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  1. 1. Mostly 96/24, some DSD in the various flavors, some WAV, Some of all of the rest. 2. JRiver - Meitner MA-1 Async USB. 3. JRiver 4. NAS (Synology) 5. Streaming only for "party quality" No streaming capability in primary listening room. 6. Artist, Album 7. no issues... but tomorrow's another day.
  2. Maggies and CJ! I like you already. Pardon the interruption please.
  3. Just a few of the items that have come across the transom over the years....
  4. looks like with standard rate DSD... the filter is flat to 48khz. ..at least according to the program notes.
  5. Are you sure as you mention it's: "low frequency content"? I was aware of this from the JRiver wiki: "The default low-pass filter is at 24kHz using a 48dB/octave slope. The low-pass filter can be selected via Tools > Options > Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in > JRiver DSD Plugin." I was not aware they were doing any filtering of low frequency content. ??
  6. My dealer sent me the parts, so I'm not sure if Meitner knew one way or the other. I paid my dealer and he arranged getting the update items sent to me. Having spent many many hours with the DAC, and having done the previous update nearly 2 years ago I was (am) very familiar with it. I'd say I noticed immediately a better focus, detail and separation between instruments/vocals within the sound stage. I didn't get the sense I was losing anything. However, in my case the DAC is used within an entirely Valve based system. If I think about it, the added detail could in some cases could come across as a slight loss of warmth. I never considered for a second going back to V1.
  7. I experimented with the ISO Regen as well as the device made by Wyred (Can't remember the model name) with my MA1. Both were installed off and on for several months. Neither made any kind of improvement from where I sit.
  8. Very strange... I know I'm not dumping mine, (MA-1 V2) not now and no plans to.
  9. My experience with this issue was primarily with Toroidal power transformers when they are connected to an AC line that has a DC imbalance due to other devices on the AC line that have uneven current usage... they use only the positive (or negative) side of the AC line thus the current draw is not equal on both sides of the AC signal. Bryston for example on many of their power amps in the past used a "DC Block" circuit built in. The issue being worse with non-iron core based transformers. It's been many years now since I've run across this issue. I believe at the time I was involved, a few companies made external devices to eliminate it, 'not sure but no doubt someone still does. I kept this old pix of two slightly different approaches in dealing with this.
  10. rayooo


    a + 10,000 to you!
  11. don't remind me... I'm in humidville.
  12. Fortunately for everything Audio I do, It's all 120VAC in these parts.
  13. If you'd like to roll your own... I've been using Belden 19364 cable with Marinco Connectors for years now. If you want to be fancy you can get some Techflex and use it to cover the cable itself. The benefit for me is that I can make custom length power cables and avoid coils of wire hanging around. Having said this, I don't want to just assume that everyone is comfortable with such things. It's easy, but!
  14. I did the update on my MA-1 myself a few months back... yes, the "blue I/O board" is the hardware change. A new firmware is installed as well via an update utility. It's been awhile now but the firmware update is straight forward also. The utility is installed/ran on a PC which is USB connected to the Service port on the DAC.
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