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  1. I have both and prefers Quboz over Tidal. Need Tidal(HiFi) for the family plan after I ripped the band aid off by quitting Apple Music.
  2. Not cool. Probably a 30 yr old guy living in his moms basement. Most likely harmless, but I would notify the authorities just to be on the safe side.
  3. I’m using both. Pulled my family off Apple Music for Tidal. Downgraded it to HiFi and I also have Quboz. Loving them both.
  4. Quick post. About 5 hours into my new Orchid with standard tube (Western Electric 396A 2C51 D Getter JW military en route). Very impressed so far. Was using an Oppo 105 as may DAC for my Roon prior. The complete sound stage seems to have changed. Almost like listening to a live performance if that makes sense. I by passed the Oppo DAC and connected it in the Orchid via CoAx and my CD’s never sounded better. I was initially concerned that my HiRes files might not sound as detailed. Nope all sound amazing. Definitely warmer and very natural. Will report back after burn in and again after new WE396 installed. Thanks again @TubeLover for all your help. Cheers.
  5. Thank you JC, Great write up. I'll probably order with the standard tube, then slowly start rolling. Although my OCD might get the best of me.
  6. Try to decide between the Canary or the OrchidLooking to replace my Oppo 105, that I’m using as a DAC. Not sure what model best suits my needs. Current system is Main zone: Marantz Sr 7005 into KEF LS50’s w/ SRS SubSecond zone GFA 550 amp using BIC ceiling and wall speakersRunning Roon/Nucleus via USB into the Oppo DACFYI this will be my first Tube experience. Will the Canary be enough of upgrade or do I need the Orchid to really notice a difference from the Oppo 105?
  7. Using a Oppo 105 as a DAC for my Roon/Nucleus setup. Thinking of upgrading to a new Gungnir. Do you think it’s enough of a upgrade? Or do I need to invest in a Yggy to really notice a difference?
  8. On the list. Unfortunately need a family plan. If I like Quboz better I’ll get the subscription for me and downgrade the Tidal plan to premium. Kids won’t know the difference. Lol.
  9. I made the move away from iTunes. I purchased a Roon Nucleus. I am temporarily using an attached HD to it and its working great. (might make leap and install a 2TB SSD in the Nucleus) I have ripped a few CD to my Mac and dragged them over to the Nucleus pretty easily. You could also attach a CD ripper directly to the Nucleus had it should rip it directly to your library. Oh and also switched from Apple music to Tidal. I guess mid life crisis. LOL
  10. Defiantly impressive. Unfortunately I dont have any multichannel files downloaded. Only physical media for that(DVD-A, SACD) etc
  11. Thanks all. Using USB and have had ZERO drops playing 192/24 files. . I think HDMI has way to many "handshake issues". Especially on my Oppo 105. Which is also connected to my Marantz SR7005.
  12. What are the advantages over using HDMI vs USB. Currently feeding my Oppo 105 into a Roon Nucleus. I've been getting some drops when playing 192/24 files via HDMI. 96/24 files are fine. Did not notice the same when using USB. What will I being missing out on if I switch back to USB? I really dont have many 192/24 albums.
  13. Thanks. Current system: Squeeze Box Touch connected to Oppo 105 via USB feed into Marantz 7005 AVR. Using second zone with Adcom GFA 550. If I upgrade my streaming I might consider attaching server to it.
  14. Looking to purchase a dedicated server to run Roon and dismount ny external HD from my iMac.Is there a significant advantage to using Nucleus or SonicTransporter vs a MacMini(with 16Gb of Ran and 2tb SSD I5 chip)? The Mini(used is a fraction of the price of the former.
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