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  1. I think Roon 1.8 is a success. Of course, there are some technical issues that I’m sure Roon will address as quickly as possible, Roon needs may be a wider beta program
  2. "Diretta is a new audio transmission technology over LAN (network line). This technology aims to improve sound quality by keeping the load on the receiver constant, with the sending side of the sound source as the "host" and the receiving side as the "target". https://www.diretta.link Sforzato support Diretta https://sfz.world Development : https://www.megatech.tokyo/products/
  3. SMS-200 + Roon : In the Roon Ready Config of the SMS200, there is a « Volume mode : Device controls » option and I can manage the volume of my amp with that option via the iPad Roon app . SMS-200 + Logitech Media Server : Question : do we have the same « Volume mode : Device controls » for LMS ?? or an option via Logitech Media server ? (plugin ?) or via the iPeng app ?
  4. about Lumin.. are you planning the Lumin app for Logitech Media server alongside MinimServer?
  5. "if this statement is meant to be general, it is not only unhelpful..."
  6. Hi Kenneth, Do you have a power supply for a Buffalo BS-GS 2016 switch ? tks bill
  7. SOtM responds quickly by email, the solution is an upgrade to V4.81 thank you SOtM !
  8. I have a problem with the SmS-200 + Roon duo after a long standby period: - SmS-200 is no longer present in Roon Zones - the SmS-200 is no longer visible via a network scan - a reboot of the SmS-200 is necessary with exactly the same hardware, I never have this problem in UPnP (MinimServer) only short-term solution: switch to UPnP before stanby (and back to Roon after switch on) Thanks for your help
  9. as I understand it today.. the problem occurs under the following conditions - Lumin iOS version since 6.1.14 (android is OK) - limited number of renderers (SOtM, DigiOne, ..) question : what does SOtM sMS-200 and DigiOne have in common ?
  10. I understand and on the other hand, I have appreciated your Lumin A1 for years and I know the regular evolution of your software...
  11. are you planning a solution? or will the Lumin app never be anymore compatible with "non-Lumin" hardware ?
  12. Since the latest 6.1.14 Lumin version, when I tap a song to play via a SOtM sMS-200 + Nas/MinimServer/BubbleUPnPServer, the app crashes (no problem with another renderer) Anyone knows about a SOtM-Lumin bug or any suggestion on how to fix this issue?
  13. with the latest 6.1.14 version, when I tap a song to play, the app crashes
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