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  1. This is an interesting topic for me. Here is my personal experience. I had the following: 1. Self-made Music PC + Kingrex Linear PSU 2. Qute Ex DAC + Kingrex Linear PSU 3. Rcam rHead headphone amplifier 4. Meridian G02 (preamp) 5. G57 (power amp) I then bought TEAC NT-505 to replace 1-4 with one box and obtain superior sound quality at the same time. I have been almost successful, sound quality is much better now, I replaced 1-3 (5 boxes in total), but I have not been successful in replacing the pre-amplifier. I have tried several times to
  2. I have been happily running JRiver 20 (WASAPI) and Spotify client in minimal mode for the past months, it was fit-and-forget for me after 1.40. I will run AO again to see whether there are other options regarding TIDAL that I have forgotten about. Thanks.
  3. Hello, sorry if this has been answered before, but I installed the new TIDAL Windows client (http://download.tidal.com/desktop/TIDALSetup.msi) in Windows 2012 R2 minimal mode (AO 1.40 with Fidelizer 6.9), and while it installs fine, afterwards it cannot produce any music since the message "mfplat.dll is missing" pops-up all the time. Is there a solution to that? Best Regards, Ari.
  4. Thank you! Your revised script worked, and it was also "fidelized" nicely.
  5. Dear Keetakawee, I have a headless "C.A.P.S. Lagoon" music server with Windows 2012 in minimal server mode + AO 1.30. Since Windows Server does not allow apps to auto start, I had to make a startup.bat in order to load Spotify and Media Center service every time the server starts, and place it in "Shell" key under HKLM\SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon. The script that I have created is the following: @echo off cd "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Spotify" start spotify.exe mc20.exe /mediaserver exit How can Fidelizer work with the script above and what I
  6. Thanks Phil, I was just hoping that with software like Equalify (enables you to select audio output for Spotify), vb-audio asio bridge I would be able to make Spotify sing in core mode. Or that with Sharport4w or Airfoil I could trick other devices and send Apple stream. But each time something went wrong. Don't mind me, I like to experiment whenever I have the time I will give minimal-server mode a serious consideration. Thanks again.
  7. It is cool that you managed to achieve that! Most probably your control PC does not run in core mode (if it does, then everything that I write below is useless and I need some advice from you!!). For me that I run a single PC setup in Core mode with AO and I do not intend to change that, this has been the biggest disadvantage of Core 2012 + AO, taken as a complete system: being unable to also use it in conjunction with a music streaming service for the purposes of more casual listening, music discovery and the enjoyment of the rest of my family. I have tried many things in Core mode:
  8. Hello all. Have you noticed of any filter/signature combination that makes the treble a bit less pronounced? Thanks! I am using version 1.26.
  9. Sorry for changing the subject, but Audiophile Optimizer seems to "officially" support Qobuz desktop application now. Qobuz has recently launched in my country, so I was naturally interested and installed it in core mode. My purpose was to change the output device in the Qobuz preferences to JRiver or Foobar ASIO driver. However, every time I open the software the graphic UI loads for 1-2 seconds and then freezes! Does this happen to you too? Is it core-mode related? How does then AO support it? (I haven't set it as shell, just try to open it the normal way). Thank you, Ari.
  10. Sorry, it's obvious that you use ASIO. Sorry about the question..
  11. Ted, can you please provide me an additional piece of information? Are you using Kernel Streaming or WASAPI in JRiver controlpc for Qute Ex? I made some experiments this morning, I converted to GUI mode in Win 2012, and with WASAPI there is no problem in pausing; it's Kernel streaming that has the problem. What happens is that when I press pause in WASAPI JRiver retains exclusive access of Qute EX and is able to continue playing, whereas in Kernel Streaming when I pause access goes away from JRiver USB input(another input starts playing), and the software then hangs. This behaviour happens
  12. Thanks for the reply. Which is your exact JRiver version number?
  13. Sorry to hi-jack this thread, but the QuteHD thread seems dead, and I could find nowhere else better to post this to. I am using Qute EX and JRiver 19 on Windows Server 2012 core. Whenever I press pause JRiver hangs and I have to reboot my music server. So, basically, I cannot pause. Has anyone noticed this behaviour? What did you do to overcome it? I had no such problem with QuteHD and JRiver 18. I upgraded to EX and bought JRiver 19 at around the same time, so I cannot judge whose fault this is, but I guess it's the new EX's drivers that cause it. There are newer updates of JRiver 19
  14. I was only half-joking, but this is actually an interesting topic for me. I would so much like that the usb port does not sound inferior to the coaxial, because I would not like to spend more money on a converter, plus I need all three inputs (Blu-ray player, etc). A non-musical difference for me is that where the QuteHD ran hot (to the point it was not so comfortable to touch), the upgraded Qute EX is just warm. The same exactly goes for the connected Kingrex LPSU, hot before, barely warm now. I noticed that the stock power supply for EX provides only 0.6A, as compared to the 1.0A of the
  15. Ted, thank you for the update! But if you say that usb input in the Qute EX now sounds better thatn the coaxial input, what do you need the converter for? I have also just upgraded the QuteHD to EX but it's too early to decide whether I like it more or not. I think it has a more refined sound though.
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