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  1. Nice review, and allthough I cannot compare my Curious REGEN link to other expensive cable designs, I can fully agree with the author's description of the sound characteristics of the Curious. And once again: USB CABLES HAVE IMPACT ON SOUND. Sorry for the capitals, but if I change my Curious cable for a standard USB printercable, the very short cable that comes with the REGEN, the solid adapter or a Supra USB each and all boost a different sound. The Curious being the clear winner: it's night and day difference with all other cables mentioned.
  2. Phew, difficult question, because what may work in one system, or for one's ears, may not work in another system... To my ears, the greatest impact on SQ had: 1. Uptone Regen 2. Curious Cable from Regen to DAC (Wadia 121) For a better overal 'dark background' my power supply upgrades certainly worked wonders. Greater imoact from the SBooster LPS with Ultra for Mini feeding the Aries Mini than the Ultra for Regen on the Regen. so, to answer yout question: I'd probaly chose the Ifi power uograde and a Regen. Good luck!
  3. I have an SBooster LPS (BOTW P&P Eco 15/16v) with Ultra. Aries Mini has internal SSD. Works like a charm. Just contact SBooster for details. Aries Mini streams to external DAC through USB. LPS gives noticable improvement in HARMONICS. So, you'll notice a refinement of sound, better timbre and a better resolved ambience where the music was recorded. Is it worth your money? It depends. First I spent money on Uptone Audio"s REGEN and a better RCA interlink between DAC / preamp and amp. Allthough these did a lot for SQ, it all came really to live thanks to improved power supplies.
  4. Mini White, € 499,-- (incl. Shipping in the Netherlands) https://www.wifimedia.eu/en/auralic-aries-mini-white.html Mini Black, € 499,-- (incl. Shipping in the Netherlands) https://www.wifimedia.eu/en/auralic-aries-mini-black.html
  5. I wish that would be possible, but no, unfortunately not. Auralic MUST really hurry to improve on connectivity. The latest LDS + firmware are buggy. When my iPhone goes to sleep and awakens again LDS tries to reconnect to the Aries Mini. Sometimes succesful, sometimes not. IF it reconnects it tells me my library (local SSD) is offline and won't play anything (except for radiostations of course). If I close the app and start it again, everything works fine. I reported the bug to Auralic.
  6. It's my first post in this thread, yes! Not my first post on the CA forum (it was post 306 ). Allthough my post got a bit long, I wanted to provide some insight in my search for the 'ultimate' music experience (within my financial boundaries). I'll try the Full Loom one day! However, I don't think that will bring me night and day difference. I"m convinced many of the gains in SQ are derived from less interference and noise. Thus I blocked the power (VBus Isolator) of the USB cable that runs between the Aries Mini and REGEN. My 'Clicktronic' (ouch, it sounds horrible cheap - and yes it is... ) USB link has double shielding and 24 carat gold-plated connectors and it is real short (0,5m) cable (so less signal degradation). Enough about this other link; I don't want to go OT, but thought of this as an intriguing question: why sounds the Curious cable so different ((and better IMHO)?
  7. Very interesting read here, thanks to Richard! In my early twenties I once owned a nice Marantz amplifier and a pair of floorstanding Magnat speakers. Later I sold everything and invested in 'home cinema'. Well movies came through loud and clear but something was lacking. It took until 2013 when I decided (almost 40 then) to invest in '2-channel' audio again and take my music hobby to the next level. I visited a lot of stores but couldn't find what I was looking for and perhaps I didn't know exactly what to look for... My search took me to Antwerp (Belgium) where I met Francis Wijgaerts (Technology Factory). He showed me my preferred amplification technique, a tube amp, but then without a lot of hassle: a Primaluna design. I listened to various speakers and was blown away by the realistic voicing and excellent imaging of Sonus Faber Liuto speakers. A Wadia121 DAC/preamp finished my setup. I had decided to stream music with a MacBook as this seemed a preferred way to get CD and HD audio into the system. Since that day in 2013 I enjoyed my setup, BUT ran into constant trouble with USB and all kind of software related issues (iTunes, Audirvana, MacOS). I learned that the transport of both data and power through a USB interface could be problematic and I had a lot of them. So first step: I added an Uptone Audio REGEN. Gone was the static noise and interruptions that sometimes plagued my listening sessions. The REGEN improved greatly the tonality (more realistic), and enlarged the soundstage. Great! To get rid of software issues after a long wait for the Aries Mini I threw out (not literally) my MacBook. Again a good step forward! Most remarcable: bass definition improved: it got more impact, a timbre etc. And: the body of instruments was improved (things got a better defined and correct dimension) As a third step I improved 'power' to both the Aries Mini and REGEN (SBooster LPS and Ultra's for Aries and REGEN). Now the background turned real black, instruments really got their own 'place in 3D space'; also in height (a bassdrum comes from the bottom, a voice from about 1,5m). Could sound quality improve any further? I received my Curious Regen Link mid January. I wasn't fond of the adapter between the REGEN and Wadia. It got out of the Wadia USB port easily. But more importantly: I had read a lot about USB transmission for audio and one thing stand out for me: a separation of power and data has a positive effect on SQ... The adapter joined both and because of its non-audiophile target it was designed with, I didn't have high expectations about shielding. If I was to replace the adapter with a cable it should be a SHORT cable. Then came enthousiastic reports about the Curious USB cables / REGEN link on this forum. Before, I bought the Uptone Audio REGEN, based on positive feedback here. So I decided to go that route again and trust you, fellow forum members, in your positive judgement. Now, first for all non-believers: USB cables DO have impact on sound. Second, cables do need to burn in! As soon as I changed the adapter for the Curious REGEN link I heard the music playing differently from my speakers. Voices seemed to be more backward. The tonality stayed the same. Dimensionality... DIMENSIONALITY... wow! The stage dimensions in left - right didn't change that much, but it gained a lot behind and IN FRONT OF the speakers. The voices that seemed to lean backward were at the 'regular' position, but the stage extended now also in front of the speakers. It's quite an experience. After about 100 hours burn-in the transparancy improved (sound is open, you can 'see through' the stage). I'm really enjoying the music: it gives me shivers and a big smile and foot tapping! The Curious REGEN link is wholeheartedly recommended!
  8. Same problem / solution here. Already reported this to Auralic.
  9. Mine is running hot as well on the top side. Just fyi.
  10. I use an external DAC (Wadia 121). I found both RCA output and usb-to-dac output profit from the LPS. However, the impact on SQ is most while using internal DAC / RCA output.
  11. Chiming in here. I use the SBooster LPS with Ultra. I have an Aries Mini with internal SSD (Samsung 850 Evo). It works like a charm. Just contact Karin directly to make sure you get the correct LPS - Ultra combi.
  12. Thanks a lot Blake! I had been looking for a short, high quality USB cable for a while until I stumbled upon the Curious REGEN link.
  13. Congrats! You got yourself a great cable! (It's not the only 'great cable' or the best, it depends on your system and your ears.). However: This cable proofed for me that a USB cable does make a difference! Not in tonality, but in stereo imaging or perhaps I should say recording room reflections and harmonics between notes and instruments. Have fun! Johan
  14. The bug is still there! The volume slider will tell you volume is at 56, or whatever value you gave it before switching outputs. However, actial volume equals '100'.
  15. However... I reported a bug (and Auralic confirmed) that switching between outputs reverts the volume to 100%. Maybe it was fixed with firmware 3.0... Didn't test it yet.
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