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  1. I'm running the IR with a Mac Mini and I had to reastablish my DAC as the default input. Before I did this, I would get dropped outs after several hours.
  2. Hi John, So, my Luxman DA-06 DAC does not have a ground pin input on the DAC side. I do use a Synergistic Research Grounding Block which has a ground wire from the earth outlet that connects to the grounding block. From the block an RCA wire creates a common try-star ground on the DAC's RCA input. The SR grounding block does create a much more organic feel with or without the IR. However, with both of the IR's I received, it did not eliminate the clicks. So, I am wondering if the SR grounding block does the same thing that an earth wire from an outlet to the DAC's chassis would do?
  3. So, let me get this straight. You need a computer with a USB 3.0 output and a USB 3.0 cable? How big of a sacrifice in sound quality will you get if you have USB 2.0 output and cables?
  4. Hi K,


    So, curiosity is killing me and I am on the verge of buying the Lush.  If you don't mind, I would like to hear more about tonality, air and sound stage width and depth.  I am waiting for the new IR to come out so will have to wait to see how it sounds before or after the IR.  Should I buy this cable?





  5. I find it interesting that the author of this positive review much prefers the ZenWave DC cable to the stock LPS1 cable. He found the stock cable to be bright and edgy in comparison. There is also the Sonore DC 4 cable to consider. Obviously, these cables are going to be system dependent. For example, my cabling is Synergistic Research and Cardas just doesn't seem to sound right in my system. I did try the Sonore hard adapter by Cardas and it imparted a hardness in the midrange even after full run in. So, if any of you have had the chance to compare these DC cables, including Uptone's Tri-Star Quad DC cable, please to give us your impressions.
  6. I am really curious if anyone has had a chance to try Alex's try-quad DC cable or any other upgraded DC cable. If so, please do share.
  7. Thanks for the comparison Tone Deaf. More organic is what I am looking for, and this is what I have experience with the original REGEN. I was using mine with a Bel Canto Reflink SPDIF converter and never noticed any improvement in sound staging, but the music was more relaxed with improved vocal timbres. If the IR improves on this, I will be a very happy customer.
  8. Just wondering if anyone can compare the tonality of the original REGEN to that of the IR.
  9. What exact improvements did you experience with these power supplies vs the original?
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