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  1. Marcin, Thanks for the heads-up.. Was just looking at messages from last year saying this was going to be out Q4 of 2019, so sounds like you are still pretty close to on target... Will definitely be reading with interest, as I won't be putting this system together until late March or early April.
  2. Nenon, Thanks, it may have been @StreamFidelity after all with regard to the JCAT card at 1A. Food for thought with regard to powering the JCAT and Pink Faun cards...
  3. Nenon, thanks! I seem to recall you are running a JCAT Net card with a 1A supply, rather than the recommended 1.5A min (I would only use a single port on the card, as you are)? Just want to make sure the USB power on a Keces has enough head room to power a JCAT or Pink Faun (with or without additional clock) card...
  4. Hey, that is true... I should only need 100W or so according to a power supply calculator....
  5. Yes, I've started to order things... Am going with a similar build to what Nenon is/was using. Have ordered an HDPLEX H5 case, Asus ROG Strix X-470-i mobo, Ryzen 7 3700X processor, 8 GB (2 X 4GB) of Apacer RAM from Mouser Canada, a Pink Faun USB bridge (using it now with my old Windows PC), Euphony OS (trialling now on old Windows machine with PF card), and Optane card to run the OS. Still have to order JCAT Net card, and figure out what my power supply options will be. Possibly 2 X Keces P8 running in to an 800W HDPLEX DC-ATX power supply and then something else to power the Pi
  6. I can only hope my build looks this great when I'm finished! Nice work!
  7. I was looking at Nenon's build details, with regard to an ASUS ROG Strix X470-I mobo and a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU. The motherboard has one PCI and two M.2 slots. I'd run the JCAT or Pink Faun USB card in the PCI slot and the JCAT NET card and an optane drive (for the OS (Euphony)) in the M.2 slots. An M.2 to PCI adapter would be required to run the NET card (that is available on E-Bay, as posted by Nenon, and elsewhere perhaps).
  8. Nenon, thanks for the reply... I have been especially looking at your build (hence the specs I stated earlier!!!), as I want to build a one box solution to cut down on the ultimate cost. Thanks for the qualitative assessment, too... I am looking to spend Zenith MkIII money, and like the idea of being able to replace portions of the build as technology changes or new knowledge is gained.
  9. Hi All, I have an old, not heavily modified Windows audio PC I built about 6-7 years ago (passively cooled, Paul Pang USB card) and am going to take the plunge to build a new server. So I've been trawling through some of the massive threads on this particular forum to try to catch up with the technology. One thing I was curious about is whether any head to head comparisons had been done between a SOA one or two box DIY server and an off the shelf product like a Nucleus+ or Innuos. As it stands, I'm hoping to build a one box solution using an AMD gaming motherboard, i
  10. Am I crazy or are a couple of the legs on the ESS chip (it is U109 on the PDAC main board) damaged in your picture?
  11. I just got a PS3 and have ripped about 30 discs. Initially, it was working fine, then I started to run in to intermittent cases of scenario 3, above. Then it would happen every single time. It seems that the USB drive is somehow corrupted, or otherwise not working well with the ripper. I re-formatted the USB drive and it is now working just fine again. Hopefully that will be of help to some here...
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