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    Article: McIntosh MS500 Music Streamer Review

    How can you write a review that 1) does not mention the price and 2) appears to highlight the non bit perfect digital out but fail to explain what or how the digital is modified. The redt is is well written and enjoyable ....just some constructive criticisms
  2. Toolonginexile

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Forgive the idiot question...but im using version, can i play tidal with it or do i have to get a paid upgrade to the current version?
  3. Toolonginexile

    Bluesound Node 2

    kind of a cross post to the aries mini thread, but im debating between the two. Given the recent software updates I would be interested to hear any thoughts on the sound of the Node using Tidal MQA. BS appears to be marketing the node as having built in "MQA decoding" Dontknow if that means a MQA dac ala meridian and mytek. So leaving aside the issue of whether MQA is a lossy format-- id be curious to know the thoughts of anyone listening to node>tidal>MQA......thanks
  4. Toolonginexile

    Auralic Aries Mini

    sorry to hear you are having problems...if you get it straightened out I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the sound of the Node using Tidal MQA. The nodes is marketing as having built in MQA decoding--so leaving aside whether this is a lossy format-- id be curious to know if you hear anything in that regard....thanks
  5. i have to throw my hat is this ring and say either I'm doing something terrible wrong-or CCA>DAC in my system provides very subpar sound vs. Ipad>camera CC>dac
  6. i wonder if this is why i was slack jawed at how bad the quality of sound is was getting when trying a cc audio to my DAC to main system....how do you confirm what quality you are streaming when using the CC Audio?
  7. So for the newbies out there....is there any benefit to the remaster if you are NOT using an MQA dac (myteck/meridian/roon) or a DAC that resolves over 16/44?
  8. So folks, newbie here so please excuse if this is the wrong sub-form to post (and moderator feel free to move). I have a rather specific but subjective question I recently moved my main system up to a mid sized office loft. For source I currently use and iphone>IFI DSD for streaming tidal and some local play. The sound from this source, is remarkably good-which i probably attribute to the battery operation of the IFI and the stellar dac for the price installed. Anyway, I use the ifi in other parts of my house, mostly as an amp/dac source for headphone listening and im getting tired of plugging it in and out and worrying if the battery is charged with either the phone of ifi. If i want a more permanent solution, what will it take to equal or best this as a source? If tried the chrome cast audio into my schidt modi and while decent does not come close. I do not have another dac around...So how much a a spend will i need to best this set up? Will an aries mini get me there? Or will one have to step up to the next level aurliac/aurender/lumin or spring for say a ps audio dac with streamer? Any thoughts on the new Elac discovery (plus doc) as a easy to use midcost solution? Thanks in advance for any assistance....
  9. Toolonginexile

    Article: Basic Bit Perfect Testing Of The $35 Chromecast Audio

    great review THANKS!. I had put aside my device while waiting for the update as well. A couple of questions. 1) How do you get to the settings page you provided in order to ensure you have the latest firmware? My settings looks nothing like yours. I only get a list with google apps feed back, privacy etc. There is a version listed as 1.136812, But there is no other page..... 2) Re Plex Wasnt there some talk that plex automatically down rez's files ? How can you ensure plex is playing back uncompressed? I have high hopes for this thing hooked up to a dac but as you mentioned it will not be ready for prime time UNTIL THE FOLKS AT TIDAL get on board.
  10. kal. Thanks for the reply. My post was worded poorly. I should have said can I attach the Nas to the MOCA EXtender rather then attaching it to the main router Will that allow full access to the Nas over my full network
  11. Can i ask a stupid question which is somewhat related but dont want i hijack. If so moderator feel free to move or let me know and ill re-post. I run Verizon Fios in my home. The router is in my main room which has too much going on. The fios system also has a separate box in the basement (not a cable box) Its a "Verizon FiOS WiFi Extender WCB3000N" which runs on moca. https://www.verizon.com/home/fios-accessories/fios-network-extender/ If i buy a nas can i run it off of the extender in the basement?
  12. Toolonginexile

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Is the mini in stock anywhere in the USA. Or were they sold out on pre-order....im annoyed auralic raised the price but im curious to try a "turn key" streamer without investing a whole lot
  13. Toolonginexile

    Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Has there been any recent changes/developments on this issue? Im trying to nail down a front end source, but really want tidal functionality.....
  14. Toolonginexile

    Auralic Aries Mini

    Is the mini available in the US yet? Is tweek geek the only outlet thus far?
  15. Toolonginexile

    ELAC Surprise At RMAF

    Anyone have any idea when the Elac streamer is slated to be available? Jan 2016? This looks like interesting competition to the Aurelic mini- unless im missing something...