17/21 Price 3,600.00 USD
  7. Time Left: 11 days and 12 hours

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    I got my Chord Dave, Black, in April and added a matching MScaler a couple of weeks later. Mscaler now for sale - as new, all accessories & original packaging £2750 (plus paypal fees if incurred) UK only (Brexit makes international sales a nightmare)

    3,600.00 USD

  8. I've only used the trial version of AS sporadically but every session has ended with a crash or a hang - exactly as Mike describes. No graceful shutdown, no voluntary closing the app. V1.3 was the latest I have used, but gone back to v3.5 at least until they manage to sort these basic functional issues. I do think AS sounds good, I like R8Brain (been using it on and off in my own music projects for years) but there is too much peripheral nonsense (why can't I stop it analysing my music - I don't need that at all). I hope Damien remains more motivated to resolve issues
  9. I have been playing my handful of PGGB 32/705 tracks again this weekend having just taken delivery of an SRC.DX to feed my Mscaler/DAVE (and of course just DAVE). I found that WTFPlay works with these files without issue (Fred only claims 352/384 as the upper rate, but I guess the capabilities of the USB interface hold sway). Sound is - as always with WTF - exquisite. Enough to have me re-evaluating my initial thoughts re PGGB perhaps. ALso proved more reliable than Audirvana (3.5 or Studio trial) which is not happy with the SRC.DX driver - random failures to start pla
  10. Nice, clear write up, Mr Blackmore(c). I have two questions, if I may: 1. Which Innuos model do you have? 2. Is this new software a move further away from (what I understand) was originally a development of Logitech's venerable Media Server? I haven't any experience with the Innuos products, having preferred diy server building and experimentation with software in the past. But given the recent changes to Audirvana I might consider a change to my set up, especially if there are gains in music replay. Thanks Mark
  11. Good point. Going with the Free version would seem a little pointless.
  12. R8Brain was developed for pro studios, has always seemed to deliver high quality results and is a very mature product. I think incorporating this upsampling code was one of Damien's better decisions thus far in Studio.
  13. Yeah, restarted the machine, tried uninstalling and re-installing the app. I am sure it'll turn out to be teething troubles, Damien responded with a query earlier today, so hopefully it'll get looked at but I am sure they have their hands full today! Who launches product on a Sunday...?
  14. Hi Jud The issue is I cannot open Settings, cannot define a Library path or an output device. Clicking on the Settings Icon does nothing at all. I'll stick with Remote Desktop as the "old" Audirvana works (and so does HQP, JRiver et al). Thanks Mark
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the reply, but you misunderstood the query. I am refering to remote desktop connection (RDP) between windows machines, not the Audirvana app. Anyone tried this?
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