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  1. the formula for sure ; but do you mean there's no such thing as a power plan with Linux?
  2. same machine (but I much prefer HQPOS to macOS for music reproduction) ; yes, the cooler stand will help, at least feeling better with the temperature issue ; tip : close partially (about 1/3) the lid to optimise the airflow
  3. could there be an equivalent of the magic formula (| powercfg /DUPLICATESCHEME e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61) for Embedded?
  4. just a quick report : 4.1.1 works fine here against all odds (unsupported WS2012 running on a 2012 Mac with ParkControl (( does not mess with core allocation per se but prevents parking of cores so that the CPU always runs at max frequency) did not tried for long but could use xtr2s/DSD5EC with 192 while I can NOT with Embedded don't feel in the mood for comparison tonight and went swimming in not so warm anymore sea this evening, might affect my audition, but analysed sound as recessed beefier but muddier with hints of not so well integrated highs compared (from memory) to Embedded
  5. Silly question since I have no money to spend anyway : What would be the smartest spending of 6K €$? Keep a computer at hand, already owned and send whatever we can to a Playback Designs Merlot* ? Buy/build a 3K computer and send ext2/ASDM7EC/256 (seems reachable from what I read) to a T+A DSD8* ? * chosen at the intersection of Stereophile A+ and Miska's perceived respect and/or recommendation BTW while I'm silly, 2 tips to raise SQ but also CPU usage : CIC as SDM integrator and Save as convolution engine otion. With my 2012 machine I can do ext2/DSD5EC/128 full convolution up to 88.2, have to pick xtr2s or pshort 2S for 96 and pshort 2S or mqa mp with 192 no DSD source with EC though. Can get a few minutes with IIR/add instead of CIC/Save...
  6. But then I'd like to use the fantastic digital convolution filters that yield the actual responses shown in my sig. HQP enables that a ADC is required etc So there's definitely a Vinyl / Computer interface to discuss not sure it justifies a new forum but a thread for sure
  7. Actually, for my doom, I was able to play almost a whole 44 track @128 ext2/ASDM7EC full convo... OMG... thought I could use ext2 with sources up to 192 @ 128 with DSD5EC but it's not a reliable choice Nevertheless latest 4.11.2 is a huge step in usability and SQ is better than ever
  8. in addendum to my Q in #2293 : how do I play podcasts? Since Radio France (produces the podcasts I'm interested in) has a tradition of excellency, I doubt may radios offer better... tried mconnect, works with Qobuz as soon as I set 16/44 but can't see a way to trick HQP that does not accept less than 16/44 if I recall correctly Using Desktop and Loopback, D saw L declared as 16/44 though the podcast feeding it was not, et voilà... how do I play podcasts with Embedded?
  9. @Miskait's now dated aug 25 th, I downloaded it the 23rd and the 21 st or 20th, all 4.11.2 . Are they nevertheless supposed to be different?
  10. @Miska I confirm that, IMO, compared to the latest iterations of D for W (and macOS), Embedded/HQPos (btw : I confess I don't understand the concept of Embedded to be installed with x OS...) is back on top of the hierarchy I know it's moot to discuss pricing options with you but I feel pretty uncomfortable : for weeks, Desktop, that was a little less good before EC was far better and I was happy I did not purchase Embedded. As long as it's on the same machine, I'd consider legit to be able to switch. Maybe things will settle with some maturation of EC.... I now believe Embedded/HQP OS will always end up being better but this raises optimisation questions I much prefer using D totally Wireless ; Taking into account that I use NO metal terminated Ethernet cables as you recommend, should I aim to do the same with Embedded ? How big would be the SQ gap ? How do I do that ? About the music files location, I have been troubled (bias induced ?) by @Superdad's remark about Audirvana adding a flavour. Trick of my mind or not I can consistently characterise it, especially when system optimisation is ON in Audirvana : with HDD directly attached sound is more mellow/comfy to listen to but too much so sometimes and think I 'll go Audirvana as front end as long as I have the Air on loan (at least 3 more weeks) : more air (pun intended) definition etc. I'm troubled because when I did all the comparisons with Desktop I always much preferred Wifi streaming to attached HDD, liked SD cards too, and did not like RAM Disks location for the music files. Audirvana (that is wifi streaming to the poor 4Go RAM of the Air, going back to the switch ((Apple Time Capsule)) and then via Ethernet cable to HQPE) is not as ubiquitously preferred. Can you please bring a technical perspective here ? eventually tell me how go wifi with E/HQPOS if it's worth it? For the record, thanks to you I succeeded to attach a HDD to my ISP's box, but some albums never showed up and I never understood why
  11. But I'm not the only one who found that EMbedded in HQPOS on a usb stick is a very elegant solution on whatever powerful enough machine...
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