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  1. Sorry for not getting back to this thread for a while. It turned out, the Aurender's auto DSF extractor did a decent job completing artists/ albums/ songs information. However, most albums still needed further work (cover/full detailed metadata). I found that MusicBrainz did a great job completing missing album information. I just opened the program, adding the folder containing any given album (stored on my Aurender), and then just clicked "scan" and the program would fetch necessary album info for me. Once satisfied, I can just click "saved" and the information would be updated.
  2. I think I found the answer to my own question. I accidentally loaded the ISO file into the machine and scanned, and it seemed the machine is so smart it extracted the DSF files out of the ISO image and deleted the ISO image for me, for all ISO files I loaded. I guess I no longer need help now, but dont know how/if I can delete this thread... feel like a fool posting this question.
  3. At the moment, it seems MusicBrainz Picard fits the bill. It's not fully automated but does a lot of weight lifting for me. Any other options?
  4. I made a switch from MBP+Audirvana to a dedicated transporter/streamer (Aurender), and as the Aurender does not support SACD ISO (no one does actually), I had to convert the ISO into DSF. I know that iso2dsd (Java) can do this and I tried it with great success. However, when it comes to tagging (artist/album/cover/genres/etc) it took a lot of time as this needs to be manual, and given the number of albums I have, it takes forever. Is there any program (can be paid or free) to help with the followings: - Scanning and adding metadata based on album to each and every song in a gi
  5. I've just replaced my MBP mid-2012 that I used as a transport for a long time, by a dedicated transport, and for the first time, I can feed DSD 256 (natively) to QB9 Twenty. Improvement over the MBP is not minor at all. This should last me while... until the next big upgrade (not in foreseeable future given this economy).
  6. Like he said... this setting should allow Dac to recognize and playback DSD without problem... but maximum bitrate is DSD 128 due to limitation of DoP requiring doubling PCM bit rate to deliver DSD. If you play anything higher than DSD128, DAC will go into PCM352 mode then I dont know how it affects SQ as I have no way to test it against native DSD.
  7. At 640-ish hours mark here (I left it on all the time since I got it... except for short power off to change fuse)... Now I think it's better with details / textures and speed as expected... but to be frank, I can't tell to which extent it is better comparing with the DSD version, as I have replaced LCD-X with Utopia and Empyrean. Anyway... with the Utopia, the harshness seems to reduce now comparing with the first day I got it back from upgrade (but not completely flawless given the nature of the headphones that has 6Khz peak). Well... back to the topic, I plan to run it for 4-5 m
  8. After I tried the Purifier, I cant say that I notice any difference. Frankly, I can easily notice changes (for better or worse) swapping AC cable or fuse but not this USB filter.
  9. Yes I know but I cant find Micro/Nano iUSB3 anywhere in Thailand. If I can see improvement with Purifier, I plan to go with this, which seems to be a real deal (have to wait till end of Jan though for the power supply to be available).
  10. Thanks for this informative post. Also thanks beetlemania for raising this. I’ve always want to try this stuff. It seems ifi Micro/Nano iUSB3 is hard to find here, but I can find a good deal for ifi Purifier3 (cheapest model). Will try it and if the result is good, I may go big and buy isoRegen + Power Supply!
  11. I have a modest setup consisting a MBP > Audirvana > Ayre > V281 > Utopia/LCDX In relation to source no change has been made to my MBP or any programs... even Audirvana version remains the same. Based on you guys’ comments, I should re-evaluate to see where the issue lies.
  12. Given that Ayre's HQ is located halfway across the globe from Thailand, the turn around time may be months and shipping cost/import duty may be substantial. I think Ayre authorized the distributor to perform this upgrade as it's relatively simple upgrade (replacement of almost everything). The dip switch was the first area i observed and yes "listen" it is... have yet to try "measure" though.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I also have no idea why I found this "Twenty" version inferior to the DSD version. This is not in line with everything I learned about this upgrade. Is it possible (although very unlikely) that the distributor did a botchy work resulting in subpar performance? In any case, will give it more time before I draw my final conclusion.
  14. From what I know, now QB9 line is discontinued so you cannot by any QB9 unit "brand new", but you can always bring in your current unit (already owned or bought 2nd hand) for the upgrade. As confirmed by Ryan in this thread, this upgrade plan will be available for the time being, and in foreseeable future. Now my unit has around 240 Hrs on it, and to be frank, I still like my previous, well broken in "DSD" version better. Will still keep feeding music to it and hope that it will transform in 300-400 or 500 hour mark... into something I like more.
  15. Just got my DAC upgraded to Twenty version. A bit late to the game and the unit only has around 50Hrs on it. Currently using it with my small headphone setup. Comparing with the old DSD version, at this mark I can observe improvement in details and instrument separation, but high is still a bit harsh to my ears. For those who upgraded their units before me (e.g. CG or beetlemania), how long does it take till you feel the unit stabilized, and do you see any improvement in high frequency (less harsh and more define)? Now I'm feeding it mainly with Purist Audio Burn In Dis
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