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  1. I am selling my 3 uptone audio products. All are in excellent (like new) condition. I have the original boxes, materials, cords, etc for each item. All work perfectly, just making changes in my system and no longer need them. I’m the original owner. Can be sold individually or separate. If purchased all as one, I will offer a small discount. (the USPCB adaptor will be included with the ISO regen). LPS-1.2 - $370.00 (sold) ISO Regen - $270.00 Prices include ground shipping in the CONUS only. Paypal payment required. Thank you so much! Any question, please feel free to ask. Serious offers only please. Brandon
  2. I signed up in early march and am #34 in line as we speak! Its a little ridiculous if you ask me. They need to get their Schiit together!
  3. Thanks guys! Just trying to decide if I want to grab the Oppo or continue utilizing my Yamaha Cx-5000 as the preamp rather than my p7. Both are great units but I need to oppo to utlize the p7.
  4. Thanks Kal, much appreciated! ANy thoughts on how the two current oppos compare for the type of playback I am looking for (multi channel high res FLAC stuff)? Is the 205 a worthwhile upgrade? Thanks! Brandon
  5. What options do i have to output multi channel high res music (5.1 FLAC files) out of the oppos analog outputs? I want to utlize the multi channel capability of my parasound p7 preamp.I know the usb input only works in 2ch so thats out right!From reasearch, it looks like i can play them through the network (i use jriver), otherwise maybe a connected HD, or rip the files to a blank blu ray disc right?Any thoughts or suggestions?Ive got a ton of mukti channel tracks and i thought why not use the P7.Thanks,
  6. Cool! I can’t wait to get my Yggy upgraded and incorporate the ISO Regen and LPS to power it. I’m surprised so many still feel the regens help the USB5 Yggy.
  7. The AES input has me curious too. Let me know if you run across an affordable option(that’s also an improvement sonically).
  8. That is plan B for me if I’m not satisfied enough with the Yggy upgrades and uptone duo. The ultrarendu is intriguing to me;)
  9. Good to know! I’m glad I snagged the ISOregen and LPS-1.2 to power it. Now if Schiit would hurry up with the Upgrades.
  10. Great feedback! I will likely be trying the same configurations you did albeit with a LPS1.2 powering my ISO Regen instead of the LPS-1;). Just have to wait for my turn to upgrade my Yggy. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of improvement with the Regen and gen 5 usb that you noticed. cant wait to get my setup back up and running!
  11. Sold- For sale is a lightly used in mint condition Uptone UltraCap LPS-1. It came as a bundle with the ISO REGEN (which I am keeping). You will notice the original box has labels of both on it. The box will be included along with the Meanwell PS, other DC cable (not pictured), and manual. The unit works great! You will love it! Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Asking $299
  12. Good feedback gents. I’m afraid I’ll ask 10 more people and get 10 different opinions;). Perhaps for simplicity sake I should update the Yggy(as planned) and see how I like the USB input with my existing gear. If I feel I need to tweak, then I will definitely be trying the SU-1 or similar for AES/XLR output into the Yggy. Im also curious about a few other scenarios such as will the ISO Regen powered by LPS-1.2 give any benefits post Gen 5 upgrade, and secondly, maybe trying the Ultrarendu.
  13. So what’s the consensus on best sound quality for the Yggy: 1 - using one of the above DDC converters to output AES into yggy 2- or update the Yggy to gen 5 USB and use this input with my Uptone ISO Regen powered by LPS-1.2 (I will upgrade to the analog 2 boards either way) thanks!
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