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  1. tboooe

    HQ Player

    @Miska any chance of working together with PLEX https://www.plex.tv/music/ to output to HQP like Roon does?
  2. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I've been waiting to purchase version 4 until all the bugs are figured out, specifically with Server 2016. Is anyone having problems using version 4 with Server 2016 and Roon?
  3. That's exactly what I am planning to do shortly!
  4. NUC can also be run at 12v too right?
  5. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Are you still having these issues? I too use Server 2016, HQP, and Roon.
  6. Ok I've had the HDPlex 200w lps for about a week now and I can say without a doubt that it has changed my system in a good way. I am using the LT3045 outputs to power my end point and switch. My wireless bridge is powered by one of the fixed ouputs at 12v. Previously, all three of these components were powered by my HDPlex 400W ATX lps which continues to power my server. Powering my end point with the LT3045 output provided the biggest improvement. The most impactful and satisfying change is the music has more dimensionality. Instead of being confined to a flat 2 dimensions, music now feels like it has depth to it, almost like a 3d audio effect. The other major change is that everything sounds more clear and precise with a blacker background. I am going to try adding one of the DXPWR modules for my end point to see if I can further improvement. At least for me, this has been one of my most effective upgrades.
  7. Thank you for this. This is very educational. I guess now, my question is what is the point of diminishing returns where adding another LT3045 does not make any appreciable or audible difference?
  8. Hi guys, please excuse me if this is a ridiculous question but I am a bit confused about the idea of adding a separate LT3045 power supply after the HDPlex to further refine the output. The basis for this approach is that the 4 LT3045s in the HDPlex are not able to meet the theoretical performance specs (ripple, noise, etc) so additional LT3045s are needed downstream? Why can't just 1 LT3045 perform the job? Is it because each one can only "improve" the power output by some percentage so adding more is required. If so then at some point we reach the law of diminishing returns. What dictates the number of LT3045 required to reach the theoretical spec? Is it the quality of the input power? Thank you in advance for helping me get my head wrapped around this.
  9. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Yes, having an official HQP Android tablet app would make the upgrade definitely more worth it to me so I can stop paying for Roon. I know their is HQPD and other other options but there is also no way of knowing of those apps will continue to be supported and developed.
  10. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I too would like some added functionality for the substantial cost though I believe the continual development has a lot of value. If HQP had a dedicated Android remote app for instance I would be less hesitant to upgrade.
  11. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Hope this is just a glitch otherwise I wont be able to upgrade.
  12. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I see there is now a 4.0 version. I am of course going to upgrade but I have a question about one of the new features: "Support for separate filter selection for 1x source rates and higher rates" Does this mean that we can now have separate filters for DSD vs PCM source material assuming we are outputting PCM? Has anyone else upgraded? Any issues?
  13. dumb question...what is the purpose of a pre-regulator? I was a bit confused by this option on the ordering page.
  14. Interesting. May I ask which one you are using? Also,. in order to get 12V I assume you are outputting 19V from the HDPlex.
  15. Last night I tested one of the adjustable outputs of my new HDPLEX at 12v with my end point which is just an i3 based mini PC. I was previously using my HDPLEX 400W lps to power the end point. The difference using the 200W lps was subtle but immediately noticeable. To my ears, the background got a bit more black and quiet allowing me to hear more nuance and detail. The music sounded a bit more organic and natural. Today I will use the other adjustable output to power my switch. The other test I want to do is compare this lps against the Uptone LPS1.2 powering my Singxer SU-1 and USB Regen. Has anyone else compared the HDPLEX 200W against the Uptone LPS1.2?
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