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  1. I am using it with my iphone 6S with Onkyo HF player. I tried few DSD256, DSD128, DSD64 files + many high rez PCM files with a great success. I mainly use Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 and Flare Audio R2A. I would say it is one of the better implemented SABRE DAC out there and for the price I paid, it is quite a bargain.
  2. something like this might work for you? I was using this between Regen and my exasound DAC (USB mini B)
  3. I use an adapter > regen > another adapter to my dac.. I do like it better than using usb cables. ( i tried black cat, nordost, IFI, DH labs and LH)
  4. Thanks Miska.. Finally got it to work now and.. Oh WOW! Sound quality is unbelievably good. (especially for redbook converted to DSD256.. I never heard them better, even on Chord Hugo)
  5. How do you upsample pcm to DSD 256fs in HQ Player? I tried every different settings, but it seems I can only upsample to DXD.
  6. I can confirm that using ifi ipurifier (usb filter) on exaSound made zero improvement on SQ. In fact, I think ipurifier degraded SQ slightly by introducing another chain between the signal-path. With it in place, I could not even play DSD256 materials. I am currently in very old building with terrible power grid, so my main focus was to improve power delivery to the DAC. I now have 6 PS audio Noise Harvester around my main system to clean out AC line noises. Blue Circle audio PLC thingee to further clean out ac power going to Teddy Pardo power supply. Battery powered iUSB to the DA
  7. after trying out many different options.. I am currently enjoying this setup the most. 0.6m black cat silverstar usb cable -> ifi iusb.. iso ground switch 'on', iusb 9v power fed by LiPo battery -> USB A Male to Mini B Male Adapter -> e20 -> e20 powered by Teddy Pardo 12/2 -> High Fidelity CT-1E RCA interconnects. a very stable and accurate imaging is obtained with this combination.. background became blacker and very slight treble glare (redbook) is entirely gone now.
  8. Roch, before e22 you had e20 III .082ps? I was thinking if it's worth upgrading from e20 III (.082ps) to their new e22.
  9. I only have teddy pardo 12/2 and some 12v-2A Lithium Polymer batteries to compare.. Teddy Pardo gave better dynamics and freq. extension while battery powered e20 had a slightly smoother tone. I prefer the Teddy Pardo. USB cables, someone said it doesn't make any difference in his exasound DAC but I do hear differences. I just received ifi iusb, ipurifier along with ifi gemini usb cable. I need to do more a/b listening before letting you know which is my favorite usb cable so far.
  10. I got that violin file (DSD256) from a member here while ago.. I've been playing it natively on my exasound DAC. Amazing recording. I also played violin for over 25 years so I know when it sounds just right. I also have a few DSD256 Solo Piano pieces, but not as well recorded. Many DSD128 recordings that I have surpassed them.
  11. Ok I have listen to this tracks few times now and it confirms that getting a truly accurate tonality and decay of a simple piano is one of the most if not the most difficult instrument to reproduce. I notice fuzzy imaging of this instrument when recorded.. sound of notes filling up the entire soundstage as if the keyboard were 50 feet wide. Bunpei, I think I much preferred the violin recording.
  12. Thanks! I will listen to them on my e20 tomorrow. I still enjoy solo violin dsd256 file you sent to me last year.
  13. Just get a 24" black cat usb cable for $99 and forget about the rest. It replaced my $999 lh lightspeed usb after hearing such little differences. I had AQ diamond and WW platinum before and light harmonic sounded noticeably better. Black cat silverstar is one of the best bang for buck in my 15years in this hobby.
  14. Lately I have been comparing different usb cables with my exaSound e20. 1) Light Harmonic Lightspeed 2) MapleShade Clearlink plus 3) Black Cat Silverstar 4) Wireworld Starlight 7 5) DH labs Silversonic 4) & 5) is clearly harsh and bright sounding in my system, so they are out. Will report back with 1)$999 2)$135 3)$99 cables and how they compared to each other..
  15. hifial, are you going to go PA and compare someone's Phasure with your exaSound? If yes, i'm very much looking forward to hear your impression since I have the exactly same DAC as yours. I also run high fidelity CT-1U cables in my system like you..
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