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  1. tboooe

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    Thank you. I know about Displays, just thought Chris was referring to something else like just sending the lyrics.
  2. tboooe

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    @The Computer AudiophileHow do you send lyrics to a Google Home Hub?
  3. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    I also just placed the identical order. I already down the HDPlex 400W ATX linear power supply that I will continue to use with my server. The 400W lps has good noise characteristics at 2-3mv ripple. I plan on using the high quality variable output of the 200W lps for my switch and NAA pc. I will use the fixed 12V output for my wireless bridge and possible to energize the the LPS1-2 I also have.
  4. Interesting. So in your opinion does DSD256 sound better with this specific DAC than DSD512?
  5. Ok, so there is no benefit to going through the 5th jack more than once. One pass through it it's b enough.
  6. So based on this explanation for people like me that's uses HQP with an NAA, the best configuration to take advantage of the 5th jack nose blocking is: Connect router/switch to any of the 4 jacks Connect 5th jack to HQP PC Connect NAA to any of the 4 jacks This way, date coming from the router/switch to the HQP PC and upsampled music from the HQP PC to the NAA willl get noise blocking. Did I get that right?
  7. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    Thank you. I see 4 pairs of wires from the transformer going to 4 bridge rectifiers. Does that mean there are 4 independent rails?
  8. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    I have the 400w ATX and would be happy to open it up to take pics for someone smarter in electronics to see if they can figure this out. I did attach 2 pics I just took. The first one shows the various voltages (35, 20, 15, 10) on the pcb. The second pics shows each pair of wires from the pcb and transformer going into separate blocks.
  9. @Superdad question regarding the charging supply for the LPS-1.2. I understand there is a strict requirement for 36W. Right now, i am powering both an LPS-1 and LPS-1.2 from a single 9V output from my HDPlex 400W DC ATX power supply. According to the HDPlex website the 9V output is only capable of 3A or 27W total, so assuming that spec is accurate I have a few questions: Is it possible for the LPS-1.2 to be powered at this lower wattage? I assume I able to because I am powering my 5V SU-1 with it. Is this correct? If so, is there any potential to damage the LPS-1.2 by powering it at this lower wattage? Is the 36W requirements only if we are using the LPS-1.2 to power something at 9 or 12V?
  10. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    I have the HDPlex 400w DC ATX powering my music server (Roon and HQPlayer), NAA, LPS-1, LPS-1.2, Wireless Bridge, and Switch. I was thinking about getting another LPS-1.2 to power my NAA PC or this new HDPlex 200W unit. If I get the HDPlex then I can also use it to power my Switch, Wireless Bridge, and LPS-1 units, so that I can use the 400W unit just for the music server. My ultimate question though is which option would potentially sound better. Option 1 - get LPS-1.2 to power NAA, keep Wireless Bridge, Switch, LPS-1 and LPS-1.2 powered by existing 400W DC ATX Option 2 - get HDPlex 200W unit to power NAA, Wireless Bridge, Switch, LPS-1 and LPS-1.2, 400W DC ATX powering only music server Opinions appreciated.
  11. Ok good to know. Need to start saving my pennies now. I've got a difficult decision to make though. I squirrelled away enough money during Xmas to buy another LPS-1.2 so now I need to decide if I should wait to buy the EtherRegen????? I know the right answer is to buy both but I've got two highly demanding daughters that think otherwise.
  12. I have used multiple FMC in my system. Even if you power it with a good LPS, a weakness is still is still the internal electronics of the FMC like the voltage regulator, caps, etc. This is where I see the Uptone product having an opportunity to be better.
  13. I'm interested in following your lead and making a Gotham for the internal cable of the SU-1. Any pointers? I've previously made a normal DC cable from the DC input to the board connector so I am fairly familiar with what to do in general.
  14. I agree to leave out the SFP. I was only wondering if you plan on testing the different kinds of fiber cable to see if there is any sound impact. I highly doubt it but perhaps your new device will reveal differences that standard fiber switches are not capable of.