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  1. Nice review, comparisons are valuable. Side note: the LSO LIVE recordings are mostly or all recorded in the Barbican hall. Unfortunately no one can make an excellent recording in that venue. It has acoustics resembling of a movie theatre.
  2. I'm going mad, because I'm hearing big differences based on what's under my FMC going to Aries with Cat8 cable. The best is no footers at all. Tried all sorts of feet, plywood etc.
  3. How can you precisely tell the angle is 10, 15 or some other degree than 90 or 45? Do you measure it or do I just lack this ability?
  4. A month or two ago many of his old albums appeared in Qobuz "New Releases", at the time I thought maybe it was because he had passed away. His Vaughan Williams symphonies are the best.
  5. An album of Swedish music by a respected maestro which has been out for several weeks already. This one fun to listen to. The sound quality is remarkable, especially the string tone is beautiful. The texture of the Gothenburg strings really shines in this recording. If only all orchestral recordings were as good.
  6. Anything by the label Proprius. Hearing those choral recordings through Magnepan speakers, or similar, is a real treat.
  7. I tried a good Hammond split bobbin transformer with mine and preferred the original. Maybe the wiring wasn't optimal or something, but that's how I heard it.
  8. Where do you read news about the (possibly) upcoming sota ddc by Schiit? Head-fi?
  9. Sorry to see the RCO Live label exiting Qobuz, but these come a day go, as we know.
  10. Have tried starting the firmware update all over again? And making sure you have the latest update tool?
  11. Tidal has some albums Qobuz has not and certainly vice versa. I've used both for along time in Europe and I'm sure a keen classical listener will always prefer Qobuz for the amount of interesting albums (with leaflets available) and the way they are presented (tracks are in right order etc).
  12. It's for people who are up to their neck in Mahler and generally dislike him, like me.
  13. Just out: Teodor Currentzis and his MusicAeterna, Mahler 6. Symphony. I thought I'd never want to hear this piece again, but there's not a dull moment here. Not a total rollercoaster ride either, because the Moderato movement is serene and beautiful. Not a Currentzis fan, but certainly fan of his Mahler.
  14. FIndingit


    Early 20th century Baltimore surely wasn't the best place for opera. I doubt it's the best place for it today.
  15. I used to o own Holo Spring L2, but unfortunately it was not to my taste. Too forward with the LS50 speakers I used to have. I used it with a modified SU-1 and listened mostly to redbook, which is probably not the thing to do with NOS dacs.
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