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  1. The card worked fine on my previous motherboard I don't know what an intermittent card means, besides translating the word intermittent (english is not my native language) Is this a known problem with usb cards?
  2. Hi, I need help with the installation of my Paul Pang V2.0 USB card on my MITAC PD10BI MT motherboard (similar to dn2800 mt) with a separate powersupply for the pc and the card. SSD and music files on an external usb harddrive. Running windows server 2016. The issue is that sometimes the card works and is recognized, sometimes it is not recognized and sometimes windows tells me there isn’t enough resources. I haven’t been able to find any pattern so far and it seems to happen randomly. If the usb card works it works fine. Any idea to what is going on and how to get the setup to recognize the card at each startup? Thank you. Jock
  3. Drop in replacement with a Intel Bay Trail J1900 Processor
  4. Thanks of all the advise. I found this one, don't think I can make it any easier http://client.mitac.com/products-embedded-board-PD10BI.html Same board with J1900
  5. Yes but I have this nice Keces powersupply that is 12V that I would like to use, Thanks
  6. Ok, than this board looks like the perfect replacement. Thanks for your help, i would have missed the 19v on the ASRock boards for sure Jock btw Nice speakers you have there
  7. Thank you Elberoth, The Gigabite looks interesting. I noticed that the clock speed is relatively low on the N3160 (1.6Ghz) compared to the 1.86Ghz of the DN2800. Will this be an issue/have an effect? Jock
  8. Would this be a good way to go? http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Q1900TM-ITX/
  9. Today my DN2800MT motherboard of my caps music pc has stopped working. What would currently be a good 'drop in' replacement, possibly a step up, nowadays? (Using a PPA usb V2 card and a separate external powersupply) Thank you, Jock
  10. Hi All, I am planning to built a nice audio pc for my dad much in line with the caps V3. As a power supply i use a Keces powersupply but that is a bit out of the budget for this built. I was thinking about powering the pc with a regular laptop powersupply, the music will be stored on an external esata hdd with it's own powersupply and powering a PPA usbV3 seperately with a battery power pack. Here are my questions: If I were to run the powerpack (for example https://www.adafruit.com/products/1565) under charge would that cause a ripple or any other negative effects? Would it be OK to keep the ppa card under continuous power while the rest of the audio pc will be switched on and of? Thank you, Jock
  11. Solved, my bad. Wasn't following the right procedure below (Thanks again Phil) 1. Switch to Core using ServiceTool, reboot 2. Run AO and say Yes to "Install Kernel-Streaming and MediaPlayer support" 3. Set JRiver as Shell using ServiceTool 4. Configure "Autologon" using ServiceTool (optional) 5. Reboot and enjoy
  12. Yes, I did it once again to be sure. In Gui Foobar works fine together with MonkeymoteHD In core after startup the screen is black and shows: In the 'box' ADministrator:c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe the following: c:\users\administrator> Then I tried to set the shell to foobar once more from core. This results in a full black screen with cursor. On the pics the running processes in core and after setting the shell to foobar again in core. Hope this provides usefull information Jock
  13. Hi Phil, I have been trying to get Foobar2000 to work in core mode (windows server 2012 R2) but once in core mode the Foobar shell will not show. Jock
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