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  1. I'm upgrading from HQP 3.25.2 to 3.25.4 and noticed there was a hotfix issued two days later from original release. How do I get the hotfix release, as all I'm getting is original release which apparently is named differently from the hotfix release? BTW, what's the difference in functionality of HQP 4 Pro, compared to Desktop 3 (X64)?
  2. I would consider a quality Tripp-Lite PDU solution. I've used them exclusively for years without issue. https://www.tripplite.com/products/power-distribution-units-pdus~15?1692=Basic
  3. "Personal Message" between users of this forum.
  4. I did the same thing last month, but with the new Topping DX3 Pro DAC and Sennheiser HD660S headphones. Couldn't be happier!! Glad that I'm no longer limited to the HD280 Pro, which I've had for the past 10 years.
  5. What version of HQ Player are you running? I'm running the latest version (3.25.2) of HQP Desktop.
  6. I had this exact problem two weeks ago until I activated the "Clear Data" menu item under the "Help" pull down. This sorted it straight away. BTW, don't forget to backup your Settings and Playlist options before invoking "Clear Data", otherwise you will lose them forever.
  7. I would like to see that telnet guide, as well. One possibility would be reverting back to original fimware on the BDP-S790 to resolve the ARMv7 incompatibilities. Would this be even possible, at this time?
  8. Have you tried a static IP address, v dynamic IP, yet? Once you programme your router to asign the static IP, it will never change.
  9. I have a BDP-S790, but I know nothing of command-line Linux. OTOH, I'm very familiar with Unix (Sun Solaris and HP-UX) scripting. How much different are Linux shell scripts from Unix shell scripts?
  10. WRT the Sony BDP-S590, will the BDP-S790 work in lieu of the BDP-S590?
  11. Without having to completely read this thread, can someone please clarify what current machines will work correctly to extract SA-CD data.
  12. And the correct answer is, in HQ Player under the "Help" menu item, select "Clear Data". Obviously something was wonky here and this corrected the problem. Before you do this, however, don't forget to backup your "Playlist" and "Settings" options. Now you know!!
  13. Both of my Topping NX4 DSD players have been returned to point of sale, and in their place is a new Topping DX3 Pro player, The DX3 Pro solution is looking much better straight away than the predecessor, with one exception. Playback of 128fs music files are fine, but playback of 256fs files are continually stuttering. I'm attaching a screenshot of settings of HQ player with the hope that someone would be able shed some light on this anomaly. For now I'm simply trying to determine if it's a settings issue in HQP, or if the new player is at fault.
  14. The DX3 relay clicks mean the DAC is doing it's job correctly by changing modes when required to do so. Even my Korg DAC does this. Don't worry of it. I would be more worried if the DX3 didn't do that.
  15. Also known as 64fs, 128fs or 256fs. https://www.nativedsd.com/information/about-dsd
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