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  1. Scriabin being one of my favourites, please let me know how Trifonov did. Thank you very much, Dieter
  2. A wonderful box set (also on Qobuz) from a much underrated group:
  3. Not giving up:-) Amazon sells a CD, that looks very much like what Qobuz offers. Seems like an extended version of the original LP: https://www.amazon.co.jp/Illusions-Double-Dimple-Triumvirat/dp/B007MV8458/ref=tmm_acd_title_2?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1576466902&sr=8-1
  4. You can find this on Qobuz: https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/illusions-on-a-double-dimple-triumvirat/0724353516253 And thank you for reminding me of that treasure.
  5. A new name for me: Schaghajegh Nosrati 24/94 from Qobuz
  6. A slightly different Keith Jarrett. Download from Qobuz:
  7. I like what I got. I do appreciate the new Radio "function", which allows me to add the stations I was listening to through TuneIn very easily; all in one place now, great!
  8. My favourite Swedish national is back after 4 years of drought:
  9. On a much more mundane level: when I signed up, I was directed to the German website. I then changed my location to Japan where I actually sit, and signed up for "Unlimited". Signing in to Amazon Musicagain sent me back to the German site; logging into Amazon Music through BluOs (my main reason for trying) sent me back to the German site, which continued to recommend to subscribe to "Unlimited". As a result, I cancelled my subscription on the Japanese site and will stick to Qobuz, which - aside from all its quirks - just works.
  10. Good to know (as well as surprising). I really love the sound I get from my Isine 10s. But apparently more expensive does not equal better sound. Thank you!
  11. Might need some getting used to, but I really love these two: Even when they cover Leonard Cohen
  12. Beautiful new release: Martin Tingvall - The Rocket (Qobuz download):
  13. I happen to be in the same camp as @tobes. I recently switched to Roon, the main reason being the purchase of a Bluesound Node2i (I couldn't be happier!) But, unfortunately, after the upgrade to 3.5, I no longer know how to do things in A+. And I do not want to spend too much time to figure out how to use a pencil (that is why I went for Mac many, many moons ago). So, for me, Roon it is.
  14. Another once in a life-time album, this time The Hooters. Sports the version of "500 Miles" I love the most:
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