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  1. Sorry I did not make it clear. The VEGA does not have USB Host connector, which means you can not plug a USB drive to play the content inside, but it still have USB device connector which make it work as USB DAC when connecting to computer or streamer.
  2. Hi Louis: The VEGA G2 use same Lightning OS firmware which is similar to ARIES G2 but there are some hardware connectivity limitations. VEGA G2 does not come with 1) WiFi connection; 2) Internal SSD expansion slot; 3) USB port. Your only streaming source will be music on NAS drive or TIDAL/Qobuz/RoonReady/AirPlay (no bluetooth). If those wont bother you, then you can just use VEGA G2 without ARIES G2. For the finishing options, all G2 series are black only. We can take order for silver special version directly if there are enough interest, this is due to factory product
  3. Hi: Both products use our Telsa hardware platform and Lightning OS, they will receive OTA updates regularly, like the original ARIES.
  4. Mostly the caches of the album cover. If you use TIDAL/Qobuz a lot, you should consider to clear the cache regularly. The option is under 'Streaming Account' menu. Another cache take size is the cove art of your local music, which we can not do anything. It just take a lot
  5. It will take at least another 2 - 3 months with 1 - 2 version bump till it go public.
  6. Still monitoring this thread but select to ignore someone's reply. Please feel free to ask question about G2 and I will reply regularly. Some update from AURALIC: Development and production preparation is on schedule, we still target to ship the first batch (mostly pre-orders and trade in) to our partners by the end of September. Hardware design and optimization completed, the only thing left right now is purely software side (Lightning Link protocol and the graphic interface in front of the machine). Thanks to the galvanic isolation, VEGA G2 exhibits an astonis
  7. MQA playback process contains two stage, unfold and upsampling. Actually, the first step already do upsampling as they need to convert audio to higher sampling rate so they can put the so called ultrasonic signal inside. The official MQA process has no magic or not anything impressive. They run the process on XMOS processor for their Meridian Explorer 2 DAC. XMOS is a 32bit processor with no floating point precision support and maximum calculation ability for one single thread is 100MIPS. You can not expect much from that kind of calculation ability. A customized filte
  8. ffmpeg can be used and linked by non-GPL way, you knew about it.
  9. Forgot to reply you for this post: 1, We already open sourced web interface since the beginning, and other projects, search 'auralic' on github and you will find it. The funny thing is we open sourced our Linux in 2015, and we have zero watcher on github. 2, We did offered GPL codes (the source code of file system which too big to upload due to Chinese network) sending by UPS express on a USB flash drive upon one of our customer's request. But the customer refuse to provide a real address rather than a PO box so it was never done. We also also offered to send non-GPL pa
  10. By the way as I want to state, auralic is a company that being active in open source community, as you have said, auralic open sourced the web control interface from the very beginning, same as our Linux kernel, we also contribute to OpenHome stack. We do our best to provide customer and community of what we can, but not everything, those things is the property of us which we spent of money to develop.
  11. Thank you for remind me. We will do a complete 'clean' in the next firmware next week and clean all those unused file left in development stage and make sure it is absolutely clean from any GPL component even they are not used.
  12. As I said, MusicPD is a reference design at early stage but it is not used in the release firmware. Since you have go into the file system, find the shell file that launch all binary for running and see if there is ANY code that will launch 'mpd' actually. If you do not believe it, delete 'mpd' in the pac file and see if you can run it normally on ARIES MINI.
  13. Do you think anything named 'mpd' is actually 'musicpd'? I have listed what is inside usr/bin, and you can play with it. MusicPD was once a reference design in early development stage but was not used in released software firmware. I am including two signal flowchart for you to compare if there is anything that LightningPlayer is a 'copy' of MusicPD. As I said, good luck in your venture in explorer the firmware, you wont find anything useful.
  14. The argument of if auralic has used GPL code has not stopped for a long time, no matter how much statement I made, it appears there are always people whom want to use smear tactics here. The Lightning OS contains three major components which are all in-house developed by AURALiC without using any GPL licensed code. Lightning Renderer: an OpenHome stack based rendering program to provide communication between control point and our system Lightning Server: an OpenHome stack base media server program Lightning Player: an file based playback program. All
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