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    Auralic Lightning DS app - won't index library?

    Thank you all for your replies! I'll try to convert some of the files and see if this helps :-) @John: that's a great explanation - thank you! It always puzzled me a bit why the BlueSound worked so much different, but now I know :-)
  2. kennethpilegaard

    Auralic Lightning DS app - won't index library?

    Thank you very much for the replies :-) The same happens when using Kinsky, so it may not be the Lightning DS app. The files are a mix of AIFF, MP4 and FLAC. The BlueSound app has no problem showing all the files correctly - although I do sometimes have to tag some files if they aren't. Browsing through my NAS it seems that the AIFF files is the problem, because the FLAC and MP4 files show up fine in Lightning DS. Could the AIFF files be the issue? And why is there no problem with the BlueSound app?
  3. Can anyone explain this to me? :-) I've got my music stored on a NAS and I'm using the BlueSound app to control my BlueSound Node - this works perfect. It loads the library with all the information - cover art, artist, track titles, etc. I am though considering upgrading to an Auralic Aries streamer to improve the sound quality, so I tried downloading the Lightning DS app, but when I choose my NAS it doesn't index all the music properly. Most of the music is just marked "unknown" and isn't organised at all - see the pictures. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. kennethpilegaard

    iMac or Mac Mini?

  5. kennethpilegaard

    iMac or Mac Mini?

    Thank you all for your very thorough answers! It's a big help I think I'll go with a Mac Mini SSD with 16GB's of ram. /Kenneth
  6. kennethpilegaard

    iMac or Mac Mini?

    Hi! I'm buying a new Mac for storing and playing my music collection through USB (DAC: PS Audio PWD). So far I've been using my 2010 MacBook Pro (4GB, 256GB HDD - running Amarra/iTunes), but now I want a Mac dedicated only to music. My question is this though: what should I choose - a new iMac (21,5", 8GB, 256GB SSD) or a new Mac Mini (8GB, 256GB SSD)? My only concern is the sound quality. Is there any difference? I hope you can help me