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  1. @Ryan BerryI've no doubt it will be worth the wait. I gather it won't be in June the module will be ready to ship out. Not to push anything - I'm in no way in a hurry - but any idea when it will become available? This summer, or not before fall? 🍻 Cheers, (in this case with a local IPA) Marc
  2. I'm not sure. As far as I know they're finalizing the software, and the module will become available in June. I hope so, at least, I've ordered one. Very curious what it will do to the SQ of the QX-5, of course, but also what kind of impact my PhoenixUSB still will (or will not) have.
  3. @Ryan Berry Ariel mentioned the core improvements and characteristics of the new USB Module in the video, could you perhaps share more specifics? Thanks! Marc
  4. Thanks Rickca! So it's not really out of the ordinary. Good to know. I'll ask him as soon as I have a definitive shoppinglist. Back to the topic of this thread, sorry for the interruption!
  5. I'm looking into a ITX based server, thought I'd start at HDPlex because of the good feedback I read here at AS. But ... there's not much available at HDPlex, most products are sold out. Did the Hong Kong troubles get the best of HDPlex? I hope not... Who can shed a quick light on this? Don't want to go OT too much...
  6. Nothing fancy, but I use an Asus SBC-06D2X-U. It works for me. The article Chris wrote is about 8 years old. Check 'articles', in 'search' and search for 'DVD Audio Extractor'. It'll pop up. Good luck.
  7. Not that important anymore, but I promised to return to my findings, because I mixed up A:B-W & Y-R, B:B-W and A:B-W & Y-R, B:B-W-R back in April. I tried them both (again) to compare them. In short, there weren't much differences between the two, regarding the impact for my ears and tinnitus. I've been using A:B-R & W-Y B:B-R on both cables for some time now, from the MicroRendu to the ISO-Regen, and from the IR to the QX-5 Twenty. Very pleasant and best so far, SQ-wise, this config also has some impact on my tinnitus, but less so. I'll try the latest
  8. Hi Peter, Hard to say if low HF output will help. Before your Lush^2 I used a Curious, which is a bit brash compared to the Lush-cables, but that wasn't a problem. My guess is my ears can't stand *extra* HF energy in a particular bandwith. So it's trial and error. The default isn't giving me problems, but is not wholly satisfying SQ wise. It sure enough would be nice to drive up to your place again and do some experimenting, but I need to take into account in my room, my equipment etc. And it takes awhile before I can determine what the cable does. Then again, I'm not sure what means
  9. Wow. 🤔I'll have to! Thanks for pointing that out d_elm. I definitly got some Lush wires crossed here.😉 I'll dive in as soon as I've time. Cheers!
  10. Since mid-February I’ve been using A: B-W & Y-R, B: B-W-R, based on the recommendation of @AmusedToD. It’s been dubbed PNF by now. Compared to A: B-W-R B: B-W I used before, A: B-W & Y-R, B: B-W-R brought a wider soundstage, cleaner highs, more detail and a much tighter and better defined bass. Really, really good, I think, of course with my setup, room, preferences etc. There is a definite downside to A: B-W & Y-R, B: B-W-R, though. It has been reported before, it seems to add a spike of treble energy. I guess that same energy is the reason why it sounds dynamic, of m
  11. Then again, a jumper (in audio) makes a connection, that's not what it does.🙂
  12. Indeed, black tabs, that's a better description, thanks @kurb1980 And any doubt about what they are doing is taken away, thanks @PeterSt and @Tims Cheers
  13. Yep. Thanks @PeterSt So far so good. But what does the 'U-shaped thingy' do? Make a connection, or not? The & is that thingy, right?
  14. Common mistake 😉 @PeterStBut technically, whats exactly the difference between these two: A: B-W & Y-R; B: B-W-R versus A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R. I lost track of what the & does. The '&' means the U-shaped thingy is used, right? Does it make a connection or does it 'just' secure the pins of the 6-pronged connector, to make sure they don't involuntarily touch each other? Thanks! I like what A: B-W-R B: B-W is doing. More balanced compared to A: B-W-Y-R, B: B-W-R. The ultra wide soundstage of A: B-W-Y B: B-W is gone of course, but soundstage depth
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