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  1. Re: Chord Poly. You seem quite knowledgeable re the Poly. I am a new owner and have a few questions. May I contact you?





    1. Patrick Cleasby
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      Hi, So sorry I never saw your reply. I think I got the Poly issues sorted out but if I need any advice/support I will contact you. Your offer to help is much appreciated. 


  2. It depends if the download master is the same as the CD. Start with choosing a 16/44.1 version. I have seen examples when the resultant folder exactly matches the CD album, (Using "folder as album" in XLD - sorry, Mac!), right down to the AccurateRip check still working. If this doesn't work (barring the edge case of a few CDs still having pre-gaps, the sample value of which will be unknown to you), you simply have proof that it ISN'T the same as the CD. Go, on, give it a go...
  3. The placeholder for the album (which is flagged as hi-res) on Qobuz contains the teaser tracks (I refuse to call them singles), as 24/96 so we seem all set for tomorrow.
  4. A search on here reminded me you need to decrypt the image first using MakeMKV. (Basically set it to extract an ISO with the decrypt option ticked - you'll need 25GB of space to do this)
  5. You need DVD Audio Extractor for Mac. You'll be entering your own metadata. Works fine. Have fun.
  6. Yeah effectively that - I never wrote it up, but I used to do exactly that. Just your own library, Qobuz, Tidal from one control point. The main advantage would be cutting wireless out of the frame (my servers are near my router), except for control. So more stability for hi-res streaming really. The advantages of OpenHome would be as claimed on the OpenHome wiki: http://wiki.openhome.org/wiki/OhMedia
  7. It works (most effectively in my experience), by optionally making the node an OpenHome renderer when running Bubble UPnP server. This also has the joy that a free OpenHome control client (like Linn Kazoo or Lumin) works brilliantly for iPad-type control. What I did pre-Roon.
  8. The key intermediary now is the digital fulfillment provider (the orchard etc.)
  9. Not true, I know plenty of young London jazz acts who are on all the services without being signed to a publisher. Own label often too.
  10. On the other hand if you're at all into old school-type discrete surround a la DVD-A/SACD this could be a godsend. I mentioned to Qobuz that if they did integrate with HEOS (interesting why that didn't happen BTW), how would their (small) 5.1 catalogue behave? Now we have a question as to what this Atmos material will do on Denon and Marantz AVRs via HEOS. We have Blu Rays of INXS Kick, and R.E.M Automatic For the People with Atmos mixes on them so material is there already - in fact if you search Dolby Atmos in Amazon HD the latter is one of only three things that come up. Presents like 2.0 24/96 though. Can't wait to get home later and run it through HEOS. I think streaming Hi-Res surround is something Qobuz should have gone further with but maybe you need Amazon scale and power to pull this off. Maybe it's the usual white elephant. Attach the term 3D to anything and it's over...
  11. Yes, the theory would be any of the the Universal series which say source = original 1630 (umatic), ie. CD master, would be totally bogus in this format.
  12. This was an issue 15 years ago (Although Al Schmitt was tracking 24/96 then). Not so much these days
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