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  1. Hi jglacken I own a DCS delius and I listened to in comparison to the Antelope Zodiac Gold. I use the delius with an DCS SACD transport. So there is clear audible difference throug the format DSD and the higher resolution. If i compare computer audio 24/96 both systems run on PCM conversion the difference gets smaller. I used both systems with my active Martin Logan Purity. My impression was that the output stage (pre amp) of the delius suits better to my active speakers than the resistor network based volume control of the Zodiac. I am interested in more comparison to the delius an
  2. Dear Ted I am pretty new to this forum, but read a lot good about your guide to PS3 - SACD ripping. I have a PS3 on its way. Please PM me your guide to ripping SACDs with the PS3. BR Matthias
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