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  1. Yes, the theory would be any of the the Universal series which say source = original 1630 (umatic), ie. CD master, would be totally bogus in this format.
  2. This was an issue 15 years ago (Although Al Schmitt was tracking 24/96 then). Not so much these days
  3. If you're on Mac Desktop a version update has just dropped. It should prompt you and restart itself. Version say, but I swear it did yesterday too.
  4. This about says it all... Matt Bartlett Sponsor: Chord Electronics Joined: Oct 27, 2017 Location: Maidstone Posts: 646 Likes: 592 Well as I only found out about this new Amazon music service yesterday we will have to take a look and see what information we can get to see whether there is an option for third party apps. Unfortunately at the moment Amazon don't seem to have a developers program like Tidal and Qobuz have.
  5. If Qobuz get those 24 bit Zappas online I'm theirs for life...
  6. Oh I know they do. Including Qobuz... Just don't get Mark Waldrep on the subject...
  7. Yes I'm talking about the digital version of the anniversary set which was MQA CD. Next one is reputed to be too.
  8. My Waiting For The Sun showed up as Ultra HD. That's a prime suspect. And of course Fairytales
  9. Or if you buy annually at 10.825/m nearly equaling lossy services..
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