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  1. Another question: are some of you using a USB reclocker between Your Aurender and your DAC ? I have an Aurender W20 and a Denafrips Terminator DAC and I wonder if inserting a USB in between has any advantage ? something like the Phoenix USB reclocker from INNUOS https://darko.audio/2019/09/innuos-to-launch-phoenixusb-re-clocker-with-a-b-demos/
  2. Thank you all for your precise and useful answers. It helped.
  3. Extreme Play Mode : I have a W20. Can someone explain me what is this mode available with the W20SE and NOT with the W20 ? Does it improve the sound quality ? How ?
  4. QUESTION : Is it possible to attach an external USB CD Reader to the W20 to RIP CDs ? If NOT, what RIPPING solution do you use best to feed your Aurender ? Is a dedicated Hardware better than just a good PC/MAC Ripping software ? (today I use dBpowerAmp on My MacBook Pro. Can I improve the quality of my RIPs ? ) thanks in advance for your advices.
  5. Yes it occured again, and indeed only one chanel is afected.... the right one.
  6. I have Denafrips TERMINATOR (R2R - NOS), conected via USB.
  7. I have not checked if it is booth chanels or not. next time I will look.
  8. Thank you for the great customer support ARI
  9. Sorry to hear this. I have also this, and I thought it was something wrong with my DAC because things disapear when I turn OFF/ON my DAC. On your side, does this distortion always vanish by itself after 10 sec or so ? I never had it disapearing by itself, I had to turn OFF/ON my DAC... so I wonder if My problem is the samle as yours ? anyone else has sometime distortion for the first 10 secs or so after a new track ?
  10. @Kal Rubinson thanks for the link, I just downloaded from LINN the High-Res version of the Charles Mackerras version. I love it, but... the Hamoncourt version is also very good indeed 😉 ! This Charles Mackerras recording uses the score prepared by Harvard professor Robert Levin. Levin aims to improve on Franz Sussmayr's familiar edition by making the music closer to what Mozart might have written.
  11. I got last year from Aurender the info that Lyrics will be implemented (like in Roon or Deezer) , at some point in version 3 of Conductor. V 3.0 is here now and lyrics still not available... Does someone know if this feature is still planed or has been abandoned ?
  12. The cat works fine as damping plate, but now I want to test him as damping plateforme/feets, but.... he is not happy with this sugestion to go under the amp !
  13. Aurender's support agreed that it is a bug that they need to fix, and in the mean time they were very profesionnal and helpful to remove those titles remotly on my W20. Thanks Aurender.
  14. My damping material. Much better than HRS damping plates.... 😉
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