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    I'm looking for some help setting up a Roon and HQplayer system. My setup is a Synology NAS with Roon Core installed and a desktop PC with an i7 9700k with USB output to a Topping D90/A90 stack. My plan is to have the Roon Core remain on the NAS and install HQPlayer on the PC. I would like to upsample to DSD 256 and use convolution for AutoEQ wav files for my headphones. I can install HQPlayer on either Windows 10 or macOS. Is one better than the other for my setup? Can HQPlayer output DSD 256 natively in macOS? Does it matter if it's native or DOP for the D90? AutoEQ has 44.1k and 48k stereo wav files for convolution. HQPlayer seems to require mono files. Will the stereo files work? If so, should I use 44.1k or 48k? Can you have more than one convolution setting in HQPlayer like the presets in Roon? Are these the correct/preferred settings to output DSD 256 to the D90 in macOS?
  2. I recently purchased an HQPlayer license and I would like to update the NAA installation in an Auraliti PK90. Does anyone know how I would go about doing that? Would I be able to do it in an SSH session? I've emailed Auraliti a few times recently, but I haven't received a response. If anyone reading this knows the SSH username and password for the Auraliti I would love a PM. Thanks.
  3. Chris- The meetup was a lot of fun. My wife already has her eye on the t-shirt for her next gym outfit, so kudos to you on the design aesthetic. I looked on the Roon forums and saw mention of openhome support and a roonspeaker install for the Raspberry Pi, so maybe I will be able to keep the laptop out of the system. The implementation does look very slick, and if it supported resolution rate switching with Devialet Air that alone might be worth the price of admission.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is of no use to those of us who use an Aries, Aurender, or other similar streaming device? I just got finished removing my PC from the system so as cool as this looks I'm not sure it's for me.
  5. With a little effort you can get Tidal working with the Raspberry Pi and Volumio. If you're using a NAS and install minimserver and bubbleupnp, you can use the Linn Kazoo app to access the Raspberry Pi and use your Tidal account. I'm currently using this setup to feed a Devialet from the Raspberry Pi. It sounds good, and I haven't put my Auraliti back into the system since I got it setup.
  6. Hi-res has always worked fine including 24/192. I don't know why it works now but I'm not going to mess with it.
  7. An update in case someone stumbles upon this. I think it was a audio buffer size issue. I changed the buffer from 64 to 96mb and the songs play all the way through now.
  8. I hope so too. So you don't have any problems with songs played from Kazoo on your iPad?
  9. I'm having a problem but I don't know what is causing it. I'm running Minimserver and BubbleUPNP on a Synology NAS to a Raspberry Pi 2 running Volumio, which is controlled by Linn Kazoo or the Lumin app. When I play Tidal with the Linn Kazoo app it starts fine but somewhere around 3.5 minutes into the song it skips to the next song. If the song is less than 3.5 minutes it plays to entire song just fine. I'm not sure what is causing. Anybody run into this before? Thanks.
  10. Please add me to the list of those attending. Thanks, Dave
  11. I would be in for a meet up too. Southern Pacific Brewing would be a good location in SF. It's within a 15 minute walk from the 16th St Bart station in the Mission. Parking is relatively easy nearby. They have plenty of tables and a balcony that is usually not too crowded on a Saturday afternoon. Southern Pacific Brewing Co
  12. No secret. I have a couple "complete studio collections" that have art embedded but it's not the album cover art. I used Picard to fix the metadata so that they display as albums instead of the entire collection, but I can't get rid of the art.
  13. I have some files with embedded art that I want to remove. I've tried a few apps (Picard, XLD, etc.) with no luck. I'm looking for something to use with a Mac. Thanks.
  14. Interesting. How did you contact them? I've tried to the website in the past but didn't get a response. I guess should have read all the posts before I replied. To be honest I'm more interested in them adding DLNA support and a more robust iOS app. There's no reason the Devialet can't operate the same as a Lumin. Also it would be great to have access to all the features on the iOS app. I would love to be able to adjust cartridge loading from the app.
  15. I've heard this too. I wonder if this true because Devialet is heavily marketing the SAM feature, which I use with success with Magico S1s, and I didn't think DSD allowed for DSP. Would the Devialet need to convert to PCM in that case? Looking forward to your review.
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