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  1. I ordered the filter from Mini-Circuits in UK, estimated shipping 21st April.
  2. If you have two sq wave outputs and one sine, the middle one is guaranteed to be sq wave.
  3. The same thing (Qobuz login problems) happened to me just two days ago when my network was down several times in a row. Nothing helped, but I knew next morning it would be ok, and it was.
  4. You are missing “crimped” which is recommended by all major coaxial cable manufacturers.
  5. And I would like add that there is a Thanks icon in there as well. By saying this I’m partially guilty of the same thing that annoys me: thanks, metoos, Iagrees +1s etc.
  6. I’m afraid I can’t exactly recall how I got rid of the pop up screen. Maybe you first have to have i.e. Minimserver running and choose a library. Then remove it. (Musiclibrary> Options> Remove music library, and it no longer automatically asks for it.
  7. Is this an Android problem? I have disabled the server function in the app somehow and it never pops up any windows in ios. It used to though. Shows only Qobuz and tuneln logos now. Maybe it helps that there are no servers visible in my network.
  8. Every (computer) audiophile should own a simple multimeter. You can check every possible ground point continuity. No need to ask here every time.
  9. This is a typical grounded rj45 female receptable. Like the one on ER. Only the small clips on the sides make contact with the ground. It is very easy to cover the sides of a connector of a shielded cable with a small piece of tape to prevent the contact. Problem solved. No need to buy new cables. Can be easily reversed. Use tape on one or both ends. Listen before and after.
  10. In Europe, you must have a saucer. No rings allowed on the tablecloth. Just finished a pot of black tea from Java.
  11. The clock supllies the signal to ER even when there is no traffic i.e. nothing playing. Burn in happens as long as the clock is on.
  12. That does not refer to the ocxos used in After Dark products but to the grading system which is similar to the one used I.e. by Oscilloquartz.
  13. New design does not imply the modules are unused. Their origin remains a trade secret.
  14. Does After Dark really claim their ocxo modules are brand new and unused? As far as I know neither Cybershaft or Mutec do that.
  15. Of course the clock itself is used. But note that the pcb and caps are now of a higher quality with nothing unnecessary.
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