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  1. This is encouraging since I have a W20. Unfortunately my DAC do not have clock input, so.... a totaly newbie question: does adding a clock to the Aurender only make sense or.... it is stupid because the clock is here to syncronize the server and the DAC together ? Since the BvA clock seems not to be available, what other clock are recomended ?
  2. - May I ask please whay is a DSP / convolution engine ? What does it bring to the music ? - Also, I will be very interested to hear what other advantages you see in the Aurender V/S ROON. Is it only the interface ? Indeed, Ihave a W20 and I love it but I would like to improve SQ even further . So, I wonder if a W20SE will be a worthy upgrade or... if for the same price the Taiko Audio SGM EXTREME will not be even better (ROON Server + Storage) ? Many people rave about the SGM Extreme blowing the W20SE out of the water but...I never have been able to compare... thanks for your advices
  3. Still hesitating what to ask santa claus an upgrade from my W20 to the W20SE or... to the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme which, for same price range, is offering the ROON experience and is "supposed" to sound even better !
  4. Isquirrel, as I mentioned, I plan to go for the Tube DAC with the Classic PSU, which is the "successor" of the "old" NAGRA HD DAC. Same small housing. It is NOT the HD DAC-X. Only drawback of the Taiko Extreme paired with the NAGRA is that the Taiko will not use the new I2S proprietary Digital interface that is implemented in the Tube DAC and the HD DAX X (Only the Playback Design MPT-8 dream Server offer such interface since this interface was developped for NAGRA by... Andreas Koch 🙂 ). So... Taiko's USB will be the best choice I guess ?
  5. Today I have a Denafrips TERMINATOR, but the plan is to upgrade (soon ?) to the NAGRA Tube DAC.
  6. Few years ago I had demo of the Aurender W20 and the SGM2018.Because I do not like the idea of upsampling and because I was afraid by the complexity of the optimisation needed by the myriad of HQ Player filters.... I decided to go for the W20.Now it is time for upgrade. I am therefore hesitating between the new Aurender W20SE, the Playback Design MPT-8 (with CD/SACD reader & the optional Roon core module) and of course, the first choice being the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme... now that it do not upsample anymore with HQ player.I just wonder: Now that Taiko Audio SGM Extreme do NOT uses HQ Palyer, I hope that there is no more optimisation needed ! will it be as "plug&play" as an Aurender or a Playback Design transport or... are there still optimisation needed to match your system ?
  7. Another question: are some of you using a USB reclocker between Your Aurender and your DAC ? I have an Aurender W20 and a Denafrips Terminator DAC and I wonder if inserting a USB in between has any advantage ? something like the Phoenix USB reclocker from INNUOS https://darko.audio/2019/09/innuos-to-launch-phoenixusb-re-clocker-with-a-b-demos/
  8. Thank you all for your precise and useful answers. It helped.
  9. Extreme Play Mode : I have a W20. Can someone explain me what is this mode available with the W20SE and NOT with the W20 ? Does it improve the sound quality ? How ?
  10. QUESTION : Is it possible to attach an external USB CD Reader to the W20 to RIP CDs ? If NOT, what RIPPING solution do you use best to feed your Aurender ? Is a dedicated Hardware better than just a good PC/MAC Ripping software ? (today I use dBpowerAmp on My MacBook Pro. Can I improve the quality of my RIPs ? ) thanks in advance for your advices.
  11. Yes it occured again, and indeed only one chanel is afected.... the right one.
  12. I have Denafrips TERMINATOR (R2R - NOS), conected via USB.
  13. I have not checked if it is booth chanels or not. next time I will look.
  14. Thank you for the great customer support ARI
  15. Sorry to hear this. I have also this, and I thought it was something wrong with my DAC because things disapear when I turn OFF/ON my DAC. On your side, does this distortion always vanish by itself after 10 sec or so ? I never had it disapearing by itself, I had to turn OFF/ON my DAC... so I wonder if My problem is the samle as yours ? anyone else has sometime distortion for the first 10 secs or so after a new track ?
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