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  1. dumb question...what is the purpose of a pre-regulator? I was a bit confused by this option on the ordering page.
  2. Interesting. May I ask which one you are using? Also,. in order to get 12V I assume you are outputting 19V from the HDPlex.
  3. Last night I tested one of the adjustable outputs of my new HDPLEX at 12v with my end point which is just an i3 based mini PC. I was previously using my HDPLEX 400W lps to power the end point. The difference using the 200W lps was subtle but immediately noticeable. To my ears, the background got a bit more black and quiet allowing me to hear more nuance and detail. The music sounded a bit more organic and natural. Today I will use the other adjustable output to power my switch. The other test I want to do is compare this lps against the Uptone LPS1.2 powering my Singxer SU-1 and USB Regen. Has anyone else compared the HDPLEX 200W against the Uptone LPS1.2?
  4. Just got my unit today. I ordered in January and have been assured by Larry that it includes all the updates that have been previously discussed. I already have the 400W ATX that I use to power my server. This 200w unit will power my end point, wireless bridge, switch, and 2 LPS1.2. I'll report back later tonight with my initial impressions.
  5. I first heard of Alex back around 2002 when he was doing crazy modder things with Esoteric transports and DAC which a the time were already considered over the top. I always admired his technical prowess though as @ted_b pointed out his products dont come cheap.
  6. Depending on what filter you use, the i7-6700 will handle DSD512 just fine. I have the same CPU in a fanless case and I also have the Hold Spring L3 DAC. I use the ext2 filter and the only issue I have is when I try to convert DSD64 or 128 to 512. The other issue is that the CPU load is 60-70% and the temp gets up to 70c. I am going to upgrade to a i7-9700k CPU in an actively cooled case. The Mobo I chose is the Aorus z390 pro.
  7. Larry said this batch will also have the the changes to the transformer and additional heatsinks for the rectifier too. Hopefully mine wont smoke!
  8. I have purchased 2 different power supplies from HDPlex without any issue and I am waiting for my 200w version that was supposed to be ready by end of Feb. Larry told me this batch will include the ELNA caps. I am going to ask if the hanges to the transformer as described above will also be included. I will everyone posted.
  9. tboooe

    HQ Player

    NAA is required if you want to use another PC as an endpoint instead of the microRendu.
  10. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Thank you! Though to be frank I have no idea what anything you wrote means in terms of impact on sound. I guess I need to read up more on filters...😀
  11. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I've been comparing my two favorite filters, ext2 and xtr-mp. To me, ext2 sounds more clear, more crisp while xtr-mp sounds more smooth and mellow in comparison. The best analogy I have is ext2 is like a very good solid state system and xtr-mp is like a having a tube pre-amp. Can anyone please explain the technical differences between these two filters? I'm trying to understand the reason why I am hearing what I do.
  12. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I thought Holo is R2R for DSD as well???
  13. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Am I reading this right..for Holo Spring set DAC Bits in HQP to 20?
  14. So you are now storing your music on an external 2.5" HDD connected to your PC via USB? That's it? Nothing extra in between like fancy usb cable or decrapifiers?
  15. Interesting...which make and model external HDD are you using? I wonder how it compares against internal/external SSD?
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