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  1. DG has released Thomas Ades’ Totentanz together with his piano concerto. This wonderful, loud and unforgettable work is finally available! Highly recommended. At Qobuz new releases
  2. Do you know there are aftermarket power supplies/adapters available for the U1 Mini which do take the sound quality further?
  3. And the wonderful Martti Talvela which appears as Melot in the Böhm recording was also even better live. Although I only heard him singing Songs and Dances of Death by Mussorgsky.
  4. It’s always around this time in Europe. People leave work early for the weekend and start playing.
  5. I do just that and it certainly is of merit. Although I have modded my MC-100CM to accept 3.3v in. Recommended.
  6. Jon Vickers as Tristan under Karajan is absolutely worth hearing. IMHO the best on record.
  7. The consensus on this forum seems to be that Paul Hynes SR7 is one of the very best and practically unobtainable power supply. No doubt a 12V version of it would be great with the U1 Mini.
  8. And Sbooster is not even the best psu you can use with your U1 Mini!
  9. Next step in this lunacy might be replacing the comb of pins with one made of silver occ wires?
  10. It's funny how people (men) interested in quality audio always drool over the Eames chair. All over the world. This thread is a real deja vu.
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