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  1. Hi Nemon, Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Hi Nenom, Where did you get this wonderful toroidal ? I never see something like it before. Regards, Alexandre.
  3. Hi Guys, I´m not really following this discussion, but are you using another 5v ac power instead the original one ? is it improve EITR sound ? Can you give some more details about it ? Thanks in advance, Alexandre .
  4. Thanks for your feedback, I already fixed.
  5. Hi, Where did you get this unique_id ? Thanks, Alexandre.
  6. Hi Guys, I just installed audiolinux as a Roonbridge and I can't see it in Roon Server, I was looking Audiolinux monitor / Audio Card Status and it's seems my card ( Audioquest Dragonfly ) has a Status = Stop, is it right ? also my PC is a Atom N2800 board, Don't know it it's even supported. Thanks, Alexandre.
  7. Hi Miska, Are these images available for us ? Thanks, Alexandre.
  8. Hi everyone, Is there any advantage using HQPlayer with Roon if you are not using upsampling ? Thanks in advance . Alexandre.
  9. Hi Guys, Where did you buy this HC-HPULN ? Thanks, Alexandre.
  10. Hi Guys, Where did you find these LT3045 ? I'm really interested in try one . Thanks, Alexandre.
  11. Hi Tboooe, I'm really interested in your test with power supplies, let us know.
  12. Hi Yashn, I did use this one Placid HD , in fact I did use two in paralel because Raspberry is a little power hungry, but I believe must be simple options somewhere ..
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