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  1. I don't believe an LPS will do better than a battery power bank that does 2 amps. I use one and very happy with it. Has anyone done an A/B with an LPS and battery? A 2 amp battery power bank costs just less than $50. How much does an LPS cost? G Sent from Tablet, please excuse brevity and typos...
  2. HD video streaming is easily handled by a fanless cubox i4 pro with 10w of power Sent from Tablet, please excuse brevity and typos...
  3. G0bble

    HQ Player

    Is a 2ghz quad core good enough for the processing back-end for DRC? I plan to experiment with HQPlayer in coming weeks hence the question. I just decided to upgrade my AMD E350N dual core mini-itx that I'm using for the NFS server to a Celeron J1900 baytrail mobo for this reason. I am wondering if I should have waited another few months for the J2900 to be available locally or if this will suffice? Thanks
  4. Hmmm coincidence.., I use the Anker 12000mah with my cubox i4 too. Great sound, better than a $500 desktop. Quiet background, blacker blacks. I use it with an NFS mounted drive over wireless. My Anker esata enclosure turned out bad even before I used it so returning it. So I can't compare reading over WiFi and playback from local ram with esata. Is the cubox a bargain?!! I like to laugh at people buying $500 and higher desktops with expensive PSUs and cabinets for audio now. G Sent from MiPad (Beats the rotten Apple to the core...)
  5. Real white is closer to 5000k. Real daylight has a lot of short wavelength blue in it. Blue causes a lot of strain - if you haven't noticed it yet try looking at your touch screen at 3am when you've woken up midway from deep sleep. Not a personal favorite for me. I use a blue light filter app on all my android phones and tablets. No impact or eye strain even at 4am [emoji4] whereas the blue light disturbs my sleeping brain almost immediately. My terminal command prompt screens are always slate grey with green font. Those into color correction and photo printing use these special 5000k room lights in the office. Ramble on.... Sent from MiPad
  6. I use one with my usb spdif convertor which has a bnc interface. They do not degrade the sound. Sent from MiPad
  7. I didn't get it - Can you elaborate? Are you saying the decoding function is not chip based but part of another circuit in the dac? If yes does that solve a problem with chip based decoding? Thanks Sent from MiPad
  8. Great I'll try that before ripping. Let you know next week how it sounds compared to wav. Edit: is there a Linux version of the tool? G
  9. I believe you - Actually I was hoping this was what it was about. I was alerted to this on another forum and so I took a wav file and converted using flac compression 1 and another with 9. Verdict: Wav sounds best with 9 sounding the worst. I am going to be re-ripping the CDs where I chose to delete the wav files, eventually. I would love to try the above options - but only if they result in a file size that is at least 30℅ smaller than wav and sound as good as wav. Otherwise I'll just save the bother and live without metadata - the same effort in running metaflac can be diverted towards renaming the filenames to use artist, song title etc. So my question is - if you are convinced like I am, why bother with flac at all? Sent from MiPad
  10. Volume has nothing to do with bit perfect playback. Also in my listening experience the sound is inferior when the volume control is enabled. If you use Linux a good way to compare two binary files is the cmp command. That is dependent on your mpd.Conf file not the os. You can get bit perfect audio out of mpd, but it takes a bit of reading up. HTH Sent from MiPad
  11. Pardon me, but is this supposed to sound better than flac compressed with flag 1 to 9? Sent from MiPad
  12. I did some 10 hours of listening over the last few days. For less that $50,the 12000mah battery is an awesome upgrade. With a half full versus half empty cup analogy - The sound is sharper and more accurate if not thinner, depending on how you want to look at it. I no longer pick my brains about it. I am loving my system even more now and I can't wait to switch it on again tomorrow. Deeper lows, blacker blacks, more etched, no comet tail to the notes, more noticeable space between layers that I am constantly aware of throughout the listening experience. Go for it! Be sure to get one that supplies 2.1 amps though. G
  13. I use a NOS dac and never had a problem with hiss... Strange to say that NOS results in hiss.
  14. Do you also hear the white noise or hiss being talked about?
  15. That's very useful. So its the player not the DAC... Now the question about the hiss or white noise remains... G
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