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  1. That made me laugh! I had to do a double take on that to make sure I read that right!!!
  2. tboooe

    HQ Player

    I have the Holo Spring L3 DAC so not exactly the same but I wouldnt consider it an upgrade over your Vega. Since its a R2R DAC, I would expect it to sound different. To my ears, I prefer R2R because it sounds more organic to me. I a bit of a tube guy so I prefer a certain sound signature that some may call "warm", "lush", etc. The Holo gives me this.
  3. Thank you. I 've been looking at the FS.com products but I am not sure if it uses the Corning Clearcurve fiber.
  4. Where can people buy Clearcurve already terminated in short lengths?
  5. tboooe

    HQ Player

    Very very nice system you have. I was really close to getting the Sonia's myself a while back. As for what to upgrade, what about using Acourate instead fo REW? For me REW and room treatments gave me the biggest improvement. I hear Acourate is better than REW so I plan on upgrading once I get the necessary mic and accessories.
  6. tboooe

    Confused about custom cables for ATX psu

    Ahhh...ok that makes sense. So I found this website and it look like Silverstone and Coolermaster use standard connectors and pinouts on their power supplies.
  7. I have a HDPlex 400W ATX linear power supply and I want to get some nice custom cables for a new build I am doing. What has me confused is that the custom cable makers all ask what make and model of modular PSU (Seasonic, Corsair, EVGA, etc) I am using. Since mobo connectors are standardized why does it matter what psu I am using? For example,can I get cable set for a Seasonic to use with my HDPlex? I was intending on getting some cables from cablemod. Thank you in advance.
  8. Question...why did you choose simplex fiber cables instead of duplex?
  9. Guys, do you know what this "Ultra low loss" fiber optic cable from fs.com is all about? Why is it better than standard OS2 single mode duplex cable? Seems like the main benefit is less insertion loss? That feature probably wont really matter for music purposes but perhaps it has an impact on sound quality? https://www.fs.com/products/68294.html
  10. tboooe

    AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Phil, perhaps a crazy question but I assume you do not detect any decrease in sound quality with FOD installed?
  11. Ok this little discussion has got me intrigued. Right now I am using multimode SFP in my intel X520-DA2 fiber nic and Cisco ws-c2960g-8tc-l switch. It will be a cheap and easy test to buy some used 1310 SFP modules and fiber. Looks like on ebay I can get used genuine Cisco GLC-LH-SM SFP for less than $20 and the single mode fiber from fs.com for $3.
  12. For the endpoint get the lowest power one you can. No reason to get an i7. The NUC7 and NUC8 also come in i3 versions. I like the NUC7PJYH but it doesn't have an m.2 slot and I prefer to use an Optane drive for the OS. This is why I am getting the i3 version.
  13. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    So last night I compared my 400W AC-DC ATX lps to the original version of the DC-DC ATX psu I had. Both were set up to power my mobo and cpu. I dont have a SATA SSD in my system. The DC-DC ATX was powered by a 19V brick smps. In a nutshell, I would say the 400W lps just made the music sound more organic. I think the reason why was because it was able to reveal more low level detail and nuance which made vocals in particular sound more lifelike. Using the DC-DC ATX, I got bored listening to the music, I wasnt involved. Of course I do not have the current version of the DC-DC ATX so that may part of the problem. Once I receive the 200W lps I will use it to power the DC-DC ATX to see if the smps is whats causing the differences I am hearing. More to come.
  14. When you type Get-NetAdapterBinding do you see QoS Packet Scheduler as one of the settings?
  15. tboooe

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    Hmmmmm this doesn't sit well with me. I would prefer to stick with the ELNA caps.