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  1. Zooming into the playing album cover in the left corner by holding is nonfunctional now in iOS/iPhone?
  2. Looks like you believe dac is the least important link in the chain. 😁
  3. In three starred restaurants you may not always agree with the taste of the chef but you can never deny their genius. Having dined in many, this is my view.
  4. Having the traditional rocker power switch very close to the power input is often a best design practice.
  5. A Schuko plug, used by c. 500 million people in the world. Makes your hot neutral with a twist of your hand.
  6. You need to look at a detailed picture of the innards of your amp and then search for a wire that comes from the power switch and goes to either the top or bottom of the fuse holder. That should be the hot (and the preferred “from” direction). Or you need a multimeter and do it manually by probing into the fuse holder and amp IEC hot pin (left picture) at the same time. It’s easy if you know what you’re doing.
  7. “Readily availably in Germany” I read. Most of the suggestions are outside EU and since the used hifi market in Germany is probably the best in Europe, I strongly suggest t+a.
  8. Ddc’s most certainly have a positive impact and so does ISO Regen among many such products.
  9. Mutec is particular about their steel enclosure, because of possible disturbances. What is the Cybershaft enclosure made of, aluminium?
  10. That’s why many amps sold in EU have plugs in the speaker connectors. Easily removable though.
  11. There’s a big leap to the Aquarius, which is $2480.
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