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  1. Well if people post rave reviews on popular audiophile websites, Chris, orders will be placed. Maybe you should have given Danny a heads up so he could get some more units on the shelf. As an aside the Jot R had been playing constantly more or less for a week now, and I am happy. Not as fancy as the PassLabs amps, but a good step forward from the Hypex Class D amps I was using with the interface box. Prompted me to do some work on my DSD "dac-less" source, and I am very happy with the system sound now.
  2. AKM 44XX dac chips can be configured so that when DSD input is detected, the data is sent directly to the output modulators. This removes internal dac decimation/upsampling/filtering from the reproduction of dsd, a purer options especially if you do DSD in software (e.g. HQPlayer etc).
  3. Holo Audio are distributed in US by Kitsune Hifi and in Europe by Magna Hifi. Wildism are the main stockist in SE Asia. I can't comment on relative performance of the May against those other r2r DAC's, but it seems like a very well engineered device.
  4. Yes - Raal will sell you a combo of SR1a and the Jotunheim R (I think rebranded as Raal FOS (Full of Schiit)). That way, if you have no intention of using speaker amps in the future, you don't buy the interface box. You can also buy with that, for flexibility should you anticipate that you might explore the limits of the earfield monitors over time. I can't comment yet on the Jotunheim R for performance, mine is shipping today.
  5. So nice to read a review where the reviewer reins in his enthusiasm and controls his response at the outset, to keep us all intrigued to see how the journey unfolds🤣 So you liked them, yeah? Great review Chris - I'd write more but I have to get back to my Raals. I keep almost buying the Jotunheim R, but they sound damned good on the Ncores. And anyone mentions the GBP4k Raal HS1a amp and I have to look away...
  6. LowOrbit

    HQ Player

    Thanks Jussi - I shall draft some new Impulses and have a play.
  7. LowOrbit

    HQ Player

    I've been leaning on the convolution feature of HQPlayer Desktop lately, and was wondering if there is an optimum impulse format? I have mostly redbook derived files, but increasingly downloads are in "higher res" formats. I have been creating impulses at 44.1khz and 24bit depth, and am happy with the results. I use rePhase to generate impulses and have the option to vary number of taps and other aspects of the generation process. Is there an advantage to going all Rob Watts on the tap length?
  8. If you need to offload some of that gear, I have space over here, Chris😉
  9. Peter Great report, and echoes my own experience this last week. I agree with Chris - soundstage opens up with a bit of flap fiddling. It never gets way out in front, but you do get a better depth of field. I don't find them bright either, very even through mids and up. I am into week two of my 14 day trial period. No other headphone will come close to these, but you could certainly by some great nearfield monitors for $4k...
  10. Yes, the bass (well the whole spectrum of course) is extremely agile. So little stored energy, I'd be interested in the relative mass of the ribbon vs planars or stats . As you said before, Chris, I think, the dynamics of the ribbons make it difficult to settle on a static "volume" level as these phones show up every variation within a track and between tracks. And that feeds through into the perceived level of the bass especially. Which exposes every other headphones as an averaging device, if that makes sense? I have experimented a little with the angle of the drivers, currently settled on maybe 30 degrees "open" as a compromise between bass weight and imaging scale. I feel I am beginning to get a handle on the presentation of these now, and they are showing themselves at least to be equal to my expectations. And my expectations were very high, given the impressions shared across the numerous forums.
  11. I am leaning on the convolution feature in HQPlayer this evening, having shaped an impulse to bring up the lower two octaves a few db. I may have overshot a little, Radioaxiom (Bill Laswell and Jah Wobble) is currently demonstrating that awesome bass is well with scope here. I will probably drop it back a db or so tomorrow, but for now it's rocking my world. All the fabulous qualities previously mentioned, now with a very hefty foundation.
  12. I have around six hours of listening on the SR1a now. My amp (NCore diy Monoblocks) is a little more humble than Chris is using, but certain traits are clear - a level of dynamics (micro and macro) that across planars, stats and dynamic headphones I've had the pleasure of owning or listening to extensively, is simply unprecedented. Tonality is lean, but richly varied. Strings are stringy, Bill Evans' piano rings with a rich harmonic and resonant truth that only fine speakers have previously portrayed, and drums thump and snap with realness. Bass is so clean and fast that it is the biggest challenge to acclimatise to. And of course, the resolution that easily lays out the delineation of instrumental parts is well documented. I have recently spent a lot of time with the Shure KSE1200 inears stats, and with Spinfit tips I have been very happy. The Raals are a radical departure, and I am still adjusting.
  13. Courier just dropped off mine on a stormy UK Friday afternoon. Weather is thankfully poor for the weekend. Guess what I'll be doing?😁
  14. Just to add to the point about 14 Day returns - Headphone Auditions in The Netherlands offer this trial/return option. They ship to you at their cost, you return at your cost. Stefan assures me no one has sent a pair back under the trial terms 😉
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