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  1. I used to have aurender w20 & MSB select. Not comparable to Air Force One , Axiom & Koetsu Coralstone/ Madake. Downgraded to warm up my system before sitting down to listen to music seriously. Of course , vinyl is not comparable to my Studer A80 R2R but the tapes are too pricey . Tidal & Roon changed my listening habits & now I m enjoying digital & discovering music with a cheap digital set up
  2. When the needle touches the LP groove, game over 🤣🤣
  3. Jcat signature lan  still available for sale ?

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    2. ToddM


      I did that last week and it shows that it is completed. I don't see any other update I can do at this time?

    3. trailblazers_song


      No problem. May I asked how much u sold it for ? U bought another brand ?

    4. ToddM


      I sold it for $900 and I am experimenting with optical fiber and don’t need such a fancy cable any longer.

  4. Above for sales to upgrade to Jcat Signature Gold Lan . 1 bought recently & hence the battery cover is slightly different but purchase price is the same . Only 1 box . Selling for USD550 + shipping from Malaysia . PayPal 4%. If u need a longer cable , let me know .
  5. Understood. I do enjoy your meticulous review. Thanks
  6. Well maybe half of the servers in the market are using casings made in china LoL! USB signal reclock to an extremely precise USB signal & input into an unknown quality USB input in a DAC 😆. Wouldnt it make better sense to use an excellent quality usb card like those fr Jcat ( retailing euro 800) or the 1 from pink faun ? Anyway, any product is relevant to someone & I m sure Innous Phoenix will be an excellent upgrade to some of us
  7. Denafrips Giaa with a lot more options for digital input & output at 1/2 the price
  8. This is just my opinion . Couldn’t believe a modified switch can make such an impact on SQ
  9. Tested EtherStream in my friend syst consisting of expensive cables , Odin 2 , Ch Precision with PsU , Trinity pre & power amp. Compared to the stock Cisco switch ( same as EtherStream’s stock Cisco except 5 ports ), major and clearly audible improvement . In my system with Nimitra Music server with all Vitus Masterpiece component , there was improvement but not as dramatic as in my friend syst . Probably because his NAS was connected to EtherStream where else my SSD was connected directly to 1 of Nimitra USB port . I did compare it streaming thru Tidal . Even though it better comp
  10. Any of u have tried the Fidelizer switch before commenting on it negatively ?
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