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  1. tboooe

    HQ Player

    @Miska so I went back to my original configuration of running Roon on the same PC as HQP and streaming music via wifi from the NAS. This the setup I've been running for years now without any problems. HQP4 worked fine and I didnt have dropouts. Seems the issue is with Roon running on my NAS. I have posted on the Roon website to see if I can get some help.
  2. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I've had this setup for years now and never had a drop out with HQP3. I will test as you suggested and report back.
  3. tboooe

    HQ Player

    @Miska Yes you are right. I am sending music from Roon running on my Qnap NAS TS-473. It's odd that I dont have this issue with HQP3 though.
  4. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I just did a test using HQP3 on the same pc, same settings (SDM 44.1x128, ext2, ASDM7), same music via wireless N and it played music for 2 hours straight with no issues. There seems to be something unique about HQP4 converting to SDM that is causing this problem for me that was not present with HQP3. HQP4 playing PCM seems to be ok.
  5. tboooe

    HQ Player

    @Miska the playback source is wireless from my NAS. I've had this setup now for years using HQP3 with no problems. Here is a portion of the log right after the playback stopped. BTW, before this I was able to play music for over 45 mins without any issues 2019/09/21 15:41:20 Initialization complete, starting audio engine + 2019/09/21 15:41:20 Network engine starting... 2019/09/21 15:41:20 Network SDM streaming + 2019/09/21 15:41:21 Network engine started at: 5644800 2019/09/21 15:41:21 Teams: 1 2019/09/21 15:41:21 Parallel threads: 4 2019/09/21 15:41:21 Nested parallelism: 4 2019/09/21 15:41:21 Parallel pipelines: 2 2019/09/21 15:41:22 Offload: resampler=disabled convolution=disabled ! 2019/09/21 15:48:20 clHQPlayerEngine::Execute(): clStreamReaderHTTP::Read(): read timeout 2 2019/09/21 15:48:20 Stop request (reset) & 2019/09/21 15:48:20 Stop... - 2019/09/21 15:48:20 Network engine stopping... - 2019/09/21 15:48:22 Network engine stopped - 2019/09/21 15:48:22 Playback engine stopped & 2019/09/21 15:48:22 ...stopped 2019/09/21 15:48:22 Set volume: -3
  6. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Ever since upgrading to version 4.1.1, HQP will stop playing music for no reason. It usually happens between 5-20 mins after I start playing music. I've tried using the same settings I've been using in HQP version 3.25.2 but this stoppage still happens. HQP3 will play fine on the same PC though. Any ideas?
  7. I apologize for the late reply. I just saw this post. When you run the command ipconfig on both HQP and NAA pc do you see an IPV6 address?
  8. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I was really excited when I first tried the newest version of HQP because my little i7-6700 was able to do DSD256 + ext2 + EC. This excitement lasted about 1 min then I started to get stuttering, drop outs, static, etc. I tried changing the Multicore DSP setting but it didnt help. I am not sure why everything worked for about 1 min but I havent been able to repeat this success since.
  9. You are going to have to hack the inf file or buy a separate NIC that has Server drivers (like I did). Check out this link for example. https://blog.workinghardinit.work/2017/06/19/installing-intel-i211-i217v-i218v-i219v-drivers-windows-server-2016-eufi-boot/
  10. On my i7-6700 playing redbook, I noticed CPU utilization went down a bit when I unchecked the Multicore DSP option.
  11. Definitely! My passively cooled cpu is hitting about 150F!! My next build will be using one of those massive Noctua NH-D15 cooling fans.
  12. Thank you for letting me know the i7-9700k will do the job. I am now re-thinking the RTX2080 though. I am only doing 2 channel convolution so I am wondering if I can get away with a less powerful GPU. I dont have any experience with GPUs so any input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I finally got around to upgrading to HQP4 today. I have an i7-6700 (not K) and I also use HQP for 2 channel convolution. After some fiddling around, I determined that the 6700 can only do DSD128 and poly-sinc-ext2 using the new ASDM5/7EC modulator. Even after listening for only a few songs I have to say the hype surrounding these new EC modulators is justified! Needless to say I am going to have to accelerate my plans to upgrade my audio pc to something more powerful. I am thinking an i7-9700K + RTX2080 should do that trick. Whats interesting is that the cpu utilization varies from 1% to 99%. The cpu utilization graph has a very consistent sawtooth pattern with alternating peaks and valleys.
  14. Thank you for the reply. I am comfortable with Raid 5 since I will have 2 separate backups of the Qnap nas.
  15. Hi guys, I am finally making the upgrade from an old Thecus to a QNAP nas. When setting up the QNAP I am able to create static, thick, or thin volumes. While I understand the differences conceptually, I am not sure which would be best in my situation. This nas will be used in my home primarily as storage for my music, photos, movies, etc. I am the only one that regularly streams music from it. My intention is to set it up as a RAID 5. In my case (single user, mainly music streaming) wouldn't a static volume make the most sense? I am not interested in using the QNAP snapshot feature since I will be backing up this nas with another nas. Any advice would be appreciated.
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