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  1. Hi, FIY I just posted there => http://forum-hifi.fr/thread-575-post-487310.html#pid487310 a teardown of a CCA, with voltages on the PCB, useful before modifications ahead. Cdt PS : it's in French but the relevant info is the last picture with review of voltages of the main (the biggest ! ) capacitors.
  2. Hi Soul Analogue, no problem. I apologize too because my posts & modds are not perfects. Just look at my Buffalo vs yours, and you see clearly that there is one guy that do what he can do with AC/DC modules & the other guy that knows a lot more about electronics ;-) Thanks for all your feedbacks & mods. Cheers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regarding this thread & my previous post : I gave the info that my Buffalo, with triple LPS, gave a SQ behind Corning>modded SU-1.
  3. Hi hopkins, Thanks for calling me an "amateurish" DIYer. I see it as a compliment ;-) The "amateurish" DIYer goes thru trial&error, he's learning, he's making assumptions that don't last for ever, he knows that he knows very few things, no brainer for him to go one way & turn around if it's finaly a wrong way... I like that sticker on my head :-) Regarding the noise generated by the xmos chip : - I posted info above : I know, it's noisy... - I'll power it nicely when I have time In the meantime, I have a modded SU-1 that give a SQ that
  4. Honestly... how can you say that ? Based on a strict electronic point of view ? why not ? it's above my background, but thanks to give tech info to understand this mixup. What I see : 1 transfo > 1 rail that's it. no mixup there because no link. No link = independant... If no "independant", please explain. No brainer for me to learn smth Rgds
  5. I don't see your point... The trick of 3ple LPS is basically to bypass the internal regs that do 12>3.3 12>1.5 > 12>1VDC When you feed the PCB with 1/ 1.5 /3.3VDC ahead of these reg step and if if cut the coils (linked to its steps) then, each voltage zone is independant... thus no brainer to feed there. I don't "parallel" LT3045 (each are more less like a "ray vs star"). "paralleling LT3045 does not do well for audio" : I don't see your point... for "audio" !? what's the consequence on SQ ? Rgds
  6. Hi SoulAnalogue, "split the rails" ? no... what did you see ? I splitted no rails. In the Buffalo tweak : 1 transfo > 1 AC/DC converter, per each voltage (1 - 1.5 - 3.3) Tweaks vs transfo & AC/DC converter on the Corning & SU-1 are dedicated to. Thus no "split" Rgds
  7. Hi, so, FIY, my lovely Buffalo in photo above is out of the hifi setup, all dismantled, back to its box by tomorrow morning :-) Reason is : I ran a test this eve, after burning the Mpaudio ALS (the one to power the 1VDC). The rest (ALD module & Buffalo were burnt for a long time). Test result = my "new" setup based on USB optical cable+Singxer SU-1 beats this Buffalo (with triple LPS). See signature vs current setup & this thread regarding the USB optical cable => https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/60825-usb-optical-cable-stunning-if-powered-implemented-c
  8. Hi Sunny ! Please do ! Feel free to post & present yours mods ! 👍 I use a Neutron Star 2 on the spdif part of my DC/DC converter (Singxer SU-1) : great job => sound is smooth... Crystek clock (although PS is OK) sounds harsh in comparison. Regarding your photo of your Buffalo (above) : 12VDC to power & just the Neutron Star 3 ? I've tested a triple LPS on my Buffalo : mistake ! I thought it would help the internal clock but finally it does not help much. The Buff SQ stays behind my other source (see sign.) BRgds
  9. Hi, please find here my own 3ple LPS on Buffalo (gs2024). By far less smart than SoulAnalogue ;-) because based on dedicated "basic" (transfo+MPaudio module) per each voltage => Profile view => I posted a few minutes ago this post about this mod => http://forum-hifi.fr/thread-16709-post-430796.html#pid430796 Hope Google Translate can manage.... I stated in that post that thru netword & Buffalo, SQ was behind thru USB optical cable (& USB>spdif interface) => I must admit that after some 10n minutes, SQ thr
  10. Hi SoulAnalogue, what's the job of the 2 wires that slide below the heat sink (on left side) ? Is it a specific external PS for the clock ? I didn't think about this mod... but pretty smart. How SQ improved thanks to this PS on clock ? Rgds
  11. Great SoulAnalogue ! All in a custom box.... nice work ! Funny : I took some time yesteday too, to put in place the MPaudio modules for full linear on mine (GS2024). I have no patience to design a custom box... I'll post photo (different "style" ahead ! ) SoulAnalogue, what's its weight ? Mine is 3kg (standard) => I took off the hood & the internal PS to make it lighter => but now it weights 6.2kg... strange... :-))))
  12. hi R1200CL, I don't agree. This is not what I experienced : 1. I use a Corning USB optical cable (see dedicated threa about it) : easy to implement, great SQ. You just need a very good LPS. 2. I modded a Buffalo switch (triple external LPS : 1 / 1.5 / 3.3VDC) : not as good as this USB optical cable (no-modded). To enhance the SQ with Buffalo, I'd need to change the clock with a PinkFaun... Why not but : - expensive - the setup would be based on UPNP, thus much less ergonomic than using a basic laptop in combination with the Corning Is it really a limita
  13. Cool your dealer ! You read the thread about the Phoenix ? You'll see : more important than the Zen => the Phoenix. You could have a try & put the Phoenix between your computer & your DAC, and you'll see that SQ will not be far from the Zen as a server. You'll see how reclocking is key in this process. Have a nice WE & tests !
  14. Hi, FYI, I've posted in the French forum the mod on the Fibbr that I failed a fwe days ago => http://forum-hifi.fr/thread-18535-post-428069.html#pid428069 (no slang / idoms : Google Translate should work ;-) ) @fds thanks for you reply. Sorry, no time, I'll reply to your post tonit. Rgds
  15. Hi hopkins, you're right... I should ask an engineer in electronics. But none around, thus I took the 1st engineer around, myself ;-) Not in electronics but in chemical engineering. That engineer knows a bit more in chemistry / ind. processes / fluids mechanics than electronics... but he was available right away thus I said to him : go for it ! :-) What else ? Anybody knows that. Nothing new there. so, what next ? if I follow this remark, any DAC with an xmos chip is bad stuff (because this chip kills the SQ). Why not, but there are quite numerous DAC with xmos chips
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