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  1. I moved the slider left to 1024 and played same piece of music. Unfortunately, problem does not go away. Well, I need to go to bed now. Have a hectic schedule starting early tomorrow. Thanks for all your suggestions though. I learn a lot although problems have not been solved.
  2. What do you mean by checking my message?
  3. I set the memory there to 21,000MB when the problems I mentioned happened
  4. How do I allocate memory to Audirvana. I have 24gb in my imac, but do not know how to allocate memory to Audirvana under the new OS Catalina
  5. Well, I just used HQPlayerDesktop3 and I have no problem playing upsampling to dsd at all.
  6. I tried playing with upsampling deactivated, the same problem persists!
  7. I play upsampling and did not have the problem before. I am using an iMac and play the music files from my hard discs, with files in 2 separate external hard discs.
  8. Recently, I have noticed that when I use Audirvana Plus 3.5 (latest version) to listen to music, some hissing and sputtering noises occur a few minutes into a piece of music. I change different DACs but the same annoying noises persist. I did the defragmentation of the database, rebuilt the indexes, and checked the database, but the problems persist. It is very frustrating. Can someone help me to solve this problem. Thanks.
  9. I have created a lot of smart playlists. I would like to edit the criteria that I set up for some of these playlists but could not find a way to do it. Can someone knowledgeable advise how I can do that? Thanks.
  10. Would like to thank RunHomeSlow again for his advice on the playlist 'Added Recently' and how to edit it and other playlists. I did not realize that the default 'Added recently' setting is 0 days. No wander I could not see any albums showing. Once I change 0 to 30 days, all the newly added albums of the last 30 days show up. Great! Learning something new everyday!
  11. Thanks RunHomeSlow for the advise on how to delete a playlist. I have two other questions/problems. 1. When I add albums to 3.5, I cannot see them in 'Added Recently'! Can anyone advise how to fix the problem. 2. I used to be able to 'Shift click' to select multiple albums and drag them to a playlist, but just cannot figure out how I can select mutiple albums listed consecutively to drag and drop into a playlist. Any suggestions that I can do that in 3.5 Thanks Ed
  12. Hi, fellow Audirvana users, I have a problem that I would need your advice. I have been an Audirvana user since its inception but have only upgrade from the 2 series to 3.5 in recent days. I like the sound quality and the new UI. I have also succeeded to transfer my database and playlists into the new application, but I have some problems with a number of playlists. One got really messed up. I could not find a way to delete and redo playlists in 3.5. Any advice on how best to address this problem would be much appreciated. Ed
  13. I fully agree that performance is of primary importance but recording sound does contribute to our enjoyment of the music. I also agree that recordings made b Channel Classics and reference Recordings are in general better in sound than Harmonia Mundi, particularly in orchestral recordings. I would also say that BIS also is excellent in its recordings. However, I must say I was very impressed both by the performance and recording of Faust's latest Bach Violin Concertos highly recommended by Musicophile, Semente, listen to the recording and be amazed.
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