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  1. Hi All, I have two pairs of Merrill Audio ANAP interconnects for sale. One pair is 1 meter with medium gray jacket and the other pair is 1.5 meter with black jacketing. They are both in excellent condition and I am the original owner. Bought directly from Merrill a few years ago. They have been in my system since. A change from XLR back to RCA has forced the sale of these to fund new cable purchases and system changes. I am asking $300 for each. If you want to take both, then $500.00 total. Shipping within the 48 continental states and PayPal fees are included. Thanks for looking and your consideration.
  2. Hi All, Clearing out some items to fund other items. I have one pair remaining of my Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva interconnects for sale. They are XLR terminated with the Oyaide connectors and 1.5 meters in length, in excellent condition. Asking $700 and PayPal for payment. I will cover shipping and PayPal fees. Many years with 100% rating on Audiogon (ejk2003). Thanks for your interest and consideration.
  3. Nice review Chris. A year or so ago I bought an Aurender N10 based on some of the reviews and posts here and on other forums. Since then I have become a fan of Tidal and upgraded my N10 to do the first unfold of MQA. This has me on the hunt for a new DAC (EMM, Sim, Brinkmann, DCS, etc.) that does the full unfold. Currently, using a Meitner MA-1 and in my system, MQA files do sound better (to my ears/taste). So was wondering if you had done any evaluation of the MQA full unfold in the A30, especially vs. the W20/Rossini setup or Rossini on its own, since it is on my short list. I may be wrong but I don't think you mentioned anything about the MQA capability on the A30. If anyone else wants to weigh in, feel free but don't want to get this sidetracked into an MQA viability discussion. Thanks to all!
  4. Hi Ian, I am a fan of their speakers and Sean Casey, one of the principals in the company. It started a few years ago when a friend purchased the Druids for his near field listening room. They may not be perfect but they can sure get you moving. Very dynamic and with surprising bass. I have a much larger listening room so I went out and purchased a used set of Definition 1.5's. Three years later now and they still are very satisfying to me. Since they have a very high and stable sensitivity (101 db, they work very well with low powered tube amps. This will be my next experiment. If you have any specific questions, email me. Cheers! Ed
  5. I recently downloaded the Pure Music software and I'm still in the trial phase. I wanted to give this a shot before I invested in an Amarra trial. It does sound good, perhaps a tad better to me, in my system, than Itunes. One thing I have noticed is that when I have the shuffle function turned on and in cover flow mode, when I switch to the full screen view, Itunes fails to change the album artwork, song titles, artist, etc. as the songs change. This only happens when I am running Pure Music. If I go back to strictly Itunes, the problem goes away. So my question is this......Has anyone else experienced this? How did you fix it? ...or... Is this something that is inherent with the Pure Music / Itunes interface? I would have expected this function to operate as normal. I guess it is not critical but it is nice when that hidden, deep track is playing, to actually see the album and/or artist information. The old memory is not what it used to be! I am getting short on RAM! Cheers to all!
  6. The new Cary looks interesting especially with it's USB input. They show this as being a 24/192 USB input. I had the Cary 303/300 for awhile and really like this unit. I did however step up to the Ayre C5xe. Love the Ayre products and am seriously considering the QB-9. The only thing that keeps holding me back is the limiited input capability. Now my question....Chris, I believe you are going to CES. Perhaps you could pick up some info for all of us on the new Cary 303T. How does their new 24/192 USB input operate? Jitter? They so very low, true or not? In addition, the new Esoteric D-07 has the same high USB capability and if I remember correctly, a filter that minimizes preringing. Is their USB input new technology similar to Async USB? Iknow there are some new things coming out at CES. Are these units the start of things to come in 2010. Any input would very helpful and appreciated. Ed
  7. Thanks for your reply, it is nice when you can audition your choices. Audtioning can be difficult here, especially where I am. Since I travel within the US in my job, I hope to be able to spend time, somewhere, with some of the other choices out there. Maybe I'll be able to find the QBD76 in my travels. In one of your posts, you asked what the US prices were for these Dac's. I know the Ayre is about $2,500 US. The Esoteric I can only estimate based on the Japan pricing I saw of 315,000 Yen ( approx. $3,500). No idea on the Chord here. Regards, Ed
  8. In a previous response, Umetaro mentioned that he compared the ayre and Chord Dac's to the new Esoteric piece. Umetaro, can you share some thoughts on this DAC. For that matter has anyone else audtioned this piece in their system. I know it is a new offering and I have only read what is available on their website. Seems like it could be a high quality and versatile piece. I have audtioned the Ayre and have been sold on it's sound quality. I have been living with the Ayre C5xe for 2+ years. My only concern is that the Ayre QB-9 only has one input and I would rather not limit myself. Secondly, it would be very nice to possibly eliminate the preamp in my system. The Esoteric being 32 bit has a digital volume control and this makes it a bit more interesting. Thoughts anyone? Happy Holidays to all, Ed
  9. About two years ago, I switched from Acoustic Zen to Zu Audio Varial interconnects throughout. More neutral and detaled in my system and very dynamic. They are also a bargain especially when Zu has their 12 days of Christmas sale, a different item every day at 30 to 40% off. They have an audition and return program also. Good people! Regards, Ed
  10. Hello to all, another newcomer here but I have benn deligently reading just about everything on the site for a few months. I took the plunge and bought a Mac Mini and a MHDT Paradisea3 to experiment with. I've been a long term audiophile and while I thoroughly enjoy my current system, I have fallen prey to the ease of use provided by the computer based system. I have tried both USB (Kimber) and Toslink (Lifatec) as the interconnects. Although it does sound very good, it is just not the same sonic picture as my 2 channel audio setup, currently an all Ayre system. I wasn't expecting it to be but then again, I was trying to kill 2 birds at the same time. More on that another time, if you wish. On to the problem I seem to be having. While ripping my CD's I note two things ocurring: 1.) As you rip the CD there is a monitor at the top of Itunes. It shows your progress and, I believe the rate expressed as 4x, 10x, etc. It will sometimes start out ripping at 4x and slowly accelerate until it is at some higher figure, say 12x. There are times when it starts at 10x and then finishes at 20x+. Is this normal? Is it a function of the CD quality? etc. This does not happen on all CD's and when it does, it doesn't matter if the CD is new or old. ...........onto number 2 2.) It seems that the above acceleration is mostly between tracks 1 and 4 or so. I have noticed that the music past this point is severly distorted at certain frequencies. It does not always occur on every song after the point it is first noticed. It seems to be random. I have tried reripping some of the CD's but to no avail. One especially bad CD and one of my favorites is Shelby Lynes, "Just a Little Lovin". I have yet to be able to rip a good copy. So, has anybody else noticed these issues? Before I call or email Apple, I thought it easier to throw it out to this forum. It is a bit frustrating as I see promise in the whole computer audio based system and I'm very much inclined to proceed further in the quest. I just need to know is it my settings, do I have a bad drive, etc. The DAC is strictly a 16/44.1 NOS unit and I have only ripped CD's, so I think I got that setting right. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best to all! Ed _________________________ Mac Mini + Itunes > Kimber USB > MHDT Paradisea3 > Zu Varial IC's ....or..... Ayre C5XE into Ayre K5XE > Ayre V5XE > Zu Definitions
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