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  1. Don’t sell them too cheap (so at least $299), the people who beg for these should also pay for them dearly. 😈
  2. If you press Add To Favorite there, doesn’t it place the track ”Honeysuckle Rose” into Favourites/Tracks folder? Isn’t this window just for choosing a particular track as a favourite, not a whole album. And the heart doesn’t turn pink in Qobuz before all the tracks have been selected = the whole album.
  3. Sorry but that would require powering it down to take new photos. A thing to avoid as written earlier.
  4. 1. Less noise is all I can say. 2. https://www.ldovr.com/product-p/lt3045-1a5.htm Beware that the quality of the BG7TBL board itself is of the cheapest possible quality and destroying and lifting traces is almost inevitable.
  5. The DAPU and FE-180 take 12v dc so that’s what lt1963 must output.
  6. Alexey’s 1.5A board is perfect for these clocks. I use one of 12v and put it a couple millimetres away from the input pin of the clock, under the board, thus bypassing a long path and unnecessary caps on the pcb.
  7. What are your fmcs sitting on, i.e. have you taken care of vibration control? I’ve heard meaningful differences using different feet under several brands of converters.
  8. A missing track here and there with no logic is common with at least Bis, Chandos and CPO at the moment. Probably labels distributed by Naxos. Maybe they’re in the middle of negotiations and this is distortion tactique.
  9. Isn’t the other fuse inside the plastic tube and meant as a spare?
  10. They are returnable if one lives in the US. Let’s not forget the international audience of this forum.
  11. The power cords and the Ethernet cable between the speakers, which is mandatory for best performance (in addition to a possible digital in cable to main speaker), add up to more cables than regular speakers with just speaker cables from amp. Unfortunately this spaghetti is a huge minus for these speakers, especially when they are put on stands. FYI, I did once own the ls50W.
  12. We are beginning to see equipment which have linear and switching power supplies inside, the latter used only for standby power. Denafrips does that.
  13. Surely the fuse’s recommended amperage varies by mains voltage?
  14. This is a picture of the 50 ohm board. The output pin of the clock module is on the right and goes to c32. If someone could take a picture of the 75 ohm board now, because we only have a word from an alibaba seller.
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