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  1. Thank you for the article Josh. When I briefly owned a record store around 2000 I always carried new vinyl of Nick. Not sure I ever sold a single copy but I tried... Being pre vinyl revival probably didn’t help. Still 3 of my favorite albums with a slight preference for vinyl but the new 24/96 downloads are very good. Bryter Layter is one of my favorite airport albums. One of my favorite little tidbits is Elton John recording a demo session in 1970 using several of Drake’s song. First glance it seems like a tough fit but this is pre bombastic Elton and it comes off fairly goo
  2. I’m using an ultraRendu into an Yggdrasil with the Unison upgrade. No issues whatsoever - not a single hiccup since the day I installed. Definitely an increase in sound quality with the upgrade to my ear. Strongly considering an opticalRendu and guessing there would be no difference there.
  3. Here in Seattle almost all live music is being cancelled. We are limited to gatherings under 250 so that takes care of most venues. Listening to more music with my wife the past week as we avoid news a little. Bunkering down but plenty of albums to listen to.
  4. Some of the best modern Country Western I have run across. 3 great albums so far.
  5. I demoed the Stellar M700 monoblocks in my system during my search for an amplifier to replace my Naim XS. In the end after several weeks with them and 300 plus hours of burn in I decided there were not for me. Plenty of folks really like them and have had success so it might just have been a system matching issue. I used them with Tannoy XT8 speakers and they just sounded a little flat and dry in the higher frequencies. The jump factor of the bass and overall woofer control was great though. In the right system they are probably excellent- just not for me. Ended up returning the amps and cont
  6. Had my 50A for about a month now and for the price I think it is really tough to beat. I ended up buying the Creek at the same time as a pair of Rega RS5 speakers and it is a really nice pairing for my small apartment. Before purchase I auditioned Rega Brio-R and the Unitiqute 2 from Naim. Started with the Naim which sounded great (although not as powerful as the Creek) but I was concerned about upgrade paths being limited with the all in one solution. The Rega was up next and it sounded great and gave a very analogue feel to my digital files - also had a great turntable section. But then I ma
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